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UPDATE: Charlie Kirk confirms everything we have said about Conservatism, Inc. below. It is better to lose the 2020 election than to continue “winning” with these people.

Christopher Roach is first up to bat.

Roach was been around for years. He was one of the first bloggers who caught my attention when I started this website over a decade ago. Unsurprisingly, Roach observes that Charlie Cuck can’t explain why being a White Christian male should be taboo while being an open homosexual should be mainstream and acceptable or how welcoming drag queens into the fold and giving platforms to homosexual atheists to act as gatekeepers makes sense as “conservatism.”

American Greatness:

“Over the past month, the far-Right’s troll culture turned against Conservatism, Inc., by haranguing the establishment’s “youth outreach” guy, Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA (TPUSA). TPUSA is a large and well-funded youth movement, but it is starting to lose its audience because many are asking what exactly TPUSA aims to conserve?

The answers they are getting are unclear.

Although Kirk makes some modest concessions to the nationalist Right in his essay, for the most part he has been pushing the old and failed conservative strategy of sticking to “free-market principles,” while being “liberal on social issues.” This is why he confuses conservatism, which is really a disposition and set of instincts, with a laundry list of positions that he labels “dogma.”  …”

Can we stop for a moment to reflect on how bizarre this is?

I’ve got this huge secret that I have been keeping to myself all this time while living in the conservative closet. Leans over, whispers in hushed tone … I am a White male.

The Left makes full throated, visceral appeals to every identity group in the Democratic coalition to get out the vote and explicitly blames the White Christian majority for all of their problems. It doesn’t hold anything back to the point of engaging in violence, impeaching the president, doxxing its opponents, pressuring their employers to cancel them, etc.

The Right, however, stigmatizes its own constituency as illegitimate. It is too afraid of the Left to so much as identify, talk about or motivate its own constituency or go to bat for their interests without tripping over and violating one of the bullshit -isms and -phobias that it seeks to preserve for some inexplicable reason. Instead, it condemns “identity politics” while loudly making identity based appeals to all the non-White, non-Christian, non-male groups which are not socially stigmatized because that is the easy, cowardly cuckservative thing to do.

“It is telling that he reaches for words popular on the Left like “xenophobia” and “racism,” seemingly unaware of how they have lost their punch, as they’re invoked so promiscuously to silence anyone to the right of Paul Ryan.  …”

The -isms and -phobias are all leftwing critiques which emerged around the time of World War II that stigmatize rightwing views, behaviors and attitudes. They are designed to weigh down and shackle the “Authoriarian Personality.” So, you can’t recognize patterns and follow the data to the logical conclusion that race exists or sex exists or that gender has a biological basis or that there are differences between human beings which arise from our biology and lead to inequality. You can’t prefer your own group to foreigners because that is, say, “nativism” and “xenophobia.” The Western moral tradition is tossed out the window and replaced with this garbage.

“Kirk and his guests have often responded to questioners the way the Left usually does: with sputtering and ad hominem insults. This is just weak. Groypers have not been rioting or even heckling at TPUSA’s events; rather, a slew of pointed questions have exposed TPUSA as purveyors of the same thin gruel cooked up by Conservatism, Inc.  …”

Benny Johnson’s response to Fuentes was telling.

You can almost hear him chortling “we got him on tape on racism” or “we got him on sexism” or “we got him on xenophobia” or “we got him on homophobia” or “we got him on Holocaust denial.” Now, the issues that he is raising can be totally dismissed because Fuentes hasn’t contorted everything he has ever said online to conform to all the -isms and -phobias that we are accustomed to enforcing. The respectability of being a member of the club of True Conservatism is derived from living up to moral standards created by the Left to neuter the Right.

Next up, Matthew Boose.

American Greatness:

“In the wake of the Donald Trump moment, conservatism is up for grabs: white identitarians, “Catholic integralists,” paleocons, and American nationalists all sense an opportunity for greater representation. But the bigger story is that the globalist, anti-nationalist, progressive “conservatism” that came before Trump isn’t yet quite dead, and it’s fighting for survival.

The degree to which this is true has become apparent over the past few weeks as a civil war within campus conservatism has raged on between Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA and paleoconservative activists who follow the nationalist podcaster Nicholas Fuentes.  …

The leaders of the conservative movement must be able to answer these questions: why are white Christians, and only white Christians, prohibited from acting in their rational self-interest? Why must Republicans, given the prospect of a dim future in which it can only survive by pandering to the Left, respond by pandering to the Left now, just to win over people who hate and want to persecute them anyway? “

The answer to that question of how White identity, not to be confused with white supremacy or racism, came to be so uniquely stigmatized in our culture is that Conservatism, Inc. is conserving multiculturalism and political correctness in much the same way that is now conserving the Civil Rights Movement, feminism, gay rights and the LGTBQ revolution of the Obama years. It has assimilated, stabilized and conserved every leftwing social revolution of the past 70 years while exploiting populist backlashes by people who are angry about these social changes to pass tax cuts and deregulation and the pro-Israel agenda for the donor class.

