Jew Coup: Seditious Jews Orchestrating Trump Impeachment Lynching

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UPDATE: Caught another one.

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    • @1h:17. Russian Orthodox Holy Man and mystic Sergei Nilus is the “author” of the Protocols.

      “Sergei Aleksandrovich Nilus (also Sergiei, Sergyei, Sergius, Serge; Russian: ??????? ?????????????? ??????; 9 September [O.S. 28 August] 1862 in Moscow – 14 January 1929, Krutets village, Vladimir Oblast, USSR) was a Russian religious writer and self-described mystic.

      He was responsible for publishing for the first time “in full” The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Russia in 1905. It appeared as the final chapter of his book Velikoe v malom i antikhrist, kak blizkaja politicheskaja vozmozhnost. Zapiski pravoslavnogo (The Great within the Small and Antichrist, an Imminent Political Possibility. Notes of an Orthodox Believer), about the coming of the Antichrist. An allegedly abridged version had been published in 1903 in the newspaper Znamya. ”

      A major fact overlooked by ((((enemies))) is that Nilus ALSO found the manuscript of St. Seraphim of Sarov’s ‘Acquisition of the Holy Spirit, and made it public. He was a most devout man.

  1. When Trump caved with the government shutdown on boarder security, I realized bagel brain and 666 son in law run the dog and pony show 100%. It’s all political theater and in your face to not mess with the deep state subconsciously with any thing of this current (((administration))).

    Thanks Denise for branding bagel brain!

    To hilarious!

    • I live to serve! Just keep pointing out to the MAGAtards that it’s the JEWS.

      Trump – screw him. I think he’s a mischling anyway. He deserves whatever he gets.

    • As I’ve said before I don’t mind the prospect of another “civil” uprising, as long as it’s not going to be the usual situation where whites are slaughtering each other while the jews and coloreds are hiding in safety until it’s all over.

      • Any “spiciness” will be “the usual situation” and almost entirely one way. A handful of incompetent loners or small groups of tacti-cool good old boys, lacking support and unable to grasp METT-T, may act up. Without support these gentlemen will be hunted down and arrested/executed within days. Blightwing pundits on the Internet, mindful of deplatforming and the potential loss of shekels (especially the so-called “dissident” Blight), will immediately ask “Who me?”, disavow, and point fingers at others in the hope that they escape notice.

        The indolent, cowardly Blight will roll over, rendering Caesar his due and praying for jeeboo, just as they have done for the past 80 years.

      • Seriously tho do you really want to engage in a civil war2.0? Once it starts theres no turnbackses and our enemies have more money, military and firepower then you do

        Alot of amnats,wignats have this fantastical vision of the upcoming civil war I’m not sure if its grand delusions or what but i dunno it just seems like a pipedream to me

        • Agreed. All war is horrendous, civil war amongst the worst types of war. Civil war 2.0 is highly, highly unlikely, some sort of low grade American Revolution 2.0 after a crisis of political legitimacy is far more likely. Diverse regions of the U.S. Empire such as southern California and south Texas would probably see ethnic cleansing of whites during a period of anarchy.

          This could come about after a military setback in either the Pacific vis a vis China or in the Near East. This would require the Federal Government to institute some sort of conscription aka ‘National Service’. The Government hasn’t had conscription since Jan. 1973 and there would likely be tremendous organized resistance today comparable to the late 1960’s.

          The other potential flash point is a financial failure similar to 1987 or 2008 that the Government is unable to recover from. This would potentially ruin the currency because the Federal Government would print its way out of otherwise unpayable debt. Commerce would be disrupted causing immediate hardship for everyone.

          This would tremendously diminish the legitimacy of the Federal Government because of its failures in two areas of its responsibility, national defense (i.e. war mongering) and sound money. The Federal Government would respond harshly and arbitrarily to its opponents, especially whites further eroding the Government’s legitimacy in the eyes of the only people who can make the country work, white people.

