Spiked Online: Sacha Baron Cohen Is Wrong About Social Media

I didn’t know this.

I have always hated and avoided the World War II era.

Spiked Online:

“The enemies of free speech see ‘Hitler’ as a kind of trump card against calls for unrestricted and unadulterated free speech. The implication is that the Nazis’ rise to power and the Holocaust could have been prevented if only the German state had been prepared to censor Nazi propaganda.

The historical truth is that the Nazis and their ideas were often censored in Weimar Germany. Anti-Semitic speech was prohibited by law. The offence of ‘insulting communities of faith’ carried a three-year prison sentence. As Flemming Rose points out in The Tyranny of Silence, leading Nazis including Joseph Goebbels, Theodor Fritsch and Julius Streicher were all prosecuted for hate speech before they rose to power – and Streicher was imprisoned twice. The Nazi publication Der Stürmer was regularly confiscated and its editors were taken to court on at least 36 occasions.

Far from ‘free speech’ allowing Nazism to flourish, attempts to censor Nazi propaganda often backfired. Rather than tackling Nazi anti-Semitism, dragging leading Nazis through the courts allowed them to pose as martyrs. As Alan Bovoroy, general counsel of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, writes in When Freedoms Collide: ‘During the 15 years before Hitler came to power, there were more than 200 prosecutions based on anti-Semitic speech… As subsequent history so painfully testifies, this type of legislation proved ineffectual on the one occasion when there was a real argument for it.’

The New Yorker:

“Researching my book, I looked into what actually happened in the Weimar Republic. I found that, contrary to what most people think, Weimar Germany did have hate-speech laws, and they were applied quite frequently. The assertion that Nazi propaganda played a significant role in mobilizing anti-Jewish sentiment is, of course, irrefutable. But to claim that the Holocaust could have been prevented if only anti-Semitic speech and Nazi propaganda had been banned has little basis in reality. Leading Nazis such as Joseph Goebbels, Theodor Fritsch, and Julius Streicher were all prosecuted for anti-Semitic speech. Streicher served two prison sentences. Rather than deterring the Nazis and countering anti-Semitism, the many court cases served as effective public-relations machinery, affording Streicher the kind of attention he would never have found in a climate of a free and open debate**. In the years from 1923 to 1933,**Der Stürmer[Streicher’s newspaper] was either confiscated or editors taken to court on no fewer than thirty-six occasions. The more charges Streicher faced, the greater became the admiration of his supporters. The courts became an important platform for Streicher’s campaign against the Jews. In the words of a present-day civil-rights campaigner, pre-Hitler Germany had laws very much like the anti-hate laws of today, and they were enforced with some vigor. As history so painfully testifies, this type of legislation proved ineffectual on the one occasion when there was a real argument for it …”

Did you know there was more deplatforming, Antifa violence and prosecutions for hate speech in the Weimar Republic than there is today?

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  1. It is amazing that Spiked Online and the New Yorker can arrive at the right conclusion on censoring criticism of Jews and yet have the wrong idea of wanting to protect Jews from being insulted.

    To censor criticism of the Jews would be to condemn the vast majority of Popes, Saints, and the official teachings and practices of the Church through out history. In short such censorship censors truth. About the only censorship in such matters necessary would be the condemnation of unlawful violence against them and their property etc.

    Neither Spiked or the New Yorker ever bothered to analyze whether the criticism of Jews is warranted or not. They seem to equate criticism of Jews automatically as being wrong.

    Censorship usually works more often than not regardless of whether evil or good is being censored. It evidently did not work in National Socialist Germany due to a very determined group of men. Historically speaking most men did not have their drive.

    • “They seem to equate criticism of Jews automatically as being wrong.”

      When the (((Oligarchs))) control everything, they can never be wrong… or so (((they))) think.

      The pictures of ‘book burning’ used to make the Nazis seem anti-literate and ‘evilllllll’ were the ‘Sexology’ pornography, false science and other crap of the Jewish Sodomite Hirshfeld.

      And the JEWS are still to blame.

      • Fr. John,

        Thank you for your response. Burning books in itself has never been considered a sin. Like always it depends on what is being burned.

        Actually, my religion has burned more than books historically but I will be delicate here.

    • I’m surprised by spiked because it’s a publication for a dumbed down goy audience.

