Benny Gantz Fails To Form a Coalition

Are you surprised that Bibi Netanyahu has survived another election by the skin of his teeth? I tend to doubt that he will ever go away.


“Israel is set to continue without a government and may be heading to new elections after Benny Gantz, rival of longtime Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said Wednesday that he missed a deadline to form a government.

Netanyahu, who is facing the possibility of imminent indictment on corruption charges, also failed to form a coalition following the hotly contested election in September.

Gantz’s announcement that he could not meet the deadline set by President Reuven Rivlin doesn’t automatically trigger new elections. Rather, it kicks off another wave of political haggling — Israel’s parliament has 21 days to nominate another lawmaker to try to form a majority government. If no other lawmakers are successful, it could usher in a third and unprecedented election this year, which Netanyahu has described as “institutional insanity.” …”

Netanyahu will eventually find some way to stay in power in spite of facing corruption charges. Israel will annex the Jordan Valley. Trump will accuse anyone who objects of great disloyalty to Israel.

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  1. “imminent indictment on corruption charges” – lol – Bibi is the Zios’ boy and is not going anywhere – just like the Orange Jew and his impeachment – this stuff is all just Theater For the Masses.

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