          • Spahn,

            I completely understand your frustration. Sometimes I imagine civil war 2.0 and all that it would entail. We would have to treat the wounded, bury (or cremate)the dead that we could get to, feed our troops and their families, inventory and distribute weapons and ammunition. That is a lot of logistical problems to overcome and solve for disorganized groups of pro-whites to deal with, especially, since no one knows each other IRL. Who’s a friend and who’s an foe (white cultural marxists)? It would be more difficult than separating Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 or T-800s from flesh and blood humans.

            What’s encouraging is that there is an awakening occurring. Tom Metzger said many years ago that things would have to get much worse before they’d get better. Well, things are definitely getting worse for Whites, and they’re beginning to notice. As it is now, even most NPC normies no longer trust the jewnited states government or their lapdog jewsmedia.

            Let us hope that those that predict the looming economic crisis and collapse are correct. That will be when the Hydra that is Zog will be most vulnerable.

  2. This stuff isn’t worth the hour and 41 minutes it would take to watch it. I randomly skipped and he’s talking about bolsheviks.

    Notice stuff like this doesn’t offend me, I just throw it in the trash can with little offense taken.

  3. Does anyone here believe the Earl of Spencer’s prediction that an alt-right revival of Christianity is in the offing? I myself don’t see it.

    So the jews are orchestrating a coup to overthrow Trump? I don’t know of anyone more deserving of their abuse than he is.

    • Only das juden would bite the shabbos goy who’s done absolutely everything for them, except begin a shooting war with Iran.

      Spencer was being unrealistically optimistic of some form of a pre-Marx and Scofield reunification on White Christians.

  4. By the way.

    In his last show N Fuentes gave samples of how to move the overton window in 1 Day !!
    (episode 504)

    Great methodology, great in argumentative build up, knowledgeable on the issues and absolute in your First America stance.

    who ever has some shortcomings in their ability to debate they need to watch that episode.

    • Eksothen,

      Both JF and Semiogogue have offered terrific advice to the “groypers,” but being young, immature, autistic, while at the same time making Nick Fuentes their cult of personality leader have ignored this guidance as “cringe.”

      Have a look for yourself self at Semiogogue’s counsel (btw, he worked in marketing) and is one of the better one of our folk in regards to the ‘art of communication.’ You might also take a gander at the No White Guilt video that Jason, Jared, and Semiogogue recently made about the groyper phenomenon.

      • Going thorough the info you suggested now……

        btw, on your first paragraph you point out the stuff ups, well this is part of the growing pains. And the fact that there are no trained or older academic students with rhetoric background & history majors to take on those roles in the Q&A, we can’t ask too much of those kids.

        So we take what we can … for now – but we are moving our talking points our overton window forward. And. That is what matters.

        From society in large, non Nationalists, non Conservatives are starting to pay attention to us.

      • He gave tangible and good advice – maybe some of his methodology on how to go about doing things I feel differently about.
        But as he correctly said .. ” This is not a game”

        I did like the fact that he made a point to explain why our movement at least the Groyper faction needs to stay decentralized – and not refer to NF thick and fast with every question. Nick Fuentes is just another person, another “soldier”.

        We need this type of communication towards other factions within our movement, hopefully, by overt formats, not out in the open.

        And we do need more people that understand how to position themselves and draw external interests of the +ve type towards our way.

        + good to great rhetoric ability
        + quick wit
        + good to great historical knowledge in general or their particular question subject
        + disciplined, staying focused and unemotional.

          • Eksothen,

            There was only one Uncle A. The rest of us need and would be wise to heed sage advice from others that want to lift all our people out of this kosher clownworld.

            NF continues to associate with some shady characters that he hasn’t disavowed, as he almost always does to those he refers to as “wignats.”

            The Groypers should move beyond NF’s gateway nationalism, and I believe that some will. There’s no cure for the redpill on race realism and the JQ, except 30 pieces of silver.