“Kirk says that the Right must resist “excommunicating” those with different opinions on important issues, but that is exactly what Kirk and his allies are trying to do to the America Firsters. He complains of being subjected to an ideological “purity test” by the America First crowd while simultaneously, and arbitrarily labeling them “fake conservatives,” “white nationalists” and “anti-Semites.” This is nonsense.  …

Ours is a conservative establishment that does nothing, and has done nothing, to conserve the traditions that made America great. This fact cries out for an accounting, and it is becoming impossible to ignore. If Conservatism, Inc. refuses to engage candidly with serious, legitimate questions about its priorities, then it deserves to be called out for its hypocrisy and emptiness. “

Who should be excommunicated here?

I want you to pause to wrap your minds around one incredible fact that ought to completely discredit Conservatism, Inc. In spite of being in power for 50 years, mainstream conservatism has presided over a more destabilizing period of social change in the West than arguably any other elite in the history of Western civilization. You would probably have to go back to the beginning of the fall of the Western Roman Empire to find an elite that has conserved less of our social order than these people. There wasn’t even this much change in the French Revolution. It is also worth noting that Christianity survived and flourished after the fall of Rome. It survived Robespierre but it might well go under in the West in the age of David Frenchism.

Now, Charlie Kirk himself.

American Greatness:

“When I started Turning Point USA at the age of 18, I was often guilty of applying a “purity” test when discussing issues or evaluating politicians and activists. For example, if someone wasn’t promoting a purely free-trade solution to America’s problems, I wasn’t listening. Over the past three years, on this issue and many others, I have changed my mind. And I haven’t been alone. Millions of like-minded Americans have also changed their minds on issues once considered indisputable, conservative doctrine.

As someone who became known as an activist and built a national campus organization all while being called “too conservative” and racist; all while getting written up by Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hatewatch” blog; all while being on the receiving end of multiple hit pieces either directly stating or implying that I’m a bigot and my organization traffics in bigotry, it’s an admittedly new experience that some are now applying conservative purity tests to me. These tests focus on my support for President Trump, my stance on immigration, and my beliefs about the use of America’s military. …”

But we must resist applying fake purity tests and threatening public excommunications of conservatives who differ on significant, but complex issues. Let’s persuade and convince our ideological allies and when we’re wrong, admit it and move on. This is how we conservatives will win together in 2020.”

As we have seen in recent weeks, Charlie does have a “purity test” like the rest of Conservatism, Inc. The purity test is White identity and criticism of Jews. That’s where the line that separates us is drawn now and we are on one side of it and Cuck is on the other side.

Shouldn’t we be satisfied with Cuck and the Trump presidency? Like millions of other mainstream conservatives, Charlie Kirk ultimately voted for Trump and embraced his platform on immigration, trade and foreign policy. The problem is that these policy positions have been purely rhetorical and have cost nothing which is why the donor class has sunk millions into his campaign. Whether it was the tax cuts, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, criminal justice reform or further destigmatizing homosexuality, Conservatism, Inc. has spent the Trump years advancing its goals while stigmatizing and marginalizing his original supporters. We’ve been flooded with a tidal wave of illegal aliens and transgenderism while simultaneously being wiped off the internet and assaulted by Antifa. The black unemployment rate has never been lower though.

Should we all come together as conservatives to win in 2020? There is no reason to believe that we have anything at stake in the election. It is a foregone conclusion that we have “no place in the conservative movement” as long as Conservatism, Inc. exists and so even if Trump is reelected in 2020 it is not like it will make a bit of difference to us. It will be business as usual in 2021 like it was after the 2016 and 2018 elections. The policies have already been sold to the donors.

I haven’t criticized Charlie for being a Cruz supporter. I was one of Trump’s original supporters, but after the last three years and knowing what we know now I am not lifting a finger to reelect him in 2020. Decades of electoral victories haven’t amounted to squat and the country itself is nearly finished because of how the Right has been defined as conservative liberalism.

Ask yourself what these people have done all year to this situation around. Can you think of anything? Have you seen them fighting anything but anti-Semitism in Congress?

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  1. The answer to the myriad questions not being asked, is ‘Because we are the Elect, that’s why.’

    The Questions are legion- ‘Why should whites have power?’ ‘Why are non-white Americans hating on Real Americans?’ ‘Why are losers like Charlie Kirk and “one-eyed Dick” Congresscriters fawning over perverted sodomites and ugly drag queens, instead of White Christian Intellectuals?’ ‘ Why are LGBTQXYZ sickos acting like they have any moral legitimacy, when the Bible clearly says they are an Abomination to ANY society, and seeking to stifle/mock/kill (it’s in their hearts, you know it is!) White Trad Christian Americans?

    All White America has to do, to reverse this blasphemous, straight from Hell pseudo-conquest, is to act the man, and rise up and bring divine Justice to the non-Elect, as a ‘Final Solution’ to all our problems….. Eph. 1:4
    Rev. 2:9, Mat. 28:18.

    Problem Solved.

