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  1. The South doesn’t need any masonry around here. Musonius is a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason by his own admission. He is a student of the Luciferian Albert Pike. Masons are building the NWO by their admission. Don’t fall for the “gentleman” act, they are trained to be that way. They are anti-Christian globalist scum, their judges are responsible for enabling immigrant crime and instead punishing the White victims of these crimes. ID is nothing but a spy operation to incriminate WASPs as Nationalists. This is why they demand all members use Facebook.


  2. Whatever the Groypers are, I’m not one. Maybe its the lingering aftertaste of abject failure from the Altright, maybe im just too jaded to care anymore.

    I dont want to be associated with another nebulous internet culture, over which I get no say in the values of.

    • Mostly we were just shaking off the rust. Turns out when you make a podcast weekly and then take eight weeks off, it isn’t quite like riding a bike. The Groyper stuff was topical, so we thought we’d use them as a way to talk about how not to get caught up in all the whack-a-doodle shit we’ve seen the last few years.

      I can’t do the Groyper thing more than tactically either. I’m too old (30), too WASPy, and too busy working on the South to care much about what Nawthun Cathlicks are up to except insofar as they aren’t hurling shit at me. I do wish them well though.

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