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  1. the ruling class is not dumb, they are not making mistakes, its not just “group think”

    they are trying to destroy us and collapse our nations. they are malevolent globalists that want all races and nations gone, and only 1 superstate and mongrelized population to rule over. the frame that “these are bad decisions etc” has got to STOP. the ruling class are EVIL, accept it.

    • “((malevolent globalists)) that want all races and nations gone, and only 1 superstate and mongrelized population to rule over.”

      …….so true !

    • I agree that what’s being done is on purpose. It’s the Kalergi Plan on steroids. It’s certainly evil, but it’s also stupid. It’s yet another doomed attempt to forcefully change human nature and human biology. The law of unintended consequences will eventually bite them in the butt. We peasants will suffer more from the hubris of the elites than they will, but some ill effects will reach them.

  2. zoomers and millennials are generally ungrateful to the minority of truth seekers in Gen X and Boomer generations that actually DID the research, wrote the articles, made the infographics that red-pilled the younger generations. they still have yet to understand that the truthers are always the minority in ANY generation, so it’s easy to just disregard the whole generation as useless. it would be easy for us to judge millenials are useless, as the majority of that generation are useless effeminate leftists, but no, we have the wisdom to know there is an exception and rule to every generation.

    younger people: you are welcome for the red pills people like myself gave up a career, diplomas, and social clout to bring you.

    • Perhaps, but I think ZOG sounds better and is more to the point. The international jew ultimately wants to deprive every other group of their nationality except his own. And the jews never even had a real nation.

  3. The snickering and guffawing tells me High School… or first two years of college. SAME DIFFERENCE.

    That one girl should be smacked across the face, and told to shut up. Women generally are infantile, before they become wives and mothers, save in rare cases (like our one commenter on this board).

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