            Semiogogue is still evolving from an AmNat into a pro-White advocate. His appearance on JF’s show has been called the best episode of The Public Space ever.

          • Oliver is a pussy. He STILL thinks that if we use the correct mumbo jumbo words we’ll convince Orcs not to kill us, and see our points about White People continuing to exist.

            The Groypers are young – but they learn fast.

  5. Too little. Too late.

    Were these two under the false impression that the jews didn’t control America before Blompf’s presidency? It would not surprise me one bit, if most Tru News viewers think or thought that the jews are “God’s chosen people,” before the impeachment proceedings.

    • Not late, exactly on time.

      Just a classic strategic retreat. Some things must be yuuge to work. Russia won mongols, Napoleon and Hitler with this trick. Also Donald retreated yuuge from the Jewry.

      Yes they were under false impression and lot of other persons too. Now after massive give away to Jews, people start noticing and and Jewry also understands that they overstretched like Napoleon or Hitler.

      Long time ago, kings and knights ware taught no to fight on the borders. Ignorant population ignores the war and few hotheads on the border will be crushed by the enemy.

      Only after enemy comes to the land and common man finds his house burned, wife raped and children enslaved, the the common man understand the war, join the troops and then kings and knights have the real army to lead.

      Shitty strategy but in the war there are very little good things. When the economy goes off, then the real fun begins.

      • Juri,

        Do not forget to add Charles XII of Sweden on the list of powerful opponents Russia beat when most thought that Sweden would win the Great Northern War (1699-1721). Charles and Sweden were very powerful and efficient but they lost the war because of the winters, overconfidence and the size of Russia. And because of the reforms of Peter the Great Tsar of Russia.

      • Juri,

        I hope you’re correct. It’s always good for someone to play devil’s advocate and/or war game the other sides pieces on the chessboard.

  6. If one surrogate just pointed this rogues gallery out as a Bar Mitzva invitational it would do some long term good.

  7. Hunter I was surfing the web and ran across this factoid that your site BEAT the alt-Left in views. CONGRATULATIONS! You’re plugging away at them day by day.

    “…Alt-Right vs Alt-Left Traffic

    SimilarWeb is the most objective and accurate gauge of site traffic.

    According to the metric, the largest anarchist/”antifa” website in America, It’s Going Down, which is updated numerous times a day and is the go-to news source for the “alt-left,” was for the first time surpassed last month in traffic by Hunter Wallace’s scrappy news site Occidental Dissent. In May 2019, IGD got 190,000 unique visits to OD’s 60,000. In September 2019, those numbers were sharply inverted, with IGD getting 95,000 visits to OD’s 130,000. …”

  8. I’ll watch the video later today. Rick Wiles and Chuck Baldwin represent how Christians thought in the past. These guys understand the difference between Christianity and Jew race and land worship(judeo-christian).

    I’ve noticed this also about who is testifying and conducting the witch hunt. Any other time in history we would name the jew, but in today’s double minded christian they can’t, their programing won’t allow it.

    Gen Z is noticing though because they have not been involved in conditioning. The Dissident Right of all age groups knows also.

    It will be interesting to see if Trump wakes up to the fact. I doubt it.

    • Call the White House and leave a message! It’s usually better to call EST @9AM. (202-456-1111. The operators are volunteers; don’t be mean to them. It’s not their fault. I did have one hang up on me when I named Der ewig kikenvermin, over something – but most listen politely. I call all kinds of people and say all kinds of things.

  9. Well, the israeli’s didn’t completely succeed with their 911 attacks. The hillary jew hit team (irgun) has been highly successful. The jew deep state communist ops are in full swing. So what’s next? Kill the official food taster? Oh- I forgot.

  10. The only way to beat the Jews who are the minions of the god of this world — Satan the Devil — is through a Holy War — where everyone of them has to admit that Jesus was the Christ and that there is only one way to salvation — through Jesus Christ. You have to make everyone of them, Soros, Netanyahu, etc — every prominent Jew on the planet confess where they stand on Jesus Christ being the coming Messiah. Then and only then can you beat Satan and his Jewish minions. To make war against them it has to be a righteous war to wipe out all evil.

