On European Identity

I think a nested identity works best.

I identify as a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Southerner. This isn’t my only identity though. I’m a Lutheran and that connects me to Protestantism and more broadly to Christianity as a whole. I’m a Southerner and that connects me more broadly to other Americans and to the rest of the Anglosphere and then to Northwestern Europe and finally to Europe as a whole. I see identity as a matter of degrees based on kinship and cultural similarity.

I can be most intensely interested in my particular branch of the Anglo-Saxon tree without being disinterested in fate the tree as a whole. I don’t believe in pretending as liberals do that the fate of all of humanity is equally important to me because that would be a lie. Similarly, I don’t believe as some White Nationalists do that all differences between Europeans should be erased in some kind of global empire or that all White people should be equally important to us.

No, if you are Spanish or Portuguese, then should care more about your own people and work your way outward from there. You should be interested though in the welfare of Europe as a whole. We’re still far more closely related to each other than to other races. Shared ancestry isn’t everything but it isn’t nothing either. It is important though.

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  1. “I don’t believe in pretending as liberals do that the fate of all of humanity is equally important to me because that would be a lie.”

    Did you miss the statistic that was passed around Twitter this year? It showed White liberals have a positive attitude towards other races, but a strongly negative attitude towards their own race.

  2. HW, I thought you were Scots-Irish, not Anglo Saxon? And I thought only Prussians can be true Lutherans, no?

  3. I would agree with the formulation of identity as a hierarchy or amalgam of factors rather than just a function of skin color.

    What is a white person? A culturally Christian person of European descent, and Western Worldview.

    Eastern Europe, including Russia is and always has been a part of the West and of Christendom. The alienation of those areas is a symptom of the rot that has eroded Western Civilization as a whole. Granted they are substantially different culturally from an Anglo Protestant, but far more similar that they are to Han Chinese and Mongols who they are currently politically aligned with out of pragmatic considerations.

    Within that very broad definition of White is a large enough range of diversity to make it very difficult to coexist without nation states for each group. But by far these people genetically and culturally are our cousins. No other group is close. Even Jews are vastly different and separate. JF Gariepy has done good videos studying that at a genetic level. Go watch them.

    The utility of that identity is limited I think to helping us understand we share more in common than not, and to reinforce thereby (a positive Identity) who is not us, and merits no consideration from us beyond how to deal with them as societal malefactors, willing or otherwise. This is strategic level thinking. Century long time span of time preference.

    What is more meaningful to our every day lives is an understanding of who our immediate kith and kin are. A huge factor in this, and one that is missing and has been wholly neglected as a factor is the question of the obvious spiritual aspect of our struggle, and how we interface with and understand it.

    Answer that question, and you answer all the riddles of how to turn this around. The vast untapped reservoir of spiritual energy that used to fuel our peoples zeal has been cut off by modernity and decadence.

    This is the failure of the high church, the liturgy, and most importantly of our traitorous ruling class. But still, it is our responsibility to solve the problem.

    This is the true White Man’s burden.

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    • The lack of maturity and respect for one’s appearance these days is appalling. I can’t even go into WAL*MART anymore because many of the creatures in there look and smell really bad.

  5. “I can be most intensely interested in my particular branch of the Anglo-Saxon tree without being disinterested in [the] fate [of] the tree as a whole.” Well said.

  6. A long time ago on jobbling’s website I said I’m more pro homogeneity than pro white and you went on the old version of od and accused me of supporting abstract concepts rather than organic nationalism. But after a long time I went full circle and I’m back to the abstract concepts thing. I might support a movement in Korea or Cambodia because of abstract concepts. Israel’s problem is that it’s mislocated needs to be in the middle of nowhere not in a populated gentile area. Jews and south euros tend to be similar racially although all can vary.

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