Confederate Monument Comes Down In Pittsboro

The same people who tell us that it is sacrilege not to care about the Holocaust, which had nothing to do with our people, have no problem tearing down monuments to our dead ancestors.

New York Times:

“A Confederate monument in the small town of Pittsboro, N.C., was removed early Wednesday from the spot outside a courthouse where it had stood for 112 years, county officials said, bringing to an end months of debate and occasionally violent protests over its presence.

Crews worked for several hours on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning to “safely and respectfully dismantle” the monument, including its statue and pedestal, Chatham County said in a news release on Wednesday. About 75 people, including supporters and opponents of the monument’s removal, watched it come down, according to The News & Observer.

The statue and the pedestal were transported to a location where they will be stored until the Winnie Davis Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, which owns the monument and works to honor Confederate history, “finds a more appropriate location to place them,” the news release said. …”

Are you angry about this?

Do you think “National Conservatism” is the answer?

“Presented with a momentous choice between his nation and his native state of Virginia, though, he chose the latter and nearly brought our national government to its knees. Often, statues of him were erected after the war to try to sugarcoat the cause of the Confederacy. They can be removed to battlefields and museums without rending our cultural fabric (rather, mending it for African-Americans, for whom the statues are an understandable affront.”

Rich Lowry says in his book that Confederate monuments ought to be torn down. The cause of the Confederacy “is an affront to African-Americans.” As a conservative, he also recommends miscegenation as the best method of assimilating blacks so you will have to give up your daughters too.

What are we left with? You will have Old Glory, the Dallas Cowboys and your Samsung flat screen television. The GDP will also be higher!

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  1. Rich Lowry…what a repulsive, sniveling, cowardly little faggot. In other words a typical conservative. The coloreds didn’t even know they were supposed to be offended by Rebel monuments until the jews told them to be. Funny how when those monuments were erected over a hundred years ago no one voiced any serious objection to them, not even former slaves or Union vets who were POWs in Confederate prison camps like Andersonville.

    But on the bright side, now that these monuments are being removed there will be less violent black-on-white crime. And the jew-communists will stop making any more demands to erase our national history.

    • We all know the answer. The “solution.” ( A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY. ) But what are we willing to DO to make that real ?

      Capitalism needs new RULES to prevent “predatory capitalism” from killing us, AND from killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

      Conservatism needs a complete over haul … it needs to morph into right wingism, with a plan to restructure America into 4 or 5 “United Republics.” We will need Christians on our side, and organized religion has also failed because the left takes over top gate keeper positions and it’s over. Just look at the dumb white girl with nigger sheeple follow :

  2. … A new Elon University poll finds most North Carolina residents support keeping Confederate monuments in place. Of those surveyed, 65% said Confederate monuments should remain on public, government owned property. 35 percent said the monuments should be removed…

    No, it is the Yankee carpetbaggers and Southern scalawags who need to be removed.

    • Unfortunately Pittsboro is very close to RTP which has been completely overrun by yankees, kikes, and foreigners.

  3. Collect the history of fallen confederate vets, and have their names imprinted on bronze plaques. Petition this for every town! Have then installed in court houses to avoid and prevent vandalism.

    Just ideas to fight back with activism!

  4. Take this Confederate Monument fight to the North. The largest Monument to the Civil War is the Town of Gettysburg PA. Fight fire with fire ,calling for all monuments of the War, North and South to be torn down!

    Use the ,No memory of the war should be remembered nonsense, enforce the same Marxist tactics on the Northern Yankees Propaganda memorials!

    • Good point, but the Enemy doesn’t have many monuments, memorials or shrines at the moment. Maybe that’s because they have no real heroes or great historical events on their side that are worthy of memorializing? John Brown, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Karl Marx, Rosa Parks, Ann Frank…what a sorry bunch!

  5. No, it is the Yankee carpetbaggers and Southern scalawags who need to be removed.


    Same people fighting the same war that they’ve been fighting since 1830. Except now with Jewish leadership since the 1930s.

    It’s only a matter of time before our food and music are declared to be extremely hurtful to Niggers, and offensive to the numerous Vinnies and Theresas who inhabit Joisey and New York.

