British Police Chief Quits Twitter Over Sexist And Homophobic Abuse

It seems likely that the overwhelming majority of people who publicly made fun of Rachel Swann’s haircut were White American men. It is already a hate crime to crack jokes about this in the UK and our friends over there just quietly laughed with us from behind the Iron Curtain of political correctness. The First Amendment hasn’t been repealed here yet.

Huffington Post:

“A senior police officer has spoken out about how she received “sexist and homophobic” abuse online while overseeing the evacuation of more than 1,000 people as a dam collapsed.

Rachel Swann, deputy chief constable of Derbyshire Police, said the insults she received have been recorded as a hate crime after she was told she was “letting policing down” while overseeing the Whaley Bridge crisis.

Swann told BBC Radio Derby that she decided to quit Twitter after a press agency “wanted to run a story on my hair”. …

Speaking about the abuse for the first time, she said: “I can take a bit of banter but it became sexist and homophobic, and really insulting. …”

There used to be a satire account on Twitter called @Cuckex_Police which did nothing but lampoon people like Rachel Swann. It was purged to no one’s surprise. @Cuckex_Police is still around on Gab although the account has gone silent in recent months. Who knows if the person behind the account was thrown in the gulag for a “hate crime” in the UK?

Note: How do we explain what we see below?

I like to think of it in terms of accretions of culture. The bottom layer of the cultural topsoil is the evangelical Protestantism and liberalism of Victorian Britain. The middle layer is secularism and atheism or evangelical Protestant liberals losing their religion. The top layer is political correctness and multiculturalism and other types of Jewish degeneracy.

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  1. That is an interesting take, the accretions of culture. Like you, I have thought for a long time about how it is that we, as a civilization, moved from the early 20th century pro-white racial confidence to the anti-white degeneracy of today. In my view it is a perfect storm combination of the following events:

    1) The radicalization of liberalism
    There is a constant search for new frontiers in the liberation of the individual from a collective identity (race, class, sex, religion, nationality). One is reminded of the Chinese official who when asked at an embassy party what he thought of the French revolution replied “too soon to tell”). What will it be after transgenders? Probably age in the form of campaigns to lower the age of consent. First they will start with calls to lower the voting age, so they can afterwards say things like “if you are old enough to vote, you are old enough to consent”). This will fit in nicely with Jewish and Muslim preying on white teenagers.
    2) The trauma of the Second World war and the excesses of Nazism.
    As a Dutchman, I think I can say with some confidence that the culture of the Holocaust has done incomparable damage to the expression of white ethnocentrism. I dare say that no country has been more affected by that sick association of healthy necessary ethnocentrism with aggressive ethnic warfare.
    However, even separate from the Holocaust I feel that the carnage and destruction of WW II would have resulted in a massive loss of confidence in Western man, just like happened after the First World War. Already we saw a retreat from explicit ethnocentrism in the 1920s.
    3) The rise of a Jewish political and cultural elite in the US, a result of pre-WW II emigration waves and helped along by the post-war taboo on anti-Semitism.
    4) Economic globalization; I am sure this played a roll as well but my thinking on that is less clear.

  2. How symbolic of cuck-island…a dyke diversity hire in a police uniform. I’m lovin’ the schadenfreude, watching it circling the drain.

  3. The feminization of those supposed to be society’s protectors has made the pigs and the state’s mercenaries in the military a collective laughing stock. Good. The image of a thug with a girl pig in a position of submission will become much more common in the future. It will make it easier for those of us wanting to build a different society to do so without effective multicultural gov’t interference.

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