Big League Politics: Drag Queen Story Hour Cancelled In West Virginia

Well, I suppose two can play that game.

Big League Politics:

“A West Virginia public library has cancelled their showing of drag queen story hour following a massive grassroots push back against the perverse engagement.

The Morgantown Public Library System issued a Facebook post announcing that the event would be cancelled, alleging that violent threats were the reasoning behind the decision.

“The Morgantown Public Library System (MPLS) regrets to announce that, due to multiple threats of violence against the volunteer readers, Drag Queen Story Time scheduled for November 16 is cancelled,” they wrote. …”

Do you remember what I said earlier about the mainstream Right not having the zeal and virility to assert its values which is why it loses the culture war? It doesn’t fight the Left nearly as viciously as the Left fights the mainstream Right.

I take it these folks in West Virginia didn’t watch the Ahmari-French debate. David French’s position was that nothing could be done within the liberal order about Drag Queen Story Hour and that it was a “blessing of liberty.” Sohrab Ahmari’s solution was for a Republican senator like Ted Cruz to hold a hearing and give some grandstanding speeches about it.

West Virginians were like no we will do what the Left always does which is to form an angry mob and make violent threats to the venue to cancel Drag Queen Story Time. This was also normies too. It worked.

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  1. West Virginia has now proven their loyalty and is welcomed back into the South

    West Virginia was never a part of Dixie because West Virginia was founded by White people that grew their own damn cotton.

    Unlike the conservative, traditionalist, imperialist, monarchist types that used African labor to generate wealth and hierarchy, West Virginians – European whites – did everything their own damn selves without the help of African mammies and field hands.

    Hence, why West Virginians are so hated by both “liberal” Yankees and “conservative” Dixiecrats.

    West Virginians hated both slavers and their slaves.

    Why West Virginia sided with the people who were against the spread of slavery which was a facade for the spread of biological Africans on the North American continent.

    Dixiecrats have never been able to square that circle because – ironically – of their liberal, modernist values.

    • My understanding is that the unionist parts of West Virginia were populated by a majority of people descended from folks who lived above the mason dixon line at the time of the American Revolution. The pro-Southern parts were populated by the descendants of people who lived in the area or other parts of Virginia at the time of the Revolution.

  2. Is this the Whiskey Rebellion or The Alamo? Firing on the Fort Sumter of drag queens? Modern America is like a Roger Corman and John Waters movie.

  3. Hope I’m wrong but watch for public “demonstrations” and civil lawsuits to follow. Watch for Morgantown to reverse their position.
    Legalizing pedophilia is next and only a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews will object to it.

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