Sen. Josh Hawley’s Twilight In America Speech

Very good speech.

I agree with all of it.

It is big brained and you would need to be familiar with the broad sweep of American intellectual history to get what Hawley is driving at here, but his analysis of the cult of the self and what it has led to is correct. It is as ubiquitous as the air that you breathe.

My problem with Sen. Josh Hawley is similar to the problem that I have with Trump. He has some good ideas and policy proposals, but he is like an island in Conservatism, Inc. and the Republican Party. The vast majority of the party and conservative apparatus is not on his wavelength. It has more in common with David French and Mitch McConnell and is content to just sit there and file bills about anti-Semitism, accuse Democrats of being the real racists and do absolutely nothing for voters and expect to be reelected because the alternative is worse.

Sen. Josh Hawley introduced a bill about internet censorship earlier this summer. What happened to it? What happened to Kate’s Law or virtually anything that we supported? Political mandates that are given to Republicans by populist voters go to Congress where they are turned into tax cuts for the wealthy, increases in military spending, victories for Jewish donors and the Israel Lobby and pet projects of the donor class like criminal justice reform. There is no relationship between the base of the party and the Republican policy agenda.

If Sen. Josh Hawley had absolute power in Washington, I am sure he would tackle the internet censorship problem. Similarly, I have no doubt that Blompf would build the wall for he could get “tremendous credit” for it. Neither Trump or Hawley can overcome intense and united opposition from Democrats though because their own party isn’t behind them.

What does this leave us with at the end of the day? Nothing.

Note: See the recent elections in Kentucky, Louisiana and Virginia. That’s what promising the world and delivering nothing ultimately leads to.

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  1. It’s a good speech, and Hawley is a decent man, but yeah, there is little hope of things improving. Especially when all major institutions are so corrupt and ugly that seeing the whole thing crumble would be preferable to maintaining it.

  2. Hawley is going to have to toughen up a bit. I do like some of the things he says too. But already ” muh anti semitism” has been leveled against him so that means more to come. That also means the forever children race- aka blacks- will follow suit with their ” race card don’t leave home without it” act.

    But he at least speaks to things the old Republican guard does not. It’s time for McConnell to go away and join people like Mittens, Burr and Murkowski among others at the Bingo hall. They can even spike the pretend mormon Mittens’ sprite with a shot of vodka.

    Then again, Mittens only ran for senator so he can convict Trump in a senate show trial which it now seems would never get enough votes for conviction. Other than that his main purpose is to ego hurt Trump until 2025 when both will go away.

    I have at least enjoyed watching a couple of football games with his (great) nephews playing ball for Brigham Young University. One thing about the Romneys: they sure have done their part in keeping the white race going….at least family wise.

  3. Hawley…Hawley…yeah…he’s the guy who awhile back

    made some remarks the Jews objected to. He bobbed, weaved,

    cringed, truckled, and ran for cover.

    Ferget it, HW. We have no one but ourselves.

  4. Who has not, yet, seen Senetor Hawley’s speech in the “National Conservatives”, where T. Carlson also spoke you need to see it.

    he makes Tucker’s talking point seem leftist in comparison !!

    Senator Hawley’s keynote at the National Conservatism Conference

  5. “You’ll have to carry me out on a slab before I compromise my defense of the Jewish people, their greatness, their history, their safety, and the state of Israel”
    -Josh Hawley

    • Pandering, might be a tactic, a ploy.

      senator J Hawley or anyone for that matter, can hardly act like and have the talking points of a Steve King.

      Especially if a young Senator has visions and/or is groomed to play a high tier role in future US politics.

      We don’t use the acronym ZOG just as a metaphor !

  6. A member of Congress who seems to have intellect, genuine principles, and character. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen this video.

  7. Yet the joos get whatever they want, when ever they want it, from people they don’t vote for, because they have men like Epstein. The system is only broken for good people.

    • Miranda,

      The joos have the demoncRatic party carry out their domestic policies and retardican party execute their foreign policy objectives. See? They always win no matter what party is in control of congress or the White House.

      • November,

        I was told that the republicans are the Zionists and the democrats are the Marxists. It looks like it is true.

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