ACLU’s Thanksgiving Conversation Starter Pack

If you have conversations like this at Thanksgiving, it is highly likely that you don’t live in the South or the Heartland. You live in the other America.

Note: The ACLU is a Jewish organization.

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  1. It’s highly likely that the worst I’ll have to endure on thanksgiving is hot takes from my boomer relatives about how great Trump is and how Adam schiff is an asshole for pursuing impeachment. I count myself lucky.

  2. When I was a child in the 80s, there was a seemingly inexhaustible amount of media in the form of documentaries, books, magazines, and newspapers that etched into my mind the Orwellian horrors of communism. We were beaten over the head with this imagery of a bland, grey, rigid, obedient, and conformist culture that was enforced by the state commissars and commissary. We were convinced that Soviet and East German citizens spent their lives in suspicion of even their own family, in fear that they’d get a knock on the door by the KGB or Stasi because their neighbor reported them for dissident beliefs or activity. They language we were told they used was humorless and oppressive, the “correct speak” (ie Newspeak) was memorized and robotic so as to not risk running afoul and being sent to the Gulags.

    It sometimes seemed unbelievable that people could exist under such a system.

    But here you have it. The ACLU providing the Amerikan proletariat with acceptable holiday conversation topics.

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