Pronoun Hospitality

H/T Rod Dreher

Eric Striker is right.

Why should Chick-fil-A care about what Christian conservatives think?

The president of the Southern Baptist Convention is too nice, too polite, too genteel to even put up a fight against gender dysphoria. Pushovers only get rolled.

“Calling it “pronoun hospitality,” Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear revealed on an “Ask Me Anything” episode of his podcast that he prefers to call transgender people by their preferred pronouns.

Greear said that while there is room for disagreement and Christians should disagree charitably, he sees it as a hospitable courtesy to refer to transgender people by their chosen pronouns, despite knowing that their sex does not match their descriptors.

“There is a spectrum of generosity of spirit vs. telling truth,” Greear wrote in the podcast’s description. “I tend toward generosity of spirit.”

In a nutshell, this is why Christianity is dying out in the West and has been collapsing at a record pace over the past decade. It is not only this.

It is important to remember how the Southern Baptist Convention apologized for slavery, embraced anti-racism, denounced the Alt-Right and called for integrated churches. Russell Moore of ERLC has written countless ridiculous articles about things like how Christianity is incompatible with the Confederate flag or saving the Religious Right from Trump. There has been a debate about renaming the Southern Baptist Convention to drop the “Southern” part because it is “such a regional name.” The decline has only accelerated.

If you have noticed, transgenderism is on the way up and Christianity is on the way down. This is because the evangelists of transgenderism have aggressively promoted their message. In contrast, the defenders of Christianity seem to have no confidence in their beliefs, a religion which used to produce martyrs that were willing to be burned at the stake. They come across as weak and apologetic and in this contest between perceived weakness and niceness and sentimentality and strength on the other hand it is evil that is triumphing in the culture.

As a former atheist, I used to have a negative view of Christianity and it was mainly due to people like Russell Moore. I can tell you that Christianity is doing itself no favors by being identified with these people. It was only after I became familiar with Luther and Calvin and began to grasp how Christianity had changed over time and wasn’t always this cucked that my attitude softened. What do you think John Knox would have said about transgenderism? Can you imagine Luther or Calvin referring to transgender people by their preferred pronouns?

Christian leaders like J.D. Greear are weak today because Christianity isn’t even our dominant culture anymore. Liberalism is now the dominant culture in the age of the mass media. The values of liberalism permeate our entire culture and those who want to rise in wealth and social status in our society rather than reject it as we have done embrace the values of the mainstream. It is liberalism that opened the Pandora’s Box that has led to transgenderism.

Note: Check out this old article that Sarah Posner wrote about the Christians of the Alt-Right in The New Republic in 2017. See also this exchange that I had with Connor Grubaugh of First Things in 2018 about Christianity being malleable and following the mainstream culture and just laugh out loud about how a year and half later Chick-fil-A has surrendered and the president of the Southern Baptist Convention is referring to trannies as zes and zirs while Pope Francis is worshiping Pachamama and condemning homophobia while talking about ecological sins.

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  1. ATTENTION CHRISTIANS : One of Satans top strategies is to focus his best and brightest on “those who reach the masses,” ( and Jews, to influence them to do things that will make us hate them, ) especially in the church. Never attend or belong to any “organized religion / church.” Go independent and home bible study. Most leaders of organized religion have been compromised.

    • The Body of Christ is a VISIBLE, REAL, grouping of all TRUE Believers, to stand up to Satan’s wiles, and his henchmen’s machinations. Instead of becoming MORE ‘invisible,’ we need to become LESS invisible. The Difference between Rome of AD 100, and the World of Today, is that WE HAVE ALREADY WON the Battle. WE NEED TO TAKE BACK WHAT IS OURS, even if we die.

  2. The Baptist President prefers something called generosity of the spirit over the truth? Whatever happened to the ‘truth shall set you free’ scriptural statement? Modern christians do justify every act of cowardice by pretending it is a virtue.

