Tom Morello: Nazi Lives Don’t Matter

Growing up in the 1990s, I used to listen to Rage Against The Machine.

I was a normie in high school. I was didn’t have any political views. I just liked the rebellious tone of their music and didn’t give any thought to the lyrics. I went through that phase of my life without ever giving a single thought to the Jews or even encountering one.


“Morello about to start entering two-sided discourse with neo-Nazis, rather than clobbering them ‘round the chops?

“Are you kidding?!” he grins. “Oh my gosh – the fact that that’s a controversial thing is so insane to me. If it comes to it that we can’t punch Nazis, then who can we punch, really?” Never mind, then –Tom’s firebrand politics are still business as usual. …”

Now, I understand that when Tom Morello talks about how “Nazi Lives Don’t Matter” he means that my life doesn’t matter. This isn’t because I am personally a Nazi or a National Socialist. I am nothing more than a populist and a nationalist from the Deep South.

I’ve never been interested in fascism, but from the perspective of anarchists like Tom Morello everyone to the Right of Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump is a “Nazi” and a “White Nationalist” and a “racist” and a “white supremacist.” They are not really interested in these fine distinctions. We’re all simply the enemy to these people. These people are as ready and willing to engage in violence against Trump supporters as they are any actual Nazi.

My attitude toward actual Nazis softened considerably as a result of realizing this. I used to be highly critical of the NSM. After Richard Spencer was punched though at the Trump inauguration, I was willing to form a popular front with them which is something that I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing in the past. I still don’t think of them as being the enemy in the same that way that I now think of the Far Left. The person who wants to cause you physical harm is your enemy, not the person who is nostalgic about the past or who is an asshole on Twitter.

Note: There is a difference between a rival or antagonist and the enemy. Brush up on your Carl Schmitt to learn the difference.

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  1. Tom Morello is a negro and Rage’s music never was that complex or interesting. Primus and Meshuggah on the other hand have been bands I’ve listened to from the 90’s to present day and they seem to get better with age.

    • RATM is Establishment approved “anti-establishment” music. If they started speaking out against Zionist atrocities or the plight of Afrikaners and Boers I would have serious respect for them. But of course that will never happen.

      • RATM reminds me the other leftist activist band from Australia “Midnight Oil ” and their anti-White and pro-knuckle dragging aborigines lyrics.

        What I wouldn’t give for just one routine a boxing ring or octagon with either tom morello or peter garrett.

        • Oh come on, midnight oil had one catchy song. Sing it out loud!

          “How can we dance when our earth is turning?”
          “How do we sleep while our beds are burning?”
          “How can we dance when our earth is turning?”
          “How do we sleep while our beds are burning?”

  2. I always liked RATM, even though I knew they were a bunch of Reds. The same goes for the late folk singer Pete Seeger and the writer Dalton Trumbo. I try to separate the art from the personal life of the artist who made it, because I know they most likely have shitty personalities.

    • Trombo’s “Johnny Got His Gun” was an excellent anti-war film. His IRL politics were bolshevik.

      Usually, I cannot separate the artist from their political views or personality. Once you’ve earned my ire, I long for your obituary.

  3. morello is a mulatto hack who simply copied adam jones from tool who he grew up playing with. rage is commie junk, the lead singer is a jewish latinx, and the bass player is a cringelord. they are all old irrelevant twats.

    goes to show that Gen X was propagandized through MTV though.

  4. I never listened to rage against the machine noise. People who wore their merch or a a bumper sticker on their vehicle, usually received a special gift from moi. They were easily profiled as shitlibs.

    Musicians against National Socialists live don’t matter.

  5. These guys were also quite popular in Germany back in the 90s. That one song ‘Killing in the Name’ was not bad (musically). But i always considered them as part of ‘the machine’, as fake-rebels just riding the wave of the current trend. If they were really against the system they would have been banned, censored and destroyed, like Landser, Macht und Ehre, etc. But actually they were signed by a big major record label and their shit was always heavily promoted. Recently they reunited to make some more shekels. When this mulatto agitates against Nazis it is the typical virtue signalling bullshit of leftist establishment musicians. It is not brave, but very cheap to join the common anti-nazi choir. RATM sucks!!!

    The ‘Nazi lives don’t matter’ thesis unfortunately is a fact. Being a National Socialist in these days means being an outlaw. One must always be aware of attacks by the leftists, by migrants, by the authorities. One must always be aware to get fired from the job and get the entire existence destroyed, only for having different political beliefs. Not to mention the absence of equality before the law.

