Sacha Baron Cohen Rips Mark Zuckerberg

Sacha Baron Cohen’s keynote speech at the ADL’s “Never Is Now” Summit offers an excellent window into the mindset of Jews:


“Thank you, Jonathan, for your very kind words.  Thank you, ADL, for this recognition and your work in fighting racism, hate and bigotry.  And to be clear, when I say “racism, hate and bigotry” I’m not referring to the names of Stephen Miller’s Labradoodles.

Now, I realize that some of you may be thinking, what the hell is a comedian doing speaking at a conference like this!  I certainly am.  I’ve spent most of the past two decades in character.  In fact, this is the first time that I have ever stood up and given a speech as my least popular character, Sacha Baron Cohen.  And I have to confess, it is terrifying. …

The truth is, I’ve been passionate about challenging bigotry and intolerance throughout my life.  As a teenager in the UK, I marched against the fascist National Front and to abolish Apartheid.  As an undergraduate, I traveled around America and wrote my thesis about the civil rights movement, with the help of the archives of the ADL.  And as a comedian, I’ve tried to use my characters to get people to let down their guard and reveal what they actually believe, including their own prejudice. …

The President even tweeted that he was considering designating Antifa—anti-fascists who march against the far right—as a terror organization.  …”

See, it is “anti-Semitism” when Jews are criticized or when jokes are made about Jews by Gentiles and that has to be shutdown. It should be absolutely forbidden for a Gentile to criticize a Jew on social media platforms. That’s a violation of the -isms and -phobias which were mostly created after World War II and pushed into our culture by the mainstream media.

In contrast, Jews should be able to say whatever they want about Gentiles on television and social media. Jews like Sacha Baron Cohen should be allowed to make Hollywood movies that ridicule White Christians. Jews should be allowed to teach courses at Harvard University about “abolishing whiteness.” They should be allowed to control television and film. The Jews who tear down Confederate monuments and who rewrite the Christian calendar to include #PrideMonth believe the Holocaust narrative should be sacrosanct. The Jews who believe that a White ethnostate is evil have no problem with Israel declaring itself an ethnostate. The Jews who have flooded the internet with pornography believe we should be silenced for pointing this out.

Democracy depends on Jews having the power to control, filter and police film, television, radio, social media and the publishing industry to create the “a shared sense of basic facts” that just happen to promote their own interests because real news is kosher and comes from Jewish sources. We’ve seen what happens when “mainstream” Jewish sources lose their legitimacy and Gentiles are allowed to talk to teach other through social media, organize and share news.

Jews critiquing Gentiles … not a problem at all so long as it is movies like Borat and Bruno. We should continue to deconstruct whiteness and unmask heteronormativity from the heart of the Western news media, entertainment media and the universities.

Gentiles critiquing Jews … OMG, that’s anti-Semitism and leads straight to the Holocaust. SHUT IT DOWN before democracy itself is threatened! We have to control everything! Also, it is not “authoritarian” when Jews police speech or when Antifa cancels their critics.

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  1. The jews certainly are one messed-up bunch of people, and sacha baron cohen is one seriously messed-up jew.
    I don’t think they realize the bipolarity of their existence…here we have the creator of an incredibly anti jewish film (Borat) going on about “civil rights” and “antisemitism”. Unreal…

    • Actually this is the normal sign of collapse.

      Before the system dies, every time two groups emerge.

      1. Group. We must make the radical reforms right now to save the system.
      2. Group. We can not touch not a single card to avoid the card house collapsing.

      Donald used the Jewry genetic weaknesses against them like Putin, this put the entire Jewry in to death trap, now the the Jewry is coming down and we see the usual process what happened with collapsing powers many time.

      Nazi Germany had also infighting. Should we kill the Hitler to save the system or should we support the Hitler. Czar Russia was in this death trap between Czar supporters and Czar remover and in the Soviet Union was also fierce infighting between Gorbachev supporters and removers.

      Donald with his Jew love is the greatest anti semite of all time.

      Writing the articles nobody reads like the David Duke is pre lost fake war.
      Getting Jew money to be a president and the gave Jerusalem to Jews and other things is the long term strategic thinking to win the real war.

      Do you like Soros hand picked, Soros promoted, Soros educated, Soros financed head of the state ?

      There is a white country in the planet Earth. This is a Hungary with Viktor Orban in charge.This how real war and real winning looks like.

      • ” is the long term strategic thinking to win the real war. “

        The Rules of Fight Club.

        1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.

        2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB.

  2. LOL, ol’ Borat is tilting at windmills. Dude – the internet is just like the printing press. You can pressure Faceberg, Twatter, and JewTube to censor people but we’ll just migrate to other places like Gab or Occidental Dissent or even something like GNU Social if the censorship gets bad enough. Curious people want more than boring, bland JewTube. Unless you go the full Soviet route, people will find a way to publish their views. Even then, electronic Samizdat is easier than a paper-based version.

