Should We Apologize For Our History?

Should I feel guilty about British colonialism?

My people left Britain to come to the American South in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. We conquered the Indians and replaced them from Virginia to Texas. We settled this land and imported blacks from Africa who were brought here only to be our slaves. The very land that I am standing on at the moment used to be a part of the Creek Nation.

The planter class who shoved the Creeks aside built mansions on their plantations which reflected their admiration of Greece and Rome which were slave states. They were classical republicans who believed “liberty” was valuable because some people enjoyed it and others didn’t. They saw themselves as patriarchs creating a White Man’s Country. They seceded from the United States and fought the bloodiest war in our history to preserve the Southern way of life.

Southern culture was based on honor, not guilt or equal rights:

MrSumner, I have read your speech twice over carefully. It is a libel on South Carolina, and Mr. Butler, who is a relative of mine.”

NO, we shouldn’t sit here and wallow in an alien culture of White guilt or stand idly by while we are replaced in our own homeland for the sake of abstractions an ocean of blood was spilled by our ancestors to resist. We instinctively resist this garbage and feel the overwhelming need to strike back against it because it cuts against the grain of our traditions.

I sometimes feel like Preston Brooks with this blog swinging a cane against the nearest conservative liberal. These people aren’t “conservatives” in the sense that our ancestors were conservatives. They would have resisted to the bitter end out of a sense of pride and duty. Of course, they were not a bunch of deracinated liberals in the cities and suburbs either.

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  1. Not sir… I’m actually from uruguay but my father is american and grandfather from colorado and the mountain states…. Usually people here complain that americans “stole” mexico’s half territory and thats how my grandfather got to be in california and colorado… We should no apologize about our conquest (not stolen) of our territory…

    • I hear they can’t keep the lights on in Cali, it is returning to the desert, and there is human shit and garbage in the streets of the big cities. When the Mexis finish “conquering” liberal California, it will complete its transition from first world tech economic powerhouse to failed third world state.

      The only reason Mexis are in California is because liberal Whites want them there. When we take care of our White liberals, the Mexis will be no problem. Enjoy your stay!

      • “The only reason Mexis are in California is because liberal Whites want them there.”

        Actually , all the jews. Those iranian jews running all the carwashes, jew owned carpet mills, cheap rag shops etc etc.

  2. “Southern culture was based on honor.”

    Sadly, that honor died with Old South. If the Southerners had any honor left, they would have attempted another secession in 1960s during the (((Civil Rights))) disturbances. Modern Southerners are hirelings of the ZOG and not very honorable people.

  3. Our traditions are liberal. Even the European cultures that are a little bit less liberal are still far more liberal than non-white cultures. Indeed, there are “conservative liberals.” In fact, in most of the world, including most of the English speaking world, the political parties called “liberal” are the right-wing conservative parties.

    Liberalism is a white privilege, and only white people can create liberal cultures.

    Kevin MacDonald’s new book, Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition is worth reading.

    “Honor culture” is exactly what Blacks are engaging in when they attack each other over a “dis” and “disrespect.” It’s not something to aspire too.

    Dixie was a liberal culture, for the most part, although it was more conservative than many of the utopian cultural strains in New England. But these are differences of degree, not substance.

    Southern nationalists are still fighting against Lincoln, but Lincoln’s heirs were defeated by FDR, thanks to the new communication technology of radio, cinema, and TV.

    Lincoln defeated the South due to more industrialization, more technology. And FDR defeated Lincoln’s heirs via superior communication and propaganda technology.

    History is fascinating. Even if the South were to secede, what would change? Texas is nearly majority non-white. South Carolina keeps electing Lindsey Graham, who brags about the Jewish money financing his campaigns.

    Don’t apologize for the past, but what about the future?

  4. I think I fit the description of a typically deracinated Northern liberal, yet I identify as a revolutionary National Socialist and literal white supremacist. I’m not quite sure how that came about, but I’ve been jew-wise since attending a largely jewish elementary school in a certain affluent suburb of Boston.

