Catholic Populists Respond To Catholic Elitists

The battle is on.

Whose side are you on in the Catholic Right Civil War? Sohrab Ahmari and Matthew Schmitz or Nick Fuentes, Dave Reilly and E. Michael Jones?

Nick Fuentes responds to Matthew Schmitz:

Dave Reilly responds to Matthew Schmitz:

Listen up.

Corrupt elites who have sold out and sided with wealthy and powerful Jews against their own people are nothing new in European history. It is not a Catholic problem, a Protestant problem, a secular or even a pagan problem. It is an eternal problem we have faced in all ages.

The Jews were expelled from both Catholic Spain and Lutheran Saxony in the 16th century. Just as Pope Francis denounces “anti-Semitism” while celebrating the Pachamama idol and condemning “ecological sin,” there are Lutherans who denounce Martin Luther himself as an anti-Semite who literally drew his last breath in Eisleben condemning the Jews. It’s worldly corruption.

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  1. My religious class is firmly on the side of Nicolas Fuentes despite his weaknessess, When I was Confirmed that meant I had to die for the Faith against all evils. Well, support for transgenderism and the Synagogue of Satan would be mortal sins.

    There is obviously no sin in being against legal immigration and to be against illegal immigration would be a moral imperative since the divine commandments of —-Thou Shall not Steal and Thou Shall not Covet anything that is Thy Neighbor are still in effect of course.

    Modern Catholic elites and Populism are not Catholic however, In fact there is nothing Catholic about the USA. It was founded by WASP’s for WASP’s. I just wish these Catholics would recognize this. Even my Anglo Catholic religious teacher has said as much.

    The obvious truth is this——-If a person does not have views that offend God then who cares what human is offended. In fact to be more worried about human respect than God is a form of idolatry. God does not care what isms are invented by man since Truth is not bound by such foolishness.

    • Cristina,

      Nick Fuentes is very ignorant of Catholic Church dogma and biblical passages. When he receives “super chats” that ask him questions of some depth related to Christianity, he just provides at best a novice answer.

      Selfishly, I will not suggest that you create a YouTube channel that combines the best of EMJ and NF but with more substance, but that would eat up your time, and you’d end up not commenting on OD as much.

      • November,

        I almost missed your comment.

        Nick Fuentes does need more training if he is going to represent Catholic doctrines publicly. And he needs humility. That way he can say he is merely delivering truths to the best of his knowledge. That way a man’s pride is kept intact and he loses no prestige if he is in error on something. Always have a good defense. No one not in authority should deliver their speeches as if they are coming from Mt. Sinai or Mt. Olympus.

        My family is concerned about white nationalists attacking me if I went public. We are not worried on the Left since no left winger, or Jew, or Moslem has ever insulted me unless they were pretending to be a demented white nationalist. I also have school and family. All my political time is on here.

        It would be a novelty however for a girl to be discussing serious issues. i would even wear my school dress if I did it.

        I congratulate you on being one of the best thinkers on this website if not the best. Even when you must cringe on my religious views and my views on animals you exercise patience.

      • November,

        A slight clarification and improvement on my previous comment. No one on the left has ever insulted me because I have rarely been in contact with them. Some of my views would definitely have them foaming at the mouth.

        • Cristina,

          Yes. Very good thinking on your part about not being attacked in writing by muslims, jews, or leftists of any color or religion. I caught that immediately, but then I do not have anyway of knowing, if you post comments on other blogs. Then again, if you had posted on blogs belonging to leftists, jews, or muslims, it would be impossible to think that you would not receive some hate thrown your way by those groups.

          As I stated, if you had your own YouTube channel, it would cut into reading your observations on OD, and your unique and valuable input would be missed.

          Don’t worry about my interpretations of your views. I respect the place from whence they have blossomed. It was me that wondered, if you were offended by my perspectives that are opposite of your own.

          You must find yourself smiling that you and your comments are better received than those who attacked you. It amuses me to no end.