    I am glad this website recognizes that it is not only modernist Catholics but Protestants as well who are not only evil but deranged. Christians have become worms and are worthy of contempt.

    What does one do with a talking cow patty? I walk around one when I encounter it in a field. One of my younger sisters jumps on it and squishes it with her boots. Take your choice.

    • Cristina,

      María “monsturo” aplasta caca de vaca?

      Yes, contemporary Christianity in the West has been hollowed out and filled by abominations and blasphemy. That’s coming from a lapsed blackpilled former choirboy.

      • November,

        Who else but Maria. But only when father is not around.

        So you used to be a choirboy. As a former Catholic then you know when we are Confirmed we are supposed to die for the Faith. Instead most Catholic clergy and laymen collapse very quickly over nothing. And of course so do most Protestants.

        • Correct. When the Church abandons the culture war, God brings persecution the faithless believers- those who are ‘neither hot nor cold.’ We need to jettison the eschatology of Defeat (Dispensationalism/Scofieldism) as well as a Caesaro/Papal counterfeit (pessimillennialism= Amillennialism= the working eschatology of liturgical denominations such as the LCMS, the RCC, etc.) and realize WE WON OVER THE JEWS BY AD 130.

          And take back what is ours.
          DEATH to the Jew World Order.

        • Cristina,

          I sang in the choir of an episcopalian church which at the time was very conservative and not too different from traditional Catholicism.

          The Episcopalian church was one of the first denominations to have a openly homosexual deacon in the 1990s (I was long gone by then).

          The only thing I am willing to fight and die for now is my people and civilization, but if my doctor was to tell me that I have only a few months to live, savages that abuse and torture dogs (and cats) should be very afraid.

          • November,

            Hopefully, scorpions are not on your protection list. If so Maria will be on your side.

          • Cristina,

            Scorpions should be just fine in the interim. It is members of the animal kingdom that are unquestionably sentient that have earned my repect. Though, an adult Maria would be an ally that I would gladly welcome.

            I was going to add child molesters and other vile scum of sub humanity to my ‘bucket list ‘ of my hypothetically terminally ill..ahem…prey, but they should already have concentric circles painted on their backs by the victim’s family or some other vigilantes.

          • November,

            Maria could become an interesting adult. She already has been taught where to kick a boy who gives trouble and thinks that I hit like a girl. My family is large so we can play football (soccer) and baseball as well as American football. My older brother taught her that you throw a football by holding on to the laces. I did not know that.

            She says that she will be my bodyguard when she grows up.

          • Cristina,

            That’s funny that Maria wants to be your bodyguard when she grows up.

            Mummar Quaddifi used an all female force of bodyguards, and up until Zog controlled nations of USA, U.K., and France stirred the hornets nest that lead to his overthrow and murder, they were extremely effective in protecting him.

    • A restoration of the Catholic Habsburg and Bourbon dynasties would be most desirable, Princess Christina. But how to make it happen????

      PS: Is the legend of Los Niños Héroes of Chapultepec really true?

      • Spawn, you should know that all Papal hagiography since 1100, has been only to help bolster the position of Rome’s hegemony, and not much more.

        Here’s an article everyone should read, including Miss Christina.
        Just one excerpt:

        “Dumas established the following general criteria for stigmatisation: all stigmatics experience unbearable pain in the affected parts of the body, no matter what form the stigmata take—imprint of Cross on the shoulder; traces of the thorns of a crown of thorns on the head; or, as with Francis of Assisi, as wounds on the hands, feet and on the side. Together with the pain, they experience great delight in the thought that they are worthy to suffer with Jesus, to atone, as He did, for the sins of which they are innocent. [6] (This, of course, is commensurate with the Roman Catholic “satisfaction theory,” which is unknown to the Orthodox Church.) [7]”

        • Father John,

          Even though your comment was directed to spahnranch 1969 instead of me I thank you for providing us with such information.

