South Bend Black Leader Endorses Joe Biden

Is Pete Buttigieg going to be the Democratic nominee?


“The longest-serving African American man on the South Bend, Ind., Common Council is endorsing Joe Biden for president, a rejection of Pete Buttigieg that highlights the South Bend mayor’s struggles with black voters.

Councilman Oliver Davis told POLITICO that while it’s nice to see someone representing Indiana in the Democratic presidential primary and bringing national attention to South Bend, Biden is more experienced. …

But Davis also scolded Buttigieg, saying the mayor’s woes attracting support from communities of color “is not a new problem for him.”

“For us, this has been a consistent issue that has not gone away,” Davis said.

Asked if Buttigieg could win a general election, given his current low levels of support from people of color in the Democratic presidential primary, Davis said: “I doubt it. I sincerely doubt it.”

But Buttigieg, who is polling at 0 percent with black voters in Quinnipiac’s latest South Carolina survey, didn’t have to answer for some of his campaign’s recent racial miscues, such as the revelation that some South Carolina black leaders were surprised to see themselves named as supporters of Buttigieg and his Douglass Plan for black America. “

No, it has been obvious throughout the campaign that he has virtually no black support, especially in South Bend, IN. Even if he became the Democratic nominee, he would lose to Trump because he would depress black vote in the Rust Belt even more than Hillary Clinton.

Butt-mentum is a manifestation of wine track voters in Iowa and New Hampshire and isn’t reflected in the national polls because those lily White states are full of college educated Yankee progressives who are his base. There is no way a candidate who is polling at 0 percent of the black vote in South Carolina a little over two months out from the start of voting in the 2020 primaries is going to become the Democratic nominee for president.

Note: After Mayor Pete implodes in South Carolina, his voters will go to Warren. It will likely come down to a Biden vs. Warren race.

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  1. I don’t think he’ll win the nomination but if by some miracle he did win I think people would hold their noses and vote trump out of power. Clinton was uniquely hated in a much more substantive way than the butt boy.

    It will probably be warren vs biden, but Sanders strategy of being the open borders candidate appears to actually be working. He’s trying to get latino votes to make up for not getting black votes. I’d say Sanders is close enough to take it if both warren and biden implode, but it would take that, an implosion.

  2. Negro voters can sometimes be more sensible than white voters. They don’t always support clownish Marion Barry characters. I can’t imagine a weak, effeminate and uninspiring candidate like Mayor Buttplug generating any excitement whatsoever among them. His appeal will remain limited to a few affluent white and jew ultraliberals, most of whom are queer.

    • Negroes will vote for whomever their Democrat handlers tell them to vote for. Really no different than the “religious right” does on the other side of the two party con game.

  3. How can you be a Christian when you side with those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent? A Christian is supposed to defend the weak and the innocent. A predator animal, persecutes and torments the weak and the innocent. Pete has already whored his dirty ass out to the Jews. He is not even his own man.

    • A Christian IS supposed to defend the weak and innocent… but of whose tribe? The pagan savages (even after 400 years of being slaves in the Carolinas?- No), the heart-rending Mestizo hordes, who still use knives and guns to bring their ‘culture’ to America? – NO.

      The TRIBES that we were supposed to defend WERE OUR OWN RACE- the ECUMENE of EUROPE. WHITE MEN. FELLOW EUROPEANS, and that’s it.

      Nowhere, save in the hegemonic dreams of a Caeasropapal Counterfeit Christianity, was that delimiter EVER rescinded- ‘I am come ONLY to the Lost Sheep of the HOUSE (Gr. ‘oikos’- tribe, race, like people) of ISRAEL. Even the non-Hebraic “Gentiles” of Europe, were still all WHITE EUROPEANS.

      It’s time to jettison the false, Talmudic eisogesis (reading into the text) claims of Marxist egalitarianism, and restore the Biblical, covenantal, RACIAL parameters of the Message of Salvation to Adamic Humanity.

      “YOU ALONE have I known, among all the tribes on earth. ‘From before the foundation of the world, He chose you, in Christ.” [ Amos 3:2, Eph. 1:4]

  4. Buttplug v Biden: Two steps forward, one step back. IMO Biden is the Machine’s choice. I suspect the “impeachment inquiry” is really about clearing Biden’s name by throwing the blame on Blompf.

  5. I find it hard to believe the coloreds actually voted for that FAG. I think he was simply placed into office by his fellow jews.

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