    In fact, the Jewish Yankee Andrew Zimmern has already dedicated episodes of his “Bizzare Foods” show, to weird, foreign foods like BBQ and fried chicken. Which is weird in itself, since these are considered to be quintessential American food, even by hardcore Neo-Yankees.

    • James Owen,

      Sorry to break this you you and other neo-confederate apologists for your slave owner ancestors, but hypothetical “Vinnies” and “Teresas” don’t mind your monuments to confederates or at worse are indifferent. They are more concerned with falling victim to violent or property crimes perpetrated by the Tyrones, Deandres, Shananies, and Odebes that are the descendants of the negro slaves your ancestors brought here to do the cotton picking in the fields.

      It may feel cathartic to rail against northerners as the cause of all that ails Dixie, but you’re just fooling yourselves about who the actual tribe is behind southern disenfranchisement and dispossession.

      One last thing; when I’ve played music from the Confederate era for “Vinnie” and “Teresa” they often enjoyed it.

      Keep making adversaries where they don’t exist. It’s either that or facing the honest to goodness truth of the matter.

      • James Owen,


        From firsthand experience, I have no love or affection for 99.9% of northerners that live in zip codes beginning in 1 or 0.

  6. Sunburn | November 21, 2019 at 12:51 am | Reply

    “Take this Confederate Monument fight to the North.”

    It’s not within the Southern People’s nature to desecrate cemeteries, or to try to govern other people’s states for them, against their will, even if those people are their ancient and enduring mortal enemies.

    Furthermore, I doubt that the average Northerner, or especially the Yankees and their Jewish masters, even care about Union monuments anyway. To Northern Normies, they’re just things of the forgotten past. And to Yankees, the “Union” was/is just a means to an end. The Union dead matter not to them, or especially to the Jews, either. They’re just dead Goyim.

    The fight has to be fought and won in the South, just like our Northern friends have their fight to win in their region.

  7. Personally, I’m desirous of using nuclear weapons to rearrange the landscape of the Northern States, especially New England and Texas’ arch enemy, Illinois.

    But this is neither realistic, nor within the the nature of the Southern People.

    It would also make us as low down as our enemies. Or even worse, because those people can’t really conceive of their arrogance and viciousness as leading to this extreme. Just as they were shocked by, and couldn’t conceive of, Southern session.

    The best thing, probably, would be if they had their own government(s) in Boston, New York and Chicago, and just left the rest of the former United States alone.

    Both peoples would be better and happier off.

  8. It’s interesting that nobody, to my knowledge, has done a comprehensive survey of Northern Normies, across all sixteen Northern States, on their feelings about Confederate Monuments.

    I wonder why?

  9. What are (((they))) doing here? They were given their own country to put an end to their hatred for us and for our Christ. WTF are these Jew retards doing here making trouble for us?

  10. Can’t wait for albert pikes statues to be removed, oh right forgot hes a high ranking 33 degree Freemason so that probably won’t happen right?

  11. Pittsboro is such a degenerate, leftist, little town anyway. I’m surprised it stayed up long as it did.

    The UNC system is a cancer, leaking out from Chapel Hill and infesting all the healthy tissue around it.

    …this won’t stop until they begin to experience consequences for their actions.

  12. The North Carolina Divison of the Sons of Confederate Veterans released a statement on Wednesday morning, saying they were “outraged at the latest disturbing action of the Chatham County Board of Commissioners.” The group says the county must obtain the approval of the State Historical Commission to move the memorial, which the group says they haven’t gotten.

    “Like a thief in the night, under cover of darkness, the Chatham County Confederate Soldiers Memorial has been illegally removed,” they said.

    –Chatham Journal Newspaper

    These Marxists think they own the South now …

    • Another funny thing is that the sons of confederate veterans still think their relevant, the people that remove these statues whether the government or the “people” don’t care about the law unless they have it working for them. If the law was that important the state would have already stepped in to stop it.

  13. This is a good thing. All the monuments on gov property should come down, because they confuse the people. The monuments legitimitize ZOG in the Southland in the eyes of the people. ZOG controls all local governments, there are none on our side. The people need to understand this.

