Shock Poll: More Than Half Of Italians Now Say Racist Acts Are Justifiable

This poll is a big victory for “extremism” in Italy:

The Guardian:

“More than half of the Italians surveyed in a recent poll have said that racist acts were either sometimes or always “justifiable”, a finding that comes after a series of high-profile racist and antisemitic incidents across the country.

The polling firm, SWG, questioned a sample of 1,500 people of whom 10% said racist acts were always justified and a further 45% who said racist acts could be acceptable depending on the situation.

The remaining 45% said racist acts of any kind were completely unacceptable. …

“What this means is that there has been a relaxation in attitudes towards racism – not necessarily that people have become racist, more that they are becoming more accepting of racist acts and do not consider them so scandalous,” said Enzo Risso, scientific director at SWG.

He added that the change in attitude was partly due to the proliferation of online hate speech. …

Polling at 34.5%, the League is the biggest party in Italy, while support for Brothers of Italy is on the rise. “

Do you remember Luca Traini’s rampage?

There is no stopping this train. The “strong gods” are coming back to Europe.

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  1. Is that Alessandra Mussolini giving “the bird” to the camera?

    Good news from Italia. Come on cuck island, Nordics, and Germanics embrace your inner ‘stronger gods.’

    • @November Croatia is the exact same way. Eastern and Southern Europeans definitely don’t put up with the bullshit Northern and Western Europeans do.

      • Portugal and Spain are as cucked as Sweden by surveys on immigration and voting patterns.
        Southern Italy tends to vote in leftist parties worrying about losing all the money they suck from the North since parties like Lega Nord are in favor of more autonomy to Northern provinces.

        • You better look at recent elections and polls. Things have changed a lot in both Spain and Sweden in recent years.

      • Croat0517,

        That’s why I didn’t chide the Eastern Europeans to embrace their inner strong gods because they’re already for the most part ethnonationalists.

        Maybe once the Merkel regime is ousted Deutschland can reassert itself and lead the way to a Western European Renaissance.

        The Netherlands should offer refuge to South African White’s that wish to escape. Aren’t the Afrikaners originally from Holland?

        It is inspiring to see some fight left in our cousins in the ‘Old World.’

        • Yes the Afrikaners, Boers, and Cape Dutch are all originally from the Netherlands and yeah the Netherlands needs to send that offer immediately. The US should offer them citizenship but God forbid (((they))) do that because those groups are White Europeans.

  2. The poll must assume that acts of White self-preservation = racism. But self-defense is always justified, always acceptable. Even if you’re of European extraction.

  3. Ww2 was lost mostly because of the damn wops, Mussolini’s stupid war with the greeks and Albanians was a waste of time money and effort just like Hitlers danzig but its hard to stay mad at them when we have a common enemy

      • Georges,

        The Italian military was still using outdated equipment and tactics/training when WWII began in Europe. Once Wehrmacht took over training of Italian forces they fought well on the Eastern Front.

        Mussolini shouldn’t have invaded Greece, but that wasn’t the deciding factor in Operation Barbarossa’s ultimate lack of success. Hitler gambled on attacking and seizing Soviet resources instead of conquering Russian cities. The German frontlines moved faster than their logistical support and that stalled the offense as well.

        There a lot of imbeciles on this site in regards to the ETO.

        At least Italy can say it was on the right side of history during the war. Can America, Great Britain, Canada, France, and the rest of the (((allied))) nations claim the same?

        Winston Churchill earned the title “Gravedigger of Europe.”

        • Unfortunately the majority of the Italians switched the sides in 1944 and became another opponent to the Reich. All in all they were not very helpful…

          • Sturmführer78,

            I make or offer any apologies for the horrendously poor showing Italy made during WWII.

            My only aim was to point out the facts and not repeat allied propaganda as historical truth.


    • Thom,

      Had the Japanese attacked the Soviet Union from Russia’s east like they were supposed to do in order for Moscow to need to keep troops and equipment in that theatre of operations, then the German offensive war plan would have succeeded due to the Red Army’s lack of reinforcements. The Japanese didn’t hold up their end of the tri-axis agreement due to being spread too thin in China, Korea, Burma, and their memories of the Russian-Japanese War of 1904-1905.

  4. The book ‘Racism/Schmasism’ should be mandatory reading by WHITES ONLY in High School.

    Replace “[Fake] Diary of Anne Frank” with it.
    He he he.

    • Sertorius,

      Thank you. I thought that was her, but I never saw that photograph of her giving the finger before.

      La Ducia.

  5. God Bless them.

    If I am a “racist” for preferring my own kin, my own racial family my own Ethno-State.

    Then YEAH I’m a freaking RACIST, and PROUD of it so are my children my wife and those that I prefer to associate with, which by the way are ALL and EXCLUSIVELY White/European & Nationalists !!

    • Yes indeed. In fact, the Mediterraneans and Slavs are the most racially-aware and the most often condemned by the comments on this site.

      I raise my glass to both groups and wish them a bright and white future!

    • I thought that someone discovered that pelosi was a crypto-jude. Even if she’s Italian, she’s still in favor of racist acts but against White people.

  6. Europe is overrun by millions of savage invaders. Racist acts are even inevitable to deal with this situation.

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