          • November,

            Thank you for such a wonderful response. I have never gone on left wing websites but I doubt if those people would be either charitable or intelligent. Earlier this year I posted some comments on Political Cesspool which is a very mild website. It does not get traffic like this one. But I am pretty busy and only currently have time for one website and that is this one.

            As for this website? I have been pleasantly surprised that even before the Civility Law that more people took my side than attacked me. That was a turning point for me in how I viewed white nationalists in general.

            Setbacks in my mind did occur like the El Paso shootings and a certain person on here. But the Civility Law ran most of them away or keeps them at bay.

            As for your anti-Christian attitudes? I am not going to write something condescending like —I will pray for you.

            Instead, if my version of truth is correct then I hope you will also accept it someday.

          • Cristina,

            I can only speak for myself, but I am glad that you post here. Your POVs are very thought out and honest.

            My views on religion aren’t “anti-Christian.” It may seem that way because I am having dialogues with Christians on this site, but my views of all the Abrahamic originated religions do vary. Of course, I would most identify as a Christian than any other theology.

            Personally, I consider myself spiritual. Not the “New Age” silliness but the awe inspiring inducing pieces of music, works of art, acts of heroism et cetera. Have you ever seen the Hubble Space Telescope’s photograph of the “Ultra Deep Space Field?” It’s absolutely amazing. Ten thousand galaxies with the farthest object being from when the universe was only 800 million years old (currently the age of the universe is estimated to be 13.5 billion years old). Our own Solar System is 4.5 billion years old.

            Some White advocates get carried away and behave like “Hollywood racists or Nazis.”

            Christina and her family aren’t the enemies of White well being and are at worst neutral observers. Honestly, it is anti-white White gentiles that are our worst enemy.

  2. This isn’t a civil war, it’s a snake shedding it’s old skin.

    Christianity tells you believing in Christ makes you a Christianity but in reality it’s who the church and the state recognize as Christian that makes you a Christian.

    Nick isn’t a Catholic, E Michael Jones isn’t a Catholic.

    E Jones said on his most recent appearance of strike & mike that the cardinal or bishop in charge of his region disavowed him.

    You have to ask yourself how is he a Catholic? Because he practices Catholic rituals and prayers? Who would see him as a Catholic besides he, Jesus and small group of his followers? To everyone else in the world he looks like (is) a guy trying to attach himself to an institution that outright rejects them and publicly says they have nothing to do with else.

    It’s like saying there’s a civil war in the Republican party. As far as I know both the GOP and church leadership are not fighting with themselves. Their bases are getting pissed off and leaving. That’s not a civil war. The civil war with in the churches happened decades ago.

    We shouldn’t look at any institutional as a neutral or positive player. This is why I can’t take fascists seriously, 20th century fascists wanted to protect Western cultural/religious institutions from the financial and entertainment industry… Well there’s nothing left to protect and it’s arguably about the value they had then, but at least it was a real argument. If we act as defenders or protectors of any Western institutional you’re simply being a sucker.

    We shouldn’t promote, speak positively of or treat as helpless victims of the times. Every single one of Western institutionals were active participants and cheerleaders of what we have today.

    We are going to have to engage in materialism until we can form new cultural institutions. The days of the church tolerating traditionalism & white pride is done. We can not associate with any of them even loosely without looking like a clown

  3. He’ll never leave the fringe because his views go against Catholic doctrine. He doesn’t know the doctrine better than real catholics, he’s in the minority because he doesn’t know the doctrine. It’s like claiming Islam is a religion of peace. Or claiming Judaism is only based on belief in the torah with a tribe playing no role.

  4. If expelled, it was for not wanting to convert to Catholicm, not for hitler style ancestry laws. The croatian ustase was very pro-catholic and hated serbs more than jews, which often received honorary status (more often than in germany), usually for converting to catholicism.

  5. I’ve heard the same baloney from Catholic “conservative” politicians great and small since the 1960’s—this is nothing new!