      The New Yorker on the other hand is written for Jews and graduate degree holding goys who are so emersed in the plans of global homo telling them more truth won’t discourage them from the larger globo homo agenda.

      For the new yorker reader will simply hear the truth but think, ok how can I make this reality square with the overall plan of dispossessing whites.

      Occidental Dissent is my main dissident website I frequently. HW has a great writing style and highlights important stories. But for mainstream news sites I often frequent Vox for souless neo-liberalism, new yorker for elitist mindset and Jacobin for the phony astroturfed dsa controlled opp “left”

  2. Jewish overreach and mania for control and manipulation of the majority backfired on them in Germany? Shocking. It’s happening again. As they’ve had control of entertainment and media for so long in the West, they’re now more entrenched. But the tide will turn again, thanks to the pattern they’re repeating. They can’t help themselves.

    • And all of the ‘culture’ of this era, needs to be burned, as well. NO TRACE REMAINING of every piece of art, cinema, music, EIntartete Kunst, etc. needs to be forever buried without a trace. Movie posters, paperbacks, photos, celluloid, DVD’s, CD’s, Tape Masters, you name it. IT ALL HAS TO GO. From Ginsburg to Elvis, from Pollock to Serrano, from Schonberg to Glass. ALL OF IT.

      As Miles Mathis, Artist, scientist, and genealogy investigator noted with not an iota of sarcasm about the Juden who ‘suddenly’ became rich, and began to change the CULTURE, it started back with Marx:

      “I want to pause and circle that “semi-literate” tag we get whenever we read about Marx’s mother. It is supposed to divert you from realizing who she really is. Being semi-literate implies she is from a low- class family of scullery maids or something, when the truth is she is from a family of millionaires. They just trust you don’t make the connection I did, going “so these millionaires are semi-literate?”

      I encourage you to make that connection, because it explains a lot. For a start, it explains why these super-wealthy families who now run the world care nothing for real art, literature, poetry, or music. They have destroyed all the old high arts and sciences, keeping only the lowly economics. The upper class they displaced—the real aristocrats—always honored art and artists. They scoured their domains —even the countryside and the towns of the poor—searching for the most talented artisans and artists. But the nouveau-riche industrialists killed that tradition, instead inserting their own talentless children into the all the artistic venues and jobs.”


  3. It also had something to do with the belief that the Government wasn’t speaking up for the people. If you notice, Communists ruled successfully, including in East Germany, without a nazi or fascist takeover following it. This is because the government made the people feel like it had their backs. The average German did not support the same level of antisemitism as Hitler or Goebbels. They thought Jews had too much power but didn’t support a round up of random people just for having Jewish ancestry minus a small number who were given honorary status. Nazis got in power because people half way agreed but didn’t fully agree with their antisemitism and thought Hitler stood up for them. Just like many republicans would just as easily have voted for Mitt Romney vs. Donald Trump

    • “Nazis got in power because people half way agreed but didn’t fully agree with their antisemitism and thought Hitler stood up for them. ”

      Daryl, I would disagree. People in the entire WORLD knew how evil the JEW was, far MORE than they do, today. Think of Henry Ford putting a copy of the “Protocols” in every Ford; think of Lindbergh’s Des Moines Speech in 1941- mere MONTHS before the ((((Oligarchs))) brought the US into the war, to DILUTE the REAL Opinions of the JEWS, everywhere, and make the GERMANS the ‘EVIL One.’ How? Via massive, unrelenting, multi-pronged PROPAGANDA.

      HW has shown that ‘racism’ as a term, didn’t even EXIST, before @ 1936! AND (((THEY))) ARE AT IT AGAIN.

      Controlled opposition stops the REAL Revolution, just at the point the ((((Oligarchs))) are weakest! Mathis makes that very point in the article I am linking to, in other comments…

      “[If you don’t believe me, remember that Tolstoy admitted it. See Anna Karenina, Part III, Ch. XXI, where he has General Serpukhovskoi say “There aren’t any communists. But scheming people must invent some malignant dangerous party. It’s an old joke.” That’s pretty clear, I would say. And in context, we see that Tolstoy is not belittling that opinion. The General is not being presented as some sort of idiot. Also remember the name of the central character in Anna Karenina, other than Anna herself: Levin. Tolstoy admitted that the character was largely autobiographical, and that is easy to see regardless. Tolstoy’s first name is Lev, you know, not Leo, so the fact he is now known as Leo in the Western world is strange in itself. Well, Levin is a Jewish name, and the character is from a noble family. So not only is Tolstoy all but admitting he himself is from Jewish roots, he is admitting many Russian noble families are Jewish….

