Politico: Democracies On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown

Are you ready for the 2020s?

I’ve already laid out my Top 10 predictions.


“HALIFAX, Nova Scotia — If there’s a word that sums up the current mood of the West’s high command, it’s this: despair.

That’s the clearest and most alarming takeaway from discussions with the assorted diplomats, military officials and security wonks who assembled this weekend for the annual Halifax International Security Forum in Canada, a clubby gathering of leading democracies.

But the conversation centered less on fears about enemy capabilities, and much more on signs of the West’s own deepening malaise: a U.S. electorate riven over a volatile president on the brink of impeachment, European leaders squabbling among themselves, and everywhere a leadership void filled increasingly by populist insurgents and radicals. …”

Check out The Atlantic‘s December issue.

You may as well call it the Boogaloo edition.

The Atlantic:

“The 45th president of the United States is uniquely unfit for office and poses a multifaceted threat to our country’s democratic institutions. Yet he might not represent the most severe challenge facing our country. The structural failures in our democratic system that allowed a grifter into the White House in the first place—this might be our gravest challenge. Or perhaps it is the tribalization of our politics, brought about by pathological levels of inequality, technological and demographic upheaval, and the tenacious persistence of racism. Or maybe it is that we as a people no longer seem to know who we are or what our common purpose is.

Last year, Cullen Murphy, our editor at large, and I began a conversation with Danielle Allen, the author of a matchless book on the meaning and promise of America, Our Declaration: A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defense of Equality, about the causes of this dispiriting moment. Allen, who is the James Bryant Conant University Professor and the director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University, told me that our system of self-governance has been in crisis for a long time, since well before the dark night of Trumpism. Disenfranchisement and self-disenfranchisement; the radically uneven distribution of wealth and opportunity; institutions so dysfunctional that it would be irrational for citizens to invest in them; the rise of the technocracy—all of these threaten to place the American experiment in permanent eclipse. …”

Why is the nation coming apart though?

What did they expect to happen? The current liberal elite in the West has spent the last 70 years deconstructing our nations. These people have systematically torn down the foundations of our civilization and in the process have sown the seeds of the whirlwind ahead.

Note: For the record, I don’t expect it will end in Civil War 2, but more like in a whimper like the end of Reconstruction or the legitimacy crisis that ended the Soviet Union.

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    • I certainly hope so. I also hope that some of the new nations are intelligent enough to know who to keep out of them.

  1. It could happen. I imagine some event where a court for instance try’s to order some red states to do something, and it’s so unpopular that the governor just says no to the court, starting a crisis. Like Andrew Jackson did. What are they going to do? Send out the army to get him? Start a civil war?, I don’t know. But sooner or later, something will happen

    • Keep an eye on non-metropolitan (primarily southwest/south-central) Virginia. (although it sure won’t be the governor saying no to a court in Virginia’s case)

  2. Democracy … WHAT A LOATHSOME CONCEPT of governance

    European Nations, and all our Western Nations throughout the world, will rejoice, truly rejoice when the socio-political system we name today as “democracy” is abolished and stricken from the minds and from the hearts of the people!

    ” Note: For the record, I don’t expect it will end in Civil War 2, but more like in a whimper like the end of Reconstruction or the legitimacy crisis that ended the Soviet Union. “

    I think so too.
    Similar to when the Berlin Wall was being dismantled.

  3. Didn’t that issue also say the way to “fix” the US is by foreign intervention. Suggested by a Yemeni politician/warlord while his own country is enjoying the blessings of getting fixed by foreign intervention.

  4. “””…. If there’s a word that sums up the current mood of the West’s high command, it’s this: despair…..”””

    Well, from our side it looks like winning. Somebody told us that we will win so hard that we will be tired of winning

  5. What they have done is tear down every barrier and every protection of social authority with their faux inclusiveness. They do this in the name of “the marginalized” but that is only a cover. Social authority and intermediate institutions check political power; unrestrained power is their real goal. By their actions the left actually marginalize the historic people of a nation and create ineradicable enmity between them and the supposed beneficiaries of their policies.

    This only temporarily increases the unchecked nature of their power. What they have done is to remove from the historic people any moral obligation to obey. The only basis of government action is then force alone, but as Bismarck said you cannot sit on bayonets. Over time force (bayonets) is never enough; leftist governments undermine themselves with blood and destruction their only enduring achievements.

  6. I will be glad when conservatives end the idiotic debates over whether America was intended to be a Democracy or a Republic. America is a Republic only in the sense it is not a monarchy but nor is it a democracy because the people do not rule. Freedom without sovereignty is mere illusion and renders voting an exercise in futility. In reality modern America is a oligarchy and an anti-white and anti-nationalist oligarchy at that! I know not whether America will suffer a sudden Soviet style collapse or instead under go a slow process of Brazilification. The sudden collapse or a slow burn? I do think after Texas turns blue-and turn blue it will-white people in red state America (not just in the South) need to take serious the idea of secession and create a United White Heartland Republic based on the traditionalism of the historic American nation and Western exceptionalism.In other words a nation and government for our people, by our people, of our people, AND ONLY our people! Give us all the red states-and red counties held hostage within blue states-and the UWHR could be a major power!

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