The Public Space: Lady MAGA USA

Editor’s Note: We’ve given Lady MAGA a hard time mainly to illustrate the point that cisgendered heterosexual White Christian men are more taboo in Conservatism, Inc. than drag queens. Lady MAGA is actually less cucked though than National Review and The American Conservative.

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  1. Why do you let some Jewish transvestite taint you as insincere clowns? It’s not a whole lot different than if he smeared something on you in front of the camera and you reacted with a giggle. Grow up and recognize that little bastard for the mortal enemy he is.

  2. Less cucked in what sense? Let me guess, this queer is “based” because he is critical of Islam? A stance that is not motivated by love of folk or nation but rather a fear of Islam’s puritanical and authoritarian overtones.

    Degenerates like this pervert have been gravitating towards the MAGA movement because they correctly identify it as an aggressive enforcer of Judeo-liberalism. In this sense the fags are more astute than the vast majority of the alt-right, most of whom insisted Trump would be a force for social conservatism.

  3. I heard that Colonel Anglin has invited Lady MAGA to live with him as his MAGA queen in his Cambodian jungle compound. I also heard that “Silver”, Occidental Dissent’s resident Anglinphile (who is also a meth-addict and closeted homosexual) is extremely upset about the news.

  4. If a queer, pisslamic, nigga, or other one outside the European, pro-Western Civ set agrees with me 100% on every single thing, they still won’t be in my group. Except for self-hating white cucks, everyone else in the rainbow coalition allies with their own, because it’s human nature. POC always reject the Kalergi-style globalist plans for their own kind. As soon as some of us can carve out our own little Europeans First enclaves, we’ll be able to do the same.

    • And this is why your real enemy, the Oligarchs whose wealth and control of the communications apparatus are creating and/or supporting the deconstruction of tradition, will win: you would rather lose everything you say you value then cooperate with THOSE PEOPLE against a common opponent. Even when some of THOSE PEOPLE agree with you 100 % on the merits of your philosophy of living, and so could join you in once and for all forcing the selfish ones to share more of the wealth generated by capitalist production, you cannot abide winning if THOSE PEOPLE also share in the triumph. That is literally a childish attitude that ensures the defeat of all you hold dear. Your assumption that all of the people you listed are always opposed to your goals in life is wrong, as any functioning adult can tell you.
      But hey, if fancying yourself and your look-alikes as the end point of positive evolution is enough for you, then I guess the rest of us who could have joined with you and THOSE PEOPLE to overthrow the oligarchy will just have to remain in our wage slavery chains instead of forcing the creation of a sovereign wealth fund to pay for social security for all, i.e. a universal basic income. I know, since a Taiwanese man, Andrew Yang, has proposed the UBI, no self-respecting white European Man can accept his offer, even though white conservatives like Friedman, Hayek, and Nixon in substance proposed the same thing 50-60 years ago.
      You reductionists should take a page from the only true populist America has ever produced, Huey P. Long, who in fighting for the State of Louisiana to build roads and other public goods, did not restrict these goods, including school books, from the state’s black citizens. The Kingfish was a race realist, calling those same black citizens niggers, but he also recognized that by including them in the benefits of popist public policy he would secure their support for future policy aimed at helping the common person achieve a better life.
      But don’t worry, the end is near. When Trump wins reelection despite the Establishment being ready this time , that result will set off the civil war sequel you and your confederates have been seeking your entire lives. Just know two things: martial victory is never guaranteed, and a peaceful solution was there for the taking. But evolution is a stern master-bigots always lose, cooperatives always survive.

      • What a huge amount of bluster and pretentious lecturing. It all amounts to nothing, because I didn’t preclude cooperating with anyone. But every other group ultimately allies with their own. Didn’t you know that? Didn’t you also know that at this very blog, Yang’s UBI proposal was praised? Long has also been positively written about here. But do go on about your idiotic presumptions based on false assumptions.

        • Didn’t preclude cooperating? Sure, all those pisslamics, queers, niggas, and “others outside the European set” no doubt will jump at the chance to ally themselves with a person who only sees them as insults, not human beings with individual wants and needs. Nor does anyone doubt that when attacked without individually-based cause, people in those groups will band together in self-defense. So what? The point remains, to combat the real source of all our insecurity, the oligarchs, everyone else must work as one. Your attitude towards cooperation with anyone but your mirror-image compatriots is plain to see. Hiding behind the false implication that you could join those other people in theory fools no one.
          Yes, this very blog once spoke well of Andrew Yang and his UBI, and still references the Kingfish as a role model. Again, so what? Hunter/Brad is off the Yang Gang, and neither you nor he has ever suggested following Long’s example of joining all the common citizens together in the fight for security for them. All the commenters here, and sometimes HW/BG himself, would rather blame the dark skinned hordes, liberated females, people without faith, and the same sex crowd, for all their ills, rather than the rich people and their minions who use the communications apparatus to turn the light off themselves through divide & conquer.
          I know you are intelligent enough to know all that, but being powerless to do anything about it by yourself, or only with fellow white Euros, it is easier to hate the powerless others then to join them to once and for all force the greedy bastards to share more of what we produce together. Go on ridiculing me for pointing out the truth if that gives you comfort. Doing so keeps you in chains. Poetic justice, I’d say.