    Reminds me of one “conservative” Catholic grifter who made a very good living picking the pockets of super wealthy White Protestants like Richard Mellon Scaife.

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, and my advice to you is to be careful.

  6. Jewish worship penetrated in the Catholic Church through Protestantism. Equating Protestants and Catholics on the Jewish problem is outrageous.
    Protestants are as obsessed with the Old Testament and ancient Israelites as jews themselves. They even identify with and are inspired by jewish themes, names and characters.

    Protestant churches are as boring and simple as the synagogues, and, like the jews, they even despise art as idolatry. They are also obsessed with making money and take it as a sign of yahweh’s favour to be rich.

    Catholic Church will be here long after the man made protesting Bible sect has turned to dust and forgotten

      • A lot of them went to America via Italy and Spain after King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella kicked the Muslims and Jews out of Spain with the Treaty of Granada

      • not many really, as far as I know the Jews settled in the tolerant Netherlands
        Some came to Italy since it was the wealthiest place in Europe back then.
        Venice, Ferrara, Rome

        Geto, or ghetto is a Venetian word.

        In Venice the jews were only allowed to live in the ghetto, the windows facing the water were by decree blocked up and guards posted to watch it, they were forced to wear badges (the yellow circle), they were prevented from owning property in the ghetto or elsewhere in the city. 
        They were only allowed to leave during the day and were locked inside at night, and many other restrictions. Obviously marriages with Christians were forbidden

        In Rome til the 1830s, Jews were paraded once in a year in the streets, mounted in donkeys, to be mocked and insulted by the Roman rabble.

        All these practices were progressively abandoned due to the liberal winds aka pressure, propaganda and infiltration, coming from Protestant nations.

      • HW: Many jews who were kicked out of Spain (and Portugal) wound up in the Spanish Netherlands, where they fomented the protestant revolution.

  7. The only Catholic I like is Princess Christina of Mexico, who is a Spanish Habsburg and is also related to the Duc D’Orleans branch of the Bourbon dynasty.

  8. Armageddon Days are here.

    If you think that Jesus Christ is coming. Brother, you’ve got another thing coming. If he ever finds out who hijacked his name, he’ll cut out their hearts and spin in his grave.

    God didn’t build himself that throne. God doesn’t live in Israel or Rome. God doesn’t belong to the jewish shekel. God doesn’t even go to church. God doesn’t send down to hell to burn. God will remind us what we already know. The human race is about to reap what its sown

  9. If only more people would listen and submit to the witness of the Fathers, instead of pontificating about their own shibboleths, the world would be a saner place to live. If you are not a believer, you are kin to the Jews, who also do not believe. Do you really want that? Because there is no tertium quid. No matter what you may think…. Denise.

    If you loathe the Jews, then the best way to really get to (((them))) would be to submit to the rule of the Church, and be baptized/chrismated and start worshiping the one true God… but only in a Church that names the Jew as the spawn of Hell- and has a valid priesthood. Which pretty much means Trad RC, Anglicanism, or Orthodoxy.

    And Nemo? Protestants understand the OT to be as much a part of Holy Scripture as the NT- something the RCC had not done, until Vatican Eww at least nodded the head to the Lutheran schema, already almost 450 years old, back in the 1960’s. There is a reason for priesthood, ritual, liturgy, sacrifice, and sacrament. It’s all there in the O.T., and the Church is the supersession of the old, decaying blood sacrifices of the Levitical priesthood. Which ALSO ticks off the Talmudics. (Oh, Joy!)

    There is a great groundswell against the FALSE teachers (impastors) in both the RCC as well as all the other ‘churches.’ The Laity is the last defense against heresy, and they are rising up all over the planet (or globe, if you prefer). When we see the laity taking back churches turned into mosques, when we see the public stoning of heretics, sodomites, and false teachers, know that your deliverance is nigh.

    And it MUST come to that. The Evil is too entrenched, too incarnated, too ‘this current year,’ merely blather on about ‘repentance’ and not have the ‘shedding of blood’ of the heretics, to accompany the worldwide cleansing that must take place. It happened in the judgment against Apostate Jewry in Jerusalem; it happened in Germany and England, during the Reformation. It’s going to happen again.

