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  1. Now,,, that is hot stuff..

    on a side note the people who started the Richard Spencer burger copy pasta ended up helping Spencer.

    When Nick disses Spencer he usually gets 90+ approval from his audience, as that’s the side of the alt right they chose.

    In the burger threads nickers were openly saying this makes me like Spencer more, or they’re meme line was light-hearted as opposed to anglins memes on it that were clearly trying to imply Spencer was gay.

    DS tried to force that angle of the Spencer burger question, but most weren’t biting. Most of the organic Spencer burger memes were light-hearted and some very funny.

    This meme also backfired on them because with the groypers/Milo/splc leaked audio smear being so effective at portraying Spencer as an unhinged insane person. Having a goofy meme pushed about him immediately after trying to portray Spencer as a scary dark person, actually sort of humanized him.

    Portraying yourself as a goof strategicly to humanize yourself will usually backfire but as gayop memes go this only made Spencer look negative to the nicker nation/ds.

    most people would think a melted Swiss burger from a restaurant is superior to a big Mac.

    • I saw all of that too. Didn’t find the dumb burger meme funny at all to begin with, and the DS runs with it so much they use it as the banner on the front page. Anglin is just a creepy weirdo now desperately trying to stay relevant. “Hey based zoomers look at this funny Richard Spencer may-may, ha ha I am relevant still, unlike this WIGNAT Richard Spencer …right guys?! Please get Castizo Nick to give me a shout out!”

      Say what you will of Richard, at least he knows to stay out of a movement that isn’t his.

      • Yeah that’s the problem of being a grown man trying to create teen culture.

        You eventually lose touch and then the only way to stay in the loop is to parasite off of young talent. This is most prominent in the music biz where a 44 year old executives is hanging out with 21 year olds. You can they’re Jews, that’s why they’re creepy. Which is no doubt part of it, but any grown man who is making culture for teens will eventually reach a point when they’ll need to rely on young talent (nick) to show the adult what is considered cool these days.

        You eventually become an old creep trying harder and harder to convince kids you’re on their level.

        The memes that came out initially were obviously a gayop. I was talking about some of the anon created memes. I’m not saying it’s hilarious or is it’s something I would start but simply that some of the anon memes didn’t have the same energy as the ds burger memes.

        Also people like to here high culture people talking about low culture favorites. It’s the same reason review brah always wore suits while eating fast food.

        • “Most people would think a swiss melt burger from a restaurant is superior to a big mac”

          Wheres the lie tho? Of course a Swiss melt burger is superior to a big mac, just about every burger in existence is superior to a big mac imo, McDonald’s is overrated trash

          Spencer is a egoist dick but hes right swiss burgers are tasty

        • It was a cabal of the usual: optic-neurotics who need a right-wing enemy to differentiate themselves with.

          It’s a signal booster to the establishment. We all know how this goes..

  2. Great recipe love that guy’s channel NB4 “he’s a j€w” comments, yes. We know. I knew the moment I saw him. He’s not pushing interracial porn, he’s making killer sandwiches.

  3. I’ve had some good grilled cheese sandwiches in my time. I love a good swiss, melted swiss cheese with beef, roast beef and caramelized onions on a burger. Uh, that’s hot stuff. You can get that at uh, at a number of different places.

    • The fact that he said hot stuff made it sound incredibly gay, I keep hearing the gay steelworker from Simpsons saying “hot stuff coming thru” and homers reaction lol haha

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