    The only thing the white race should apologize for is all the stupid and horrible fratricidal wars we have waged against each other, wars that only benefited our eternal enemies.

      • I searched for any of its speeches on YT, to see what kind of creature we’ are dealing with.

        I still can’t decide what I saw & heard.

        Oh, I do not doubt it for a minute.
        Given the chance he/she/it would be forming a new NKVD office inside the White House.
        These creatures are drawn to such kind of passive- aggressive, covert exercise of power .
        Snitching, doxing, making black lists, character destruction, gulags and so on.

  5. “plantations which reflected their admiration of Greece and Rome which were slave states. ”

    Yes, but they had slaves of quality. Much of Rome was designed by Greek slave engineers.

    Southerners thought they would civilize jungle monkeys…… idealistic fools!

  6. Well.
    Do others, lets say Mongols, Ottomans, Jews(slave trade), Africans apologise for their history??

    Oh, no !

    We are White/Western people from our ancestral European races.

    We are the light for the rest of the human condition. We WILL NEVER apologise to those that we have liberated from their low IQ, low grade lifestyle !!

    I expect them to greet us and say “THANK YOU ! “

  7. “Southern culture was based on honor, not guilt or equal rights”

    My parents taught me to feel ashamed and embarrassed, not guilty, for the bad, stupid or embarrassing things I said or did.

    Don’t disgrace or dishonour the family name, my father would admonish. Your word, your honour, your character, a good reputation and name, are all that you really have, he would say.

  8. p.s.
    Like the lady on the video said … “We are in debt to NO ONE. “
    btw, I love her channel – a great thing to see traditional conservative white women, a blessing!

  9. White people are going to have plenty of things to feel guilty about in the near future when their children and grandchildren, marginalized and wallowing in third world filth, inadvertently stumble upon an issue of Life Magazine from the 1950’s.


  10. Just admit you’re southern and that’s it

    Trying to have white solidarity with diseased Yankees and London banker anglos is why you’re fucked

    Be southern or be white

    Being a white southern man is like being a white Slav – bottom of the white totem pole

  11. I have come to the conclusion that Black Ghettos, Indian Reservations, and the “Occupied South” are all “Petri Dishes” on how to control a population. Look at how Southerners feel about Jews. In the 50s/60s the average White Southerner KNEW that Jews were largely Marxist and wanted to fill white schools with blacks.

    You hear this a lot in Trad Cath Circles (many of which have an obsession with the Confederacy–having a misplaced notion that the CSA was “Catholic” in spirit). The Southern Baptist Church was created in the North as a tool of occupation/control. Previous to the Civil War, The South was “High Church” Protestant. The modern Megachurches function the same way. Only, their whole raison d’etre is to “Bless” Israel and encourage “racial healing”.

    • Louisiana was very Catholic, no? Didn’t the Klan have a Catholic chapter in that state that was called Order of the White Camilla or something?

  12. If mass murder, theft of land, and enslavement of others isn’t considered wrong within your moral code, doesn’t it make sense that the rest of the world is increasingly critical and hostile toward your values and identity?
    I don’t believe that to be white is to be inherently guilty. I believe we bear moral responsibility for our own actions rather than the actions of those in the past. But if you freely admit this is a strong aspect of your heritage, then shouldn’t that clarify why the rest of the world is increasingly critical of this heritage?
    If you want to just overtly say “I see other groups as unworthy of the basic human rights I take for granted,” then isn’t it a rational response for those other groups to try to marginalize you politically and culturally, rather than respectfully exchange ideas with you and try to find some sort of peaceful arrangement?
    I’d urge you to carefully consider what I just said, rather than see it through your own preconceptions or shout obscenities at me (I won’t care). There is nothing wrong with being white. There are some fundamental wrongs in your worldview.

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