The Most Advanced Civilization In The Universe

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where we could turn our attention to other things besides documenting the decline of our civilization under liberalism?

Do you ever resent all the energy that you have to squander opposing things like the collapse of our borders, child transsexuals or whatever Jews are doing to poison our culture on any given day? In another time and under a better system, what else could we be doing?

Building a Dyson sphere around the sun?

Suppose for a moment that we didn’t have to put up with this. Lets say that we agreed that this leveling movement had finally exhausted itself when the only future it could imagine is a world of child drag queens and policing people for incorrect usage of made up pronouns.

What would it be like to stand on Proxima b? Imagine that was the world that our civilization was pushing toward instead of being in the grip of a collective delusion that there is no such thing as racial, sex or gender differences and forcing society to conform to it.

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  1. White civilization has collapsed many times in human history, going back 5000 years and further. If we didn’t have self hating Whites dragging us back to the Stone Age with depressing regularity, we’d be in those UFOs Tucker Carlson reports on.

  2. You mutts have to start admitting your organizations are BS,fake,whatever,just like everything else in the west,including NASA and their lackeys.

  3. I am glad to see you addressing a sentiment I think about several times a day as I move about my once thriving towns which now resemble a cross between Bangladesh and Guatemala… And think “if we had continued the Werner Von Braun timeline of traveling to Mars and exploring the cosmos as opposed to the inane distractions of global egalitarianism, butt sex, mass replacement, Sports Ball and Amazon orders/Fast Food….

    How far would we have progressed…..

    Then I get depressed and realize how much we have let down our ancestors

  4. The problem is that when you burn the circus down but forget the clowns, the sooner or later the show goes on.

    When you destroy the enemy cavalry but the enemy remains then next time you will get the tanks instead of horses.

    When you kick out immigrants, destroy the Climate Hoax, Holy Hoax, abortion, drugs, sexual perversity and all other weapons but genetic white liberal remains then sooner or later genetic white liberals came out with new and better madness-es.

    Medieval witch hunt was replaced with kulak hunt and this was replaced with naziracist hunt and in the future white ethno state people will hunt XCJ 109 folk or whatever our weird fellow do good white genetic liberals invent next.

    In the Ukraine, they managed to turn White Nationalism into absurd.

    But this is one of the best articles in this site. Yes, the real question is, when we get what we want, then what next ?In the Eastern Europe this happened. We got rid from our “liberal democracy” only to discover that after 20 years the new boss is like the old boss.

    To avoid falling from one madness to another is very important to understand that we have devil inside us. Genetic white liberal. When you get fired for your opinion, there are no Jews or Muslims around you. This is the fellow white liberal who listen you private opinion and rushes to complain.

    The biggest problem with first aid in not luck of knowledge’s, it is the fear. When normal person happens to get on the car crash site, there is blood and shit and normal person is scared and freaked and can`t do anything.

    So who were the people, who attended to medieval public sadistic torture and execution sites and screamed and got sexually exited when people ripped apart and burned alive.

    Medieval executions are best argument against the popular arguments like brainwashing, TV and Jews. Normal person can`t watch those things even in the movie. Who were those people, who attended to very sadistic execution to enjoy the show ?

    Genetic white liberals. This is the root cause for all white people problems throughout history. Within white race, there are people who hate only because of hate.

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