          • You believe that people here don’t understand that the kakistocracy is behind all this? Are you serious? Why do you think all the emphasis on populism is made here? All the cultural and historical articles? Plus the ones on media? You must not read or get a lot of the comments here, either.

            You believe that the identity blocs on the left don’t despise each other? Yet they work together, despite their tribal nature. If you got out more, you would know how much Asians hate Blacks, who stay away from Hispanics, and they all want nothing to do with Somalis. But for some reason, you think that temporary unity for a common goal wouldn’t be possible between opposing groups that don’t like each other. There’s a lot you bypass or ignore, in order to continue on with your overinflated ego and false sense of superiority. Good luck with that.

  5. The host of “The Public Space”, Jean Gariepy, received a donation from Jeffrey Epstein when he was creeping around American Universities in the 2010’s..the French in Canada have been the spearhead of implementing communism self respecting Canadian Nationalist would platform a weimar degenerate like “Lady Maga”

  6. Mr. Co-Boomer X, your point about the no enemies on the left among Sailer’s Coalition of the Fringes is correct, which of course is an unacknowledged acceptance of my point. No one, including legacy Americans of a traditional tempermant such as you and I, are required to give up all of our ideals or interests in acting collectively with disparate souls to compel a common enemy to submit. That is what Populism is, the masses organizing to challenge the absolute control of the weightier elements of a society. All humans of any identifiable category, such as race, gender, ethnicity, public or private philosophy or faith, are different in their wants and needs. Even Jews, Hunter. As a result, to join with others to fight the powerful, people must be able to subliminate some interests in order to achieve the common popular/ist goal of social sharing of life’s risks (which in essence is what the UBI is designed to do).
    The point I am making is that by the rhetoric I see in the commenters on this site, not just you Mr. X, I don’t see a willingness of people on the Euro-Nationalst part of the dissident right to cooperate with others who look or are different in order to popularly overthrow the oligarchs and institute true democracy and happiness for everyone, not just the lucky ones. If I am harsh in that assessment, I hope I am eventually proven wrong. If so, please accept my apology.

    • I broke a rule that I usually follow, which is to not comment on a reply that has little or nothing to do with my original comment. That was because yours was not only interesting in content, but had logical fallacies aplenty. (I don’t usually respond with any vitriol unless the other person has invited it, imo. You certainly solicited it, JB.) Those qualities drew me in.

      But your point about cooperating with the enemy was important. It’s not often discussed here, I think. My opinion is, if (for example) Jose, Mustafa and Tyrone want to help me shut down drag queen story hour at the local library, I shouldn’t turn up my nose at them. When our interests coincide, why not help each other out?

      If your concern is that our rhetoric can be nasty about other groups, JB, all I can say is you must not have had much exposure to what minorities say about each other. Asians and Blacks in the US tend to have a great deal of hatred for each other, for just one example. Why is it up to Whites to make everyone else feel comfortable, anyway? Look at all the hate spewed at us almost everyday by writers that are Black, Jewish, Asian, etc., in publications like the New York Times, the Atlantic, and the Forward. Did you forget about that? The difference between their in-group preference rhetoric and ours is, simply, that it’s currently not socially acceptable for Whites to honestly express the same.

      Once the globalist tide is turned, I suspect we will go back to living among our own, and not shy about saying we want it to stay that way. Just like every other racial tribe, in other words.

  7. Hello again Boomer X. Your last post makes clear that I was wrong to assume you would not align with out groups if necessary to fight a commonly felt wrong. You are also correct in your observation that the powerful encourage all groups except the majority to defend themselves, which stirs up even more passion directed against each other, not the greedy ones. Hopefully you are right that once they are beaten we can all go back to living as we desire. Thank you for engaging me- I appreciate that, because I want to understand where everyone is coming from in the maelstrom the globalists have created. Good luck to you going forward.
    Denise, if you are talking to me, nice try, but I am not jewish. Self reflection is not their strong suit. Jews control nothing anyway, they are the mouthpieces for the communications apparatus built by the real power, the Oligarchy. Obviously individual jews are wealthy enough to be Oligarchs, but they as a group are not decisive. Sorry, try another insult.

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