      I won’t have time to do it for you here, but I encourage you to reread all Marx’s major writings with that idea in mind. Marx was sent in to control the opposition. Notice how at every juncture, Marx manages to create factions rather than alliances. He deftly prevents any real action by always turning the socialists against themselves. He keeps them arguing over philosophical fine-points rather than encouraging direct and immediate action….

      Marx’s job was to push the progressives into further radicalism, a radicalism that would both disenchant the real workers and mobilize the conservatives in government to shut down the magazines and meetings. The same sort of controlling the opposition we see now was going on in the 1840s. There are many subplots to this control, but one of them has always been encouraging the progressives to play their hand too far and too early. Marx was inserted as a mole: a creator of dissension, a confuser, and a giver of bad advice.
      We see more proof of that in 1849 when August Willich and Karl Schapper recommended an immediate uprising. Marx and Engels did everything they could to stop it, warning that it would be crushed by the police….

      That is classical Marxist misdirection, of course, with the blather about a scientific progression of history. It also refutes itself for at least two reasons: 1) Willich and Schapper weren’t calling for action
      by a handful of men, they were calling for action by millions of men and women simultaneously across Europe—the very thing the industrialists feared most. 2) The industrialists had changed society in a matter of decades, and they were in fact “a handful of men.” A few powerful people working together can achieve incredible things, and history is full of examples of that. Marx and his backers knew that, which is exactly why they were publishing manifestoes saying the opposite.

      I encourage you to study that last quoted sentence closely. Here it is again: Instead, they are brought about through a scientific analysis of economic conditions of society and by moving toward revolution through different stages of social development. When did anything in history ever happen that way? Answer: it didn’t. The French Revolution happened in just the opposite way, with no scientific analysis of economic conditions and no moving through stages of social development. The 17th century overthrow of Charles by Cromwell didn’t happen that way, either. Both real history and human nature are the opposite of scientific. They are the opposite of Marxist…..”


    • This is largely correct. Half-way agree is a term that would trigger most, and they probably agreed more than halfway but the point is still largely correct.

      Many people on ourside will see 1930’s German parades and think everyone was onboard with everything. When people probably supported Nazis for a wide variety of reasons and a smaller number were onboard with EVERYTHING the Nazi party stood for. General Lee had his disagreements with the Confederacy but sided with the south over the union mostly due to his love of Virginia.

      This is why I often say pro-whites need to engage in more materialism. Our material needs are not being meet by any official institution, what org would you call to defend your rights???

      In the past pro-whites (who were still hated) could get more or less a fair shake from many institutions. The ACLU would begrudgingly stick up for pro-white or even nazi speech. A lawyer would represent whites wrongfully terminated for a job with no thought his practice would be destroyed. Judges would look for reasons to rule against us but wouldn’t straight up violate the law (in most cases) but those days are over.

      Saying your pro-white but not lifting a finger to help whites materially was a bad strategy back then but now it’s 100% unworkable.

      Whites need someone to stand up for them, but maybe they’re a “degenerate” or liberal in most of their politics besides their own personal grievance with an anti-white policy that directly effercted them. But when they look around for help the only people saying their pro-white are 20th century fascists, Roman imperialists, reactionary Catholics and southern nationalists.

      None of which helps their child who is being racially targeted in schools, denied a job/entry into university, an anti-white DA who rules a white person supposedly saying the n-word justifies there murder.

      Anti-whiteism is no longer about demoralization or renaming a park. It’s white children being victimized in public schools, elderly whites being beaten in nursering homes, family’s having their livilhoods taken away… and our guys want to handout flyers saying Hitler did nothing wrong, take back the south or bring back apollo.

      Whether or not those things are true, does nothing to help convince working whites who are concerned with their white child being bullied, or being fired for a pajeet replacement.