    • “If you are not a believer, you are kin to the Jews, who also do not believe.”

      You’re lying again. One can be “not a believer” in Jesus, the bible, or Christianity AND also NOT be “kin to the Jews.” You’re presenting a tired old Christian either/or false choice that’s been debunked well beyond any reasonable doubt.

      Apparently you think that the events in the bible are historically true. Looks like that makes you an imbecile, so I guess you’re doing the best you can. Still, presenting false choices
      isn’t going to cut the mustard with anyone who has working frontal lobes.

      Personally, I think this sums up things nicely:

      “Christian anti-semites, evidently too stupid to know that the man they are worshiping is a Jew, have got to be some of the stupidest people ever to contaminate the face of the Earth’”.

      —Robert Morgan



      • Another example of how unbelievers don’t want to get along with those not going to hell. Just kidding about that last bit, but the comments here show the chasm I see getting wider between the pagans, atheists and Christians in this little movement. The first two groups can’t get past the Jewish lineage of the faith, regardless of the denunciations of Judaism by the Christians here. That the monks rebuilt Europe after the pagan tribes damn near dragged it down into centuries of darkness also doesn’t matter. The taint of Judaism in Christianity overshadows any attempt at getting along. It’s incredibly counterproductive.

        • Boomer X,

          The judaic roots of Christianity are a fact. It’s Abrahamic religions and their epistemophobia or gnostsiophobia (fear of knowledge) that I find the most difficult to move past.

          In an ideal ethnostate, Christians would be able to worship and practice their many creeds openly, as long as they did not try to prevent scientific research and advancements. Christians would be treated similar to the Amish today.


          Christians are the most likely perpetrators of the crime of burning the Library of Alexandria (with all it precious scholarly contents), while their rabid mob was murdering Hypathia the daughter of the last known director of the Library of Alexandria.

          It was this act of religious terrorism that led to The Dark Ages.

          • November and Mike, you both proved my point. I’m not thankful for that, though. Mike, your views on the medieval period aren’t supported by the history I’ve read. Quite the opposite. But your animus, once again, shows that anti-Christians have a deep hatred of the faith. I find it ironic that people hating Christianity often go on about Christians insisting it’s their way or the highway, but are actually projecting their insistent, rejectionist views onto Christianity.

            If you don’t want to have higher values, you are then stuck with biological determinism as your only set of “values.” That leads us down very dark roads, the kind that in the past have led to hundreds of millions dying. No moral center to society equals existential chaos. No thanks.

          • November, your historical connections are absolutely nonsensical. Almost crazy, in fact. Your relegating of Christians to being walled off in your dictatorship, like the Amish but by force, practically shows a pathological hatred of Christianity. You seem to have that worship of science that sees all faiths except your own as dangerous.

            More proof that there will be no rapprochement between those of different faiths or none, which dooms our movement. I hope your views aren’t the majority. It’s your way or the highway, a view often ascribed to Christians by their enemies. If we aren’t going to be pan-European, we’re going nowhere. Faith tests will relegate us into tiny, warring groups. The insistent, divisive stupidity I keep seeing among supposedly pro-White people is disheartening.

          • Boomer X,

            I never said that Christians would be walled off or controlled by a dictatorship. Reading comprehension is important. By the way, the Amish choose to remain separate from the modern world, except when they take trains and Rumspringa.

            What I said was that White Christians would be able to practice their different sects, but not interfere with scientific advancements that are the very epitome of Western Man.

            Science isn’t my “faith.” That’s ridiculous. Science is what took us from the forests of Europe to the moon. Science has a self-correcting mechanism in proof through experimental replication of results. Errors are discovered and changes are updated to previous conclusions. Can any religious faith say the same?