      • spahnranch1969,

        I have always considered it so. Too bad the rest of the Mexican Army did not fight as well.

        As for those dynasties? Perhaps after the catastrophe the world is headed for then a restoration of tradition.

        As for the Mexican-American War?

        If I would have been Princess Cristina I would have organized guerilla warfare against the Americans, cut their supply lines and do not engage in open battle unless the situation was very favorable. I also would have executed any American Catholic I captured as a traitor to our religion. Did not the Americans execute Irish they captured fighting for Mexico as traitors?

        Of course I never would have fought the war to begin with. I would have accepted Texas independence, established friendly trade and relations with Texas and used it as a buffer zone against the aggressive Americans. With a friendly Mexico perhaps Texas would have remained an independent Republic.

        An independent Texas Republic would have allowed Mexico to hold on to the rest of the Southwest longer. Probably anglo settlers would have taken northern California but I think Mexico could have retained the rest with extra troops and settlers being sent there from Mexico.

        In short a good ruler does not listen to bombastic talk from generals but calmly assesses her military power versus another country and acts accordingly. Good relations with Texas might even have led Texans to erect a statue or two of me in their country.

        An independent Texas and Mexico hanging on to New Mexico, Arizona, and hopefully southern California would have meant a less strong USA and therefore have changed world history.

        • Cristina,

          Some of my invertebrate paleontology classmates of mine and I visited the Permian Reefs in the Guadalupe Mountains (west Texas and northeast New Mexico) during spring break.

          I wonder if this region were Mexican territory, if geologists would be able to conduct research there without armed bodyguards to keep the banditos at bay. Another threat to the 200 million years old fossils there are religious zealots considering them blasphemous to their ideology and destroying them as islamic extremists did with Buddhist and Roman era Pagan statues.

          Not to name names, but I am pretty sure some bible thumpers on OD probably find the evolutionary fossil record embedded in the reefs unworthy of them being preserved.

          • November,

            I think any expeditions in most parts of the world should be armed. The world is and always has been a dangerous place with few exceptions.

            As far as my religion is concerned I do not think we would consider Roman statues in themselves to be sinful as long as they are not being used in worship. Some early christian leaders did destroy Greek/Roman statues but generally speaking those type of statues would be considered art/history/etc.

            I do not know what the Orthodox view is. Hard to tell what Protestants think since they have many denominations and do not have the centralized rules and authority we have.

            Thank you for the link below.

          • Cristina,

            For the record, I wasn’t referring to you as one of the “bible thumpers” on OD.

            Structures such as Machu Pichu, Angkor Wat, Taj Mahal, Mecca, St. Peter’s Basilica, Westminster Abbey, et cetera should be protected as World Heritage Sites, as well as important archeological and paleontological areas.

            Yes, it is an unfortunate reality of the world that we live in that scientists that conduct surveys and research in the field have to pack in their kits firearms no so much for predatory wildlife but human savages.

          • November,

            I knew you did not mean me when writing about being a bible thumper. An uncle of mine has a wonderful coin collection that includes some ancient Greek and Roman coins.

            Greek and Roman architecture and sculptures are extremely beautiful and advanced. Some religions might forbid such statues but not mine.

  3. As Prof. Oliver said, Christian leaders “follow the Reformations of Marx, which has superseded the previous Reformations of Luther, Calvin, John of Leyden, and others.”

      • Farter John+,

        Prof. Oliver’s works are worth far more than all the writings of your crucified Jew’s holy men combined.

      • Dr. Oliver is not an “ass.” As far as his morality is concerned, there are millions upon millions of so-called Christians that would fall way short of Professor Oliver’s.

        Instead of lashing out in ad hominem attacks on the man, why don’t you back your claims with incontrovertible evidence?

