Onision Has Been Banned From Patreon

I was blissfully unaware of who Onision was until a few days ago.

For those who haven’t heard about this story, Onision is a YouTuber who Chris Hansen of “To Catch a Predator” fame has been investigating for child grooming.

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  1. HW, why are you so interested in these marginal characters, these no-talent e-celebs?? Isn’t this just a species of voyeurism?

  2. Oh god all of his ex girlfriends got those nasty noserings, what a dumb move for young girls. It might look sort of cute in your early teens but it will look absolutely ridiculous once you age my view of tattoos are the same also I’m glad my mom was strict with me when I was young because I wanted to have these stupid piercings and tats too

  3. Onionson is seriously one creepy dude, I mean even from day one when I first saw his vids on youtube I was immediately weary and creeped out of him. These dumb girls should of known better to get involved with such a edgy hipster

  4. So after watching that um performance, I have to say maybe cast onionson for Joker 2? What you guys think?

    I still believe Gothams joker jerome velsca is the best live action joker, and mark hammil is the best voice actor for animated joker but phoenix has some competition with onionboy Imho

  5. You see that vid he posted 1 hour after my last post? Lol he really does wanna be cast as the joker, that guy is seriously screwed in the head he needs mental help if that isn’t acting

  6. Oh man I remember this guy from like 07/08 YouTube. Dude was a creepy emo/scene kid. People who are really into dark shit will always say, “no my dark and morbid music isn’t glorifying rape & murder. It’s showing the ugly side of reality people are trying to cover up.”

    That might be true as why teens going through a tough time are drawn to it. But after a while you either move on, or become a promoter of dark shit.

    It also falsely trains your mind for what success looks like, if you’re constantly obsessing over everyone who’s successful as being “evil.”

    What will those people do when they have success? If successful people all engage in bizarre torture orgies, when they become successfully they’ll feel cheated or missing out if they themselves are not engaging in predatorally behavior.

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