  2. You’d have to be a damned fool not to see how phony and “Astro-turfed” Conservatism, Inc. really is. So naturally MAGA – loids will be attracted to it, like brainless mosquitoes to a yellow porch-light.

    I make no apologies for being White. “White Identity” and “White Nationalism” are too mild. White SUPREMACY is the only movement that is going to guarantee our racial survival.

    • Correct.

      You’re either dominant, or you’re dominated. There’s no third way in this world.

      And because our enemies are inferior, and know we’re superior, they won’t go for paternalist colonialism like the Whites did for the most part in their empires, either. They know their only chance is to destroy us while we’re down, because if we ever regain our feet, they will be defeated almost immediately.

      Nobody believes in White supremacy and objective White superiority more clearly or firmly than the browns. That’s why they hate us so much (and, simultaneously, why their females are generally so ready to mate with White males even though our women are stupid and corrupt enough in many cases to be tricked into preferring niggers).

  3. Remember when TPUSA fired Ashley St. Clair for talking with Nick Fuentes and having her picture taken with him and others? The result was that today she is probably closer to Fuentes than Kirk. On her twitter account ( she is pro-gun, anti-tranny, expresses skepticism that Epstein killed himself, opposition to porn, opposition to Chick-Fila dropping the Salvation Army and others (“Chick-fil-A threw Christians who supported them throughout their controversy under the bus because of cancel culture I’m so sick of the radical, cry baby 1% shifting societal norms for the rest of the country. Even the Lord’s Chicken isn’t safe!”), dislike for feminists, and other positions that we all would agree with her on.

    • William,

      Don’t be fooled by St. Clair’s outwardly
      based positions. She is a jewess. Albeit an attractive jewess, a jewess nonetheless. Anything she or her tribe says that aligns with our well being should be viewed with extreme prejudice. Ashley’s claws were probably crossed behind her back when she ‘saw the light.’

      • That is wise counsel, Comrade November. Not all jewesses look like Bella Abzug or Bea Arthur, some can be quite beguiling.

  4. “…what exactly TPUSA aims to conserve?“

    “In Washington, D. C., the conflicts between Trump and his enemies are really about nothing more than holding on to power and its privileges. Both President Trump and his adversaries are attempting to preserve a status quo that can no longer be preserved. Trump’s status quo is an old-fashioned America flexing its industrial and productive might on the world stage. His opponents, the surveillance state, the legacy media, and the beneficiaries of forever war, are committed to a state of affairs allowing them to aggrandize their own power and wealth no matter the cost to ordinary Americans and their civil liberties, not to mention the poor unfortunates across the globe in the sights of the latest drone strike. If you wish to find a villain, the cartographer of this mad destiny, one need look no further than Alexander Hamilton, who mapped the road to political and financial consolidation.” ~ John Devanny

  5. What I could see from the beginning is that the alt right overlooked the nuances in Trump’s statements that made it obvious that he wasn’t anti-war like Ron Paul. I could see that Trump was playing both anti-war voters and the alt right before the alt right itself could see it.

    He complained about not taking oil, he switched positions on libya and Iraq, he wanted out of the iran deal. He put big oil people like Rex Tillerson in his administration.

    It’s probably more the ron paul voters who will make the difference next election than the alt right, as the alt right isn’t very big.

  6. To make an analogy that only me and you and none of your current readers will get, Trump was like Ixabert. I could see his ideology switching from a mile away, because I learned my lesson years ago on message forums.

    The fact is he supported the Iraq war and anti Gaddafi operation in Libya at first.

  7. Great article, Hunter! Exactly how I feel about it too. Reason why I check your site every day. I’m 56. I hope I can live long enough to see Conservative Inc. burned and buried. And then bulldozed….

  8. Charlie Kirk is an ugly man inside and out. He wouldn’t of gotten this far without the help from Trump inc. If this is today’s conservatism, I concider myself a full blown White supremist KKK NAZI Hitlerite because in the the 1930s that was concidered liberalism. Has the polar opposite changed or is this my imagination? Go to hell Charlie Kirk!

    • There is something wrong with Charlie’s head, it’s too big for him by about three inches. He needs an operation or pills or something to fix that first before he fixes anything else. No one should listen to that freak of nature until he fixes his head, then maybe we can listen to him about fixing something else.

      BTW is Charlie going to marry David French or that gay black guy on his dog and pony show?

      Help us out here Hunter, inquiring minds want to know.

  9. Wow, I hadn’t seen that clip of Charlie Kirk. He wiped the floor with that nerd and the entire room was with him. I’ll admit that his arguments themselves weren’t good, but that doesn’t matter as he clearly controlled the room.

  10. I remember the good old days when Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond were considered conservatives. They’d be driven out of the GOP today.

  11. He presumes his social enemies are going to let him engage in free trade. Does he believe the Care Bears are going to come down and make everything right with their tummy beams?

  12. “As Christians we are called to love everyone” – Charlie Kirk…..

    OK, Charlie. Starting loving on Nick Fuentes, hypocrite.

  13. I mis-read the Headline. I glanced and read the title of this post as “American Gayness Symposium”.

    I think my mistake is actually accurate.

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