Bibi Netanyahu Indicted On Corruption Charges

I would be very interested in knowing more about Netanyahu’s ties to all the wealthy diaspora Jewish Zionists like Sheldon Adelson who are manipulating our foreign policy.

New York Times:

“JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted Thursday on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust in a set of long-running corruption cases, throwing his political future into doubt and heightening the uncertainty and chaos surrounding Israel’s fitful, yearlong struggle to choose its next leader.

Mr. Netanyahu, 70, who in July became the longest-serving prime minister in Israel’s history, now also has the distinction of being the first to be indicted while in office.

The cases against Mr. Netanyahu involve allegations of giving or offering lucrative official favors to several media tycoons in exchange for favorable news coverage or gifts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. …”

I highly doubt this case will go there though.

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  1. Besides the humor from The Daily Shoah, there is something else that Enoch and Company taught the Goyim. If you want to know the truth about Jews, go to the “Jew for Jew” Publications/Synagogue Talks. Over the years, Max Blumenthal has mentioned that a plurality of Israeli Jews want out of the “Special Relationship” between the US/Israel. They are getting tired of diaspora Jews having an influence over their country, Evangelicals being their biggest allies, and the US running cover for the likes of Bibi Netanyahu. Blumenthal also mentioned that during the Obama Years, Israelis could not take the slightest of criticisms from Obama (gotta give ol’ Barry credit for pissing off the Jews) and many wanted to have a “Special Relationship with The People’s Republic of China. The reason was that China doesn’t even pretend to care about Human Rights.

    • A “special relationship” between pissrael and the PRC has been a thing for a decade or more. We ( the US) share virtually all our military tech secrets with (((them))) and (((they))) sell ’em to the PRC.

      • Funny thing, if you ever read/saw Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy–the point of “Witch Craft” was for the British to have unfettered access to US Secrets. Which, would be given to the Soviets. Tell a Christian Zionist this, and a look of fear comes over them. Just look at how God “Blesses” those who “Bless” Israel.

  2. 6 million oy veys in Israel right now, When you swimming in a sea of blackpills, its refreshing to get a whitepill every now and again from keeping you from going insane

    Its nice to see Bibi bitchs smug heeb grin wiped from his ugly mug This won’t make him powerless but it will keep him busy from getting us into another war with iran or syria for a few months at least heres hoping

  3. This is news? Since when have Jews EVER been Moral, what with the Talmud existing, giving all sorts of ‘passes’ on the Law of God, which they never obeyed, since they ‘converted’ in the 8th Century to this phony ‘Judaism,’ anyway.

  4. Father Joe is correct. To learn the truth about Jews, go to Jew for Jew publications. Avoid reading, as a primary source, stuff put out by racial rightists such as British-Israelites or Christain Identity. The people who write for these for these publications, Facebook pages, and websites are usually not educated or well-informed in genetics, or history. They tend to quote each other rather than to read widely from outside sources. And even if they do read an outside source, they look for something that will confrim an existing bias, rather than to find facts that might give them a different angle on their knowledge.

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