Michael Bloomberg Is Running For President

Progressives are torn between condemning us as “anti-Semites” and silently agreeing with us about Jewish billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer having a malign influence on our political system. They are trying to buy the Democratic Party.

Note: I think this is an opportunity for Bernie. It is too bad 2020 Bernie won’t be able to fully capitalize on it because of his SJW shit trying to appeal to wine track voters.

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  1. Yeah everyone pretty much openly hates bloomberg hes a unlikeable heeb to the left or right leaning parties. People are already pissed off how hes buying all this ad space for elections. Hes just a unlikeable person all around absolutely no charisma either

  2. Jew-billionaire crook (((Steyer))) has already spent c. $20 million of his pocket change. Result:

    nil standing in the polls.

    expect the same for Jew billionaire crook (((Bloomberg))) and his $30 million.

  3. The only person I would consider voting for president is the great Art Jones of Chicago. Every other candidate is an asshole whose only goal to in life is to stab his supporters in the back.

  4. Bloomberg wants your guns, tobacco, sodas, vapes, and national pride. He may spend a $1,000,000,000 to buy the Presidency, maybe more. All the other rich Jews are behind him. The Jew media roots him on. I guess this was inevitable.

    • Yes. You can bet your last dollar he won’t disarm those murdering (((settlers))) either. All considered tho’, he’s the scariest kike of them all, because he’s perceived as a “centrist”.

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