  14. Conservatism Inc is funded and now openly run by Jews to “throw the game,” as one blogger at Unz put it. From what I see, American Thinker, American Conservative, American Spectator, First Things, ad nauseam, exist to destroy our nation, not protect it. They do this mainly by promoting the toxic notion that we’re not a nation of mostly white people that was made great almost solely by the efforts of white people, but rather a “proposition nation,” where principles like freedom of speech are weaponized against us.

    Of course this is what Rich Lowry and his ilk in Conservatism Inc are all about. It’s what Fox News is all about, too—Tucker Carlson included. As the Dems’ homicidally anti-white POC coalition being assembled under Jewish money and control openly gloats over extermination of “whitenes,” we’re supposed to believe there’s no option but rigged elections that, along with the current demographic trajectory, will see our children and grandchildren hounded, dispossessed, and possible exterminated in their own land. From what I’ve read, our displacement under DJT has accelerated if anything.

    The Russians said it couldn’t happen there a century ago, and over sixty million Christians were exterminated by the Bolsheviks whose descendants now rule this country as neocons. If Rich Lowry’s seething hatred of white America is any indication, this neo-Bolshevik homicidal hatred of white Christians is alive and doing quite well posing as “conservative.”

  15. Attacking our culture, history and heroes is an integral part of White Genocide. It is not limited to the South.

  16. Have we heard anything about “National Conservatism” since that conference in DC? Has that group with Jewish leaders, including an ADL board member among it’s directors, done anything since then? I think those people are a good target for groypers. Are they having any events?

  17. HW, you should just wave my comments through without moderation. Haven’t I built up any credibility around here yet?

  18. John F. Kennedy spoke about the eventual response.

    If you consider all of the remnants of earlier civilizations that have been uncovered throughout our lifetimes, our culture is headed in the same damn direction. And, by the way, by the same damn families. Oh yes it is. And, oh yes they are.

  19. I see no difference between Obama and Trump. Confederate Monuments are still being removed under Trump. He’s a Republican and Yankee. He celebrates Abraham Lincoln….a Republican and a War Criminal. If only the brainwashed sheeple understood the Democrats and Republicans both hate the South and White People. Deo Vindice !

    • I agree. To think that South hater Nikki Haley who ripped down the Confederate Flag in SC while she was the REPUBLICAN governor is going to “help” the South if she is elected in 2024 is like expecting W T Sherman to show compassion on Southerners or American Indians. The party of Lincoln is just an election machine that will say anything/do anything for the votes but go back to being South hating Republicans after elected. The Dems were once the defenders of the South. Now the South seems to have only the UDC followed by the SCV to defend it and they seem like they are broke.

      No, It will be God that saves the South. Men are totally incapable.

  20. And when the last of White people’s monuments have been torn down, White people still will have done NOTHING to stop it. When they have forcibly rezoned the last White neighborhoods, as they said they would, and are still doing, White people will still have done NOTHING to stop it.

    They openly boast that they will replace us with third world vermin, and White people do NOTHING to stop it. They bragged that they flipped Virginia, they are flipping Texas, and Georgia is next, by using third world invasion, and White people do NOTHING to stop it.

    White people have had it far too good, for far too long. No real leaders, easily distracted, suicidally altruistic, gullible, weak, terrified of truth, unwilling to face cold hard reality. The majority of our people are not worthy of their ancestors. Our entire civilization is being destroyed, and White people will do NOTHING to stop it.

  21. “And if all the others accepted the lie which Zog imposed-if all records told the same tale-then the lie passed into history and became the truth. Who controls the past ran the Zog slogan controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

    “1984” adapted to 2019

    Such is zog’s method of reality control.

  22. It should be a hate crime to do what the Marxists are doing to the South. To show a list of monuments on websites that need to be vandalized or ripped down — if that is not sectional hatred as was displayed by the radical abolitionists 150 years ago then what is? If the Southern people started vandalizing the graves of family members of these Leftists/Communists they would fight back physically and the MSM would be on their side with one-sided stories like they did for them in Charlottesville.

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