  4. Turn the other cheek means responding with Grace in the face of sin. Jesus Christ did not turn the other cheek when evil was directed towards the Father. We need to stop turning the other cheek when this excrement is forced in our face every day. Public displays of Sodomy is an afront to Jesus and should met with scorn. It disgust me to my core. These people need help. My inner Anglo is barely kept in check when I see this disgusting shite. Jesus save us.

    • “Public displays of Sodomy is an afront to Jesus and should met with scorn. It disgust me to my core.”

      That is why PUBLIC STONING of such was once the norm, and still is (or some variant) in ‘Moslem’ countries. God is not mocked. Either we remove the evil from our lands, or WE WILL SUFFER for our cowardice.

  5. Way back around 2006 or so, the SBC, on their main website, featured a video of a white man declaring that “the Bible says” that Iran will soon attack Israel, as predicted in Revelation, and this will set up the Rapture and that America must “stand behind Israel” and attack Iran.

    The SBC has been literally taking orders from Tel Aviv since the early 1980s. It’s been nothing but a club for middle class white southern housewives maintaining “respectability” for a long while now.

    I’d also like to point out that this change in the SBC comes directly from the conservative resurgence starting in the 1970s. Ironically – or not – it’s when conservatives took back power from “modernists” and “liberals” that the SBC became Zionist and utterly dominated by Scofield Christian-Zionism.

    When conservatives took back power from Baptist liberals in the 1970s, they did not adopt a hard line conservative Protestant theology, like reaffirming the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith ( – oh no.

    Instead, the conservatives adopted wholesale the “Rapture Ready” nonsense that was popular in the “Jesus Movement” of 1960s hippies, which was, ironically – or not – led by a homosexual.

    Conservativism is cuckoldry, always. Conservatives are stupid, it’s a movement of stupid, low-IQ people and the con men who lead them. It’s why a scam like Amway is so popular among conservatives.

    Sorry, it’s just a fact.

    One of the main SBC celebrities back in the Bush era was Charles Stanley, a celebrity with a highly-rated TV show. He became infamous for declaring the 9/11 wars were “God’s plan” and “comforting” Southern white mothers whose children were dying and being maimed in Iraq.

    Then of course his wife left him for sexual reasons – and the SBC, knowing which side of the bread gets buttered, decided to keep him on, despite the divorce.

    The SBC have always been human garbage.

    I’d bet money that lots of top-level SBC leaders have been at Jeffrey Epstein’s parties. Not kidding

    Relatedly – look at Jerry Falwell Jr., literally being blackmailed by Trump’s Jew fixer, Michael Cohen. Or, frankly, Jerry Falwell, Sr., who literally flew around on a private plane given to him by the government of Israel.

    MadCowProd even exposed how Jerry Falwell Jr. is being financed by CIA Jew money.

    They are all just scam artists.

  6. All this bitching and moaning for what? A lot of the people on here don’t even believe the bible. They don’t take it seriously. Or they twist it with garbage. How many of you are saved, bible believing Christians? How many of you believe EVERY word in the bible? How many of you just half ass your Christianity? And not everyone calling themselves a christian is truly saved.

    God is in control and nothing will happen that God doesn’t have complete control over. Not Luther, not Calvin, but God. I don’t care about what men say, just the word of God.

    3 “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4 traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5 having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” 2 Timothy 3-5

    3 “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” 2 Timothy 4:3-4

    Thank you, thank you very much.

    • That is rich. A blasphemer, daring (and wrongly) to quote Scripture to buttress his own bigotry. THAT happened before AD 70. And the Roman destruction of Jerusalem was the FINAL SOLUTION of YHWH on the Apostate Jews.

      It’s already over and done with. Christ NOW Reigns, and every knee (including yours, bubba) will bow.

  7. These are the same people who were slopping around in the mud, wearing tie dye shirts all cranked up on LSD and God knows what else in the 60’s..the jewish led “peace and love” hippie movement was meant to produce this result, a bunch of gutless, weak pillow biters who dont mind it when their girlfriend gets gangbanged by the Manson family..their brains are fried!

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