    • Nice to see you on Occidental Dissent, I hope you will post here often! I plan on visiting Berlin, Berchtesgaden and die Wolfschanze in Rastenburg, East Prussia next year. Is there much National Socialist activity in Deutschland these days? Is it mostly confined to the former DDR? I hear that the Fuhrer’s birthplace in Brannau-am-Inn is to become a Polizei station. What do you think of that?

      • Guten Abend, werter Herr Spahnranch… Unfortunately i was banned from Infostormer by that old Azz-Clown. But this place seems to be a good alternative. Germany resembles an open air madhouse these days. And it is getting worse with every day. Sometimes i need a place with some sane people around for compensation of the daily madness. I hope i’m welcome here, as there are no comparable forums in Germany. Everything is more or less corrupted…
        National Socialist activity is mainly in the former DDR, but there are also several pockets of resistance in the West. Dortmund (NRW) has a strong well organised Nationalist scene. Very good comrades there…
        So you will come abroad next year? Then you will have the pleasure to experience the sheer beauty of diversity. Especially in the red shithole Berlin. Shiny happy moslem people, everywhere around. You will love it…
        And yes, the Führers Haus will be converted to a police station. Authorities there in the Ostmark claim that would be the best way to keep Neo-Nazi worshippers away. Hopefully the presence of the police will keep away the Antifa scum as well…
        However, I wish you a nice trip sir. East Prussia is still one of the most beautiful places on earth.

        • I wanted to visit someday, but I do not think I could stomach what I would see in Germany today. The tragically destroyed homeland of my ancestors.

          • The situation is really hard to bear. Especially if one is compelled to keep this shitshow running by paying ever increasing taxes. It is depressing, humiliating, infuriating…
            And it is bound to end in disaster…

  6. Zach de la roch is part Jewish descent oh his fathers side but it mostly Mexican, irish and german pretty big RATM fan in the 90’s i admit but i don’t listen to it much nowadays

    Classic tracks tho are bulls on parade, year of the boomerang, ghost of tom joad, know your enemy and sleep now in the fire alot of these song titles could have fashy interpretations guess the commies in the band don’t see it that way tho… Shame Morello has such a brain in blender head take on fascism fascism equals bad in his mind would love to hear his take on Bolshevism, Zionism or communism seeing how hes such a political expert

  7. This guy needs to be Moshiached,….. anal and orally. He needs it bad. It is urgent. Someone please call Hatzalah and get this guy the treatment he needs. Please.

  8. You are absolutely correct that to smug & posturing cretins like this fellow a Trump supporter, a Southern nationalist/populist, an Identitarian, a Traditionalist, a paleoconservative, a White Nationalist, a Judeo-skeptic, a Race Realist, etc. = NAZIS. It’s an incredibly elastic, all-encompassing noun. It’s a huuuuge tent. Let’s pretend a musician held up a sign calling for the mass murder of communists. I can just imagine the outcry, the 24/7 wailing and gnashing of teeth in the MSM. But what’s a 100 million dead in one century? The Nazis didn’t like Jews and that’s al that really matters. As to actual Nazis…the Third Reich is gone, so they’re as real as the pink unicorn but they’re a convenient fantasy for the virtue-signalling Left and its agenda to deconstruct and delegitimize anybody who dares to raise the interests of White people. Anti-Nazi = anti-White. That’s what the Left has brought us.

  9. “Nazi” means White person so White lives don’t matter.
    No wonder anti-Whites get so triggered over the innocuous meme “It’s okay to be White”.

  10. lol and who exactly is shocked that these wigger white guilters jews are anti white?
    Tim Commerford is the only one who is actually white..the rest are jews and then there is this nignog.

  11. One does not have to be an honors grad in political science from Harvard University to recognize the unethical and inhuman nature of this administration but, well I happen to be an honors grad in political science from Harvard University so I can confirm that for you.

    -Tom Morrello

    Hahahaha! Apparently Tom isn’t aware of the notorious stupidity of Harvard graduates, which has been documented any number of times before over the last several decades. But it makes sense he wouldn’t know about this, and in fact would place a great deal of confidence in his Harvard “education” and the “extensive knowledge” that “education” imparted to him since studies have also shown that the most incompetent people out there happen also to greatly overestimate their own competence on a given subject and subject matter. But “policial science” aside, Mr. Tom, let me aks you dis, suh:

    Please explain, in a few short sentences, what is the cause of the seasons on this mortal coil we all live on. Hint: the answer is not that the earth warms and cools as it gets closer or farther away from the sun in its orbit, dumbass. Lol.

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