  11. Jews have corrupted Anglo American traditions. They are holding a show trial in America and calling it impeachment.

  12. Yes, it is what it is. It’s the 100th anniversary of the Jewish Bolshevik coup/takeover of Christian Russia. My Grandfather fought in the White army against Leon Trotsky’s Jewish led Bolshevik Red Army.

    I’m a big fan of Paul Joseph Watson – I loved his very honest, very funny videos about Hollywood Celebrities supporting the massive 3rd world migrant invasions of Europe – PJW destroys George Clooney and that woman who wrote those awful Harry Potter books.

    PJW has a good gab tweet about some Council of Foreign Relations woman leading the Trump witch hunt who is funded by the Jew international $ money changer George Soros – she claimed that it was only Anti Semitic Jew haters that charged her with being a “globalist” and PJW just noticed that she’s a writer for some magazine called…

    The Globalist.


    Please support PJW and any honest person of any race/ethnicity – it’s better if they are of our race, culture, but I’lll support honest people like pretty Asian gal Michelle Malkin or the rare honest Jews like Lawrence Auster or Andrew Breitbart of Stephen Miller. I do think we are headed for some type of economic, social collapse this summer.

    • Jaye Ryan,

      PJW IS NOT OUR GUY. He’s one of Alex Jones’ shills that clobber the ‘low hanging fruit’ (I.e., leftist actors and actresses , athletes, musicians, et cetera). You’ll never hear PJB or any of his fellow infowars brethren naming the jude for our disenfranchisement, dispossession, and putting a target on our backs for erasure/genocide.

      I could go in and on, but I’ll let this less than three minute video by Mürdoch Mürdoch make my argument.

  13. Trump’s record on appointing people to his administration is incredibly bad. Incredible as in “not to be believed”. Either Trump is just a figurehead or he is actively engaging in self-sabotage.

  14. I’m watching the vid’ again now. It hasn’t been removed…yet. The comments have been turned off tho’.
    Stay tuned…

    • The folks at TruNews have been naming manes for ages, which attracted mountains of filthy comments from the hasbara troops and their evengelical zionist lickspittles. TruNews finally disabled commentary on their YouTube videos. They’ve stated that they expect to be permanently banned from YouTube as a result of this latest video. I’m surprised it’s still there . . .

  15. Dog, meet Pony:

    just an in-house fight between ZOG demoncrat heebs and

    ZOG republiscam heebs, fronted by Drumpf. It’s

    vastly to our – White hardRight – advantage if

    the republiscam pty self-liquidates right now by ditching Drumpf,

    instead of expiring slowly during the mid-2020’s.

    prolly not going to happen but

    one can hope.

  16. This polemic is really good: Everyone should take a few minutes and read it!

    Let’s not forget Nancy Pelosi the godmother of impeachment is a very esteemed Roman Catholic in California. Ciamarella the Italian Roman Catholic, and alleged whistleblower has some very interesting family connections—which will come out.

    Joe Biden and his son Hunter are both Irish Roman Catholics, and were caught looting by Trumpo.

  17. November – I love Murdoch Murdoch. I also really have liked Paul Joseph Watson. We’re all just well, trying to survive and trying to well, get anyone to listen to us. PJW obviously knows the score and he got seriously deplatformed by the the Social Media monopolists – well who could that be. I don’t see PJW taking the 30 pieces of silver, sucking the Neo Conservatives Zionists #*$&*@(.

    I think he’s great, he’s better than I am. I like to think I’m well, not bad. We’re all in the same boat, ready to be sunk.

    Well, take care, I’m on TPC radio show in 30 minutes.

  18. Should I say it???

    Should I point out what is plainly obvious to anyone??

    Ok here goes:

    Has everyone adopted Dr. D Duke, talking points ????


    I’m enjoying the irony….

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