    Quothe Borat:

    Still, Zuckerberg says that “people should decide what is credible, not tech companies.” But at a time when two-thirds of millennials say they haven’t even heard of Auschwitz, how are they supposed to know what’s “credible?” How are they supposed to know that the lie is a lie?

    There is such a thing as objective truth. Facts do exist. And if these internet companies really want to make a difference, they should hire enough monitors to actually monitor, work closely with groups like the ADL, insist on facts and purge these lies and conspiracies from their platforms.

    Here’s an idea. Instead of letting the Silicon Six decide the fate of the world, let our elected representatives, voted for by the people, of every democracy in the world, have at least some say. [LOL, shall we have direct censorship from the Congress? Doesn’t this Yid understand the optics of that?]

    • Throwing them overboard in shark filled waters would be fine entertainment. I just hope that sharks don’t mind kosher food.

  3. The kikes don’t allow comments on the video. I wonder why…..

    FYI I particularly loathe this noxious insect. It’s major, in jewniversity, was Talmudic Studies.

    This one deserves extra special treatment.

  4. Jews are all sociopaths that expect sympathy from you, but literally can not understand why you would expect sympathy from them. They are biologically incapable of empathy or sympathy.

    • Wow, I didn’t know that. Have they done scientific studies to show that jews are ” biologically incapable of empathy or sympathy.”? EVERY jew is a sociopath? That blows my mind.

      I sure would love to read those studies. I never knew all of that.

      • Studies??

        How about History?

        You like History??

        There are exception as there always exceptions to any rule of thumb.
        As we know exceptions QUALIFY the Rule !!!
        (good luck coming to grips with reality)

        • History? What about Gentile history? Or do we only hold Jews accountable?

          If somebody makes a nonsensical claim then they should be called out. Calling jews sociopaths simply because they are jewish is silly. It’s like calling all whites nazis.

      • Just to add.

        Dual citizenship WILL end throughout the West/Europe and especially in the USA.

        When someone has a life within Western European Nations their allegiance CAN ONLY BE for that White nation !!

  5. Sarah Silverman is another example of jew arrogance and hypocrisy. She goes out of her way to offend Christians and white people in general but will whine endlessly on her Netflix “comedy” series about the need to abolish “hate speech” and “hate groups”. As if the jews were incapable of hating anyone, eh, kikess? And her cute little potty-mouth girl routine is getting pretty stale, especially when you consider the fact she is now close to 50 (!)

    • Spahn,

      Jimmy Kimmel musty been stringing Sarah Silverman along for jewish bonafides in Hollywood. It was telling that when he dumped her, she pouted that he “Never once told me that I was pretty.” Haha

      Silverman has made her living being an edgy jewess. Sometimes she’ll let the mask slip a teeny bit, like when she jokes about the jews controlling the media and Hollywood. Of course, the punchline is that she was worried that (((they))) had lost control.

      I don’t have cable, satellite, or any subscription service, so thankfully, I am not exposed to her anti-White, talmudic utterings.

      Chelsea Handler is another jewess that swims in the same JCC pool as Sarah Silverman. Very uncouth. Promotes miscegenation. Hates and denigrates Whites.

      Sasha Baron ((((Rothschilds))) Cohen could have married an ashkenazi jewess, but instead courted a gentile Anglo woman, and coerced her to convert to talmudism, so their offspring would belong to the synagogue of satan.

      SBC wants to put an end to questioning the holohoax. If you notice, the jews just want to silence and punish all ‘noticing’ of the evidence not holding up to scrutiny, otherwise, they’d wouldn’t fear or attempt to censor and suppress brilliant holohoax skeptics.

      JF did a good job at deconstructing SBC’s adl rant last night.

  6. Suddenly adam sandler became slightly more likeable I haven’t seen sandler kiss ass to the adl like this. No i take that back hes a trash comedian too and has all those retarded films

    • Thom,

      Sandler made a pro-homosexual “comedy ” with his shabbos goy buddy Kevin James a few years ago where they played firemen.

      The only time is was slightly amusing was his hanukah song on SNL.

  7. They say Hitler had a final solution to the jew problem but historic revisionism says other wise. Can over four hundred nations, countries, territories, cities, towns and villages be wrong throwing these carpet badgers out? Everywhere they went they disrupted life for the gentile and they’re still doing it. They pay$ their deceiving goy gentile well to get where they’re at today. Seriously, just look how they’re succeeding today with Trump giving them land they don’t even own. How is this even possible? The ADL SPLC AIPAC and hundreds more pro jew groups get away with it by traitorous Gentiles. Now we have an antisemitism czar in Amerika. You ask, how worse can it get? Ten years from now in Amerika we will be inprisoned for just saying the word jew. Something has gotta give… Amerika is a dying nation and we deserve it, KARMA!

  8. Jew speech NO MATTER what the context might be is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, every single time THROUGHOUT HISTORY an exercise in DOUBLE SPEAK.

    When ever you hear a jew use the word, “our” something, be sure be 1000% sure that he/she is speaking about (((THERE))) the tribe’s ‘something, NOT you my fellow Western/European white man !!

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