            In a nutshell, here is what my hypothetical ethnostate would be base on:

            1. Greek philosophy and ethics.

            2. Roman statesmanship.

            3. Germanic engineering.

            If you cannot find higher idealism with those three elements inter meshed, than your myopic Christian ideology has dulled your ability to reason irreparably.

            Addendum: I cannot speak for any of the other non-religious pro-Whites, but I would have no reservations working side by side with White Christians for White well being and the 14 Words.

        • The “centuries of darkness”, was the fault of of Christians, not “Pagans.” But Christians
          just like the Jews, blame everybody BUT themselves for the wrongs they did,

          I see no way to unite with Christians because 1. I don’t believe the Bible is true. 2. Christianity is shot thru with Jewishness from beginning to end. 3. Christians believe
          their religion is the ONLY true way so they will not tolerate other religions or even
          no religion at all.

          For Pete’s sake, Protestants and Catholics can’t even get along. How is anyone else
          supposed to get along with these people? Trying to unite with these people AT ALL
          is “incredibly counterproductive”.

        • Boomer X

          You didn’t address anything I or November said. You just engaged in the usual shabby “Good Christian” tactics of lies and smears. It’s virtually impossible to unite
          with your type and it’s a waste of time to try.

          Anyone who thinks they can save the white race and, at the same time, bow down to the gods of the enemy is either an imbecile or severely mentally ill. if “uniting” with Christians is essential to save the white race, then we are doomed and that is that.

          It’s OK, you can do what your type always does: Declare that you’re 100 percent blameless and it’s all the other guy’s fault.

      • May God judge you. May your goings out and your goings in be cursed. May God take your blasphemy and arraign you before the court of heaven.

        Have a nice day.

        • May the real Gods of Nature curse you, Fr. John to the fate of continuing to be a Neo-Jewish coward who grovels before Jew Rabbi Yeshua who never existed in the first place.

          May all the poison, lies and abysmal stupidity you spread return to you and yours a 100 fold and plague you. not only in this life, but the next. .

          Have a nice day.

  10. I’m glad Fuentes is helping to dismantle conservatism. Do not become attached to him. Do not consider him to be a “leader”, like idiot Anglin. Once his usefulness is over discard him.

    Look at this video by Fuentes absolutely bashing “anti-semitism”.

    • I should add that I think it is hilarious that the tide of social acceptableness keeps moving left. The proud boys officially denounced “anti-semitism” and yet ended up jailed extensively because of it. Now you have the immigration hardliners, those who are mainstream republicans but explicitly not “alt-right”, getting “canceled”, because they too are deemed anti-semitic. In this case with Fuentes, I just discovered this video yesterday. I will work for his demise after his use in dismantling conservatism is finished. This is an absolutely disgusting and traitorous video.

      BTW Hunter, it was brilliant on your part to get out of the way and keep a low profile. It has indeed let others on the right take the beating.

      • There’s rumours going ’round the ‘Net that Nicky’s Daddy is a Heeb. It’s not confirmed – the derabged Owen Benjamin is thr apparent source….

      • ps_mike,

        Nice find.

        I never trusted NF because many ‘odd’ cohencidences. Never lost his blue check mark, affiliated with jacob wohl, milo, faith goldy, counter signals pro-Whites as “wignats ” and disavows them, his jewtube channel hasn’t been deplatformed or had videos deleted, et cetera.

        If I were to venture a hypothesis of where NF will find himself after 2020 is as cuckservative, inc’s youth ambassador for recruiting and outreach (i.e., charlie kirk 2.0). NF has the scent of judas goat on him.

    • This video is a joke. I guess it’s not very obvious, but Nick is being sarcastic here. It took me till 4:30 to figure it out.

      That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be cautious about Nick cucking on the JQ because I believe he is dancing around that line.

      • Yeap, I didn’t figure it out until later today. Oh boy, I take this stuff seriously, and I am glad you posted before me. This video is indeed intended to be sarcastic, and yes, we should be cautious about a young guy cucking. I am relieved that this is sarcastic as Nick has been helpful in the “Groyper” war.

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