What Is Conservatism? (Part 2)

I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff on the timeline lately which for some reason I just can’t reconcile with my intuitive understanding of “conservatism.”

According to Conservatism, Inc., it is highly taboo to be a White male. It perfectly fine to be anything else. You are free to identify as a homosexual, a drag queen, a woman, an African-American, a Hispanic-American, an Asian-American, a Native American, a Jew, a Muslim, an atheist, a stripper or even as a porn star for Trump. There is only one thing that is forbidden. There is only one thing that gets your respectability card revoked.

Being a White male is crossing the line. Associating with a known unapologetic and blacklisted White male is also enough to destroy your career. That sort of race bigotry is “beyond the pale.” It is “identity politics” and has “no place in the conservative movement.” It is much easier to come out in mainstream conservatism as a homosexual than as a White male. AEI even recently hosted the transsexual Deirdre McCloskey to defend liberalism.

The strange thing about Conservatism, Inc. and its weird definition of “conservatism” as being synonymous with liberalism is that the social base that it all rests upon are White Southerners. The South was a caste based society until the 1960s. There was no taboo on being a Southern White man. Instead, we had taboos on miscegenation and cultural degeneration and until a few generations ago the people who violated those taboos were usually hounded out of the region and driven into exile. It wasn’t until the Reagan era in a fit of backlash politics against the unwanted changes of the 1960s and 1970s that the last generation got us stuck in this bad relationship. It seems the implicit understanding was that something would be done by the Republican Party about all of these social issues which were roiling the country at the time.

Nothing was ever done about any of it. We were just milked for our votes to get the things Conservatism, Inc. really wanted like tax cuts and the Iraq War. If they are not going to deliver any of the policies we wanted and only want to conserve the status quo, what use are these people? Why should we be deferential toward them? Do we even need them anymore?

I would say that we don’t. I would argue that when we have reached the point that being a White male is taboo while being a homosexual is mainstream in Conservatism, Inc. that any case for perpetuating this racket has lost all plausibility.

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  1. The row of tweets look like the creepy people in a cheap red light district of porno, and sleazy stripper acts. Republicans are now sleaze. Yuch.

  2. Well, I am sure that promoting homosexuality and a lifestyle other then one that is based in traditional heterosexual family values is NOT part of being a conservative……

    But, mr “veteran” R. Smith, have at it go an play “husband” to your “wife” and his butt hole – I.m sure the children he will give birth to will turn out wonderful human “beans” !!

  3. White Southerners got taken for a ride. E. Michael Jones correctly pointed out that the various “Pro Family” Groups from the 80s were never really organized to fight the Culture Wars (i.e. Degeneracy) but rather to “Bless” Israel.

    From time to time, I drop a red pill with normie (Southern) Conservative GOPers. I get the whole DR3 line, and then I tell them that my Grandfather (a White Ethnic Catholic from the North) was a YUGE fan of George Wallace. Many seemed shocked, and I tell them that Wallace was one of the few candidates who actually stood for the White Working Class. GOP talking points don’t work on me, and many have no response. Conservatism isn’t just bad for The South, it is horrible for every region in the whole country.

  4. It seems the implicit understanding was that something would be done by the Republican Party about all of these social issues which were roiling the country at the time.

    Republicans were pretty good on crime and guns – things like the expansion of right to carry, three strikes laws. It’s inaccurate to say they did nothing. It just wasn’t nearly enough.

    • Hey Doug Mackey, is it true that you, Azzholemadore and Anglin are involved in a…*tee-hee*….a “love triangle”?


  5. Modern Negros (with the oiled hair and bodies, trying to look sleek, merely look like greased pigs. Sorry, but Darwinian Man is at best, merely a monkey, shaved.

  6. I don’t think real conservatives like the late James J. Kilpatrick, Patrick J. Buchanan or Joseph Farah would want anything to do with the Charlie Smallface / Mindy Megaboobs brand of “conservatism”.

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