      Which is one big reason I tire of anti degeneracy posting, not because I don’t disagree but because it becomes a time suck and worse serves as a justification for why “pro-whites” don’t want to help “degenerates”

  4. Another point, prisons and concentration camps are similar in their operations. And the thing about a prison is that as they say, no snowflake feels responsible for an avalanche. Meaning an officer at a state prison doesn’t know what happened at the county jail, who doesn’t know what happened at the district, who doesn’t know what happened in the cop car.

    And so, it was very possible for Hitler to use this operational fact to run his camps without having the majority of people knowing what was happening. Again, I’m assuming the revisionists are wrong and haven’t been convinced otherwise.

    They probably learned about prison when they were in prison. A concentration camp is basically a prison.

      • I never understood how a hep cat Cuban band leader like Ricky would pal around with an 80 year old janitor like Fred.

    • “Again, I’m assuming the revisionists are wrong and haven’t been convinced otherwise.”

      You’ve got a LONG way to go, brother….to unlearn the lessons your Jewish Masters have taught you.

  5. “The truth about the jews is going to assert itself no matter how hard the System tries to suppress it.”

    – Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Hustler magazine, September 2019

  6. “The offence of ‘insulting communities of faith’ carried a three-year prison sentence.”

    Jews are a race, not a religion. Anyone who still thinks jews are not a race but are merely a religious group is in disagreement with jew Albert Einstein — how could you doubt this genius — a liar and plagurist to be sure? — jew Theodor Herzl, the originator of Zionismor the first Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, jew Benjamin Netanyahu, and the many rabbis (teachers of the jew racial rulebook The Talmud) who have published statements on the subject. But we do not need jews to inform us, nor should we ever trust them. Science, when not corrupted by the jew infiltrators, shows that when a group or ethnicity breeds only among themselves for thousands of years, they become sufficiently distinct to qualify as a race. Jews have done so, while they have also strategically bred with members of other races to more effectively infiltrate every civilization.

    “We can live among other nations and states only as long as we succeed in persuading them that the Jews are not a distinct people, but are the representatives of a religious faith who, therefore, constitute a ‘religious community,’ though this be of a peculiar character. As a matter of fact, this is the greatest of our falsehoods.– Harold Rosenthal, Admin. Asst. to Senator Jacob Javitts

    “On the first and fundamental lie, the purpose of which is to make people believe that we are not a nation but a religion, other lies are subsequently based. Our greatest fear is that this falsehood will be discovered, for we will be stamped out the moment the general public comes into possession of the truth and acts upon it. It is becoming apparent that an awakening is occurring even here in America.” — Harold Rosenthal, Admin. Asst. to Senator Jacob Javitts (a primary sponsor/promoter of the 1965 Immigration Act)

  7. What lead to the so-called Holocaust is the suppression of dissent and not free speech. But this is a smokescreen for organized Jewry’s aversion to criticism, something they engage in with great abandon insofar as the hated goyim are concerned.

  8. Speaking of this last name, one of his brethren is in the news:
    https://jezebel.com/the-fader-president-and-publisher-andy-cohn-has-resigne-1840069769 – “In addition to allegations that Cohn overlooked abuse, multiple employees recall an instance of overt harassment. As Jezebel initially reported, one former employee alleged that in 2011, Cohn had attempted to remove his pants in front of staff at the CMJ music festival.”


    I kid you not, this THE FADER magazine (which deals generally with drugged-up hipster R&B / indie pop / rap and is the only magazine I’ve ever seen that has a different “front cover” on both the front & the back of each issue) has both a Cohn AND a Cohen (co-founder John Cohen)… Well, had, since Cohn has been sacked, but still, that’s pretty funny. Clown World is being exposed daily because Jevvs can’t treat women the way they always lecture everyone else to treat women.

    Bonus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0eeNijdv3I – “[Saturday Night Live] Host Larry David explains what he has in common with Quasimodo and shares a disturbing trend he’s noticed about the men being accused of sexual harassment.”

  9. The Weimar Republic frequently banned Adolf Hitler from public speaking, so I find it laughable when it’s presented as some sort paradise of democracy. Quote:

    The problem is, the Weimar Republic had such [hate speech] laws. It used them freely against the Nazis. Far from stopping Hitler, they only made his day when he became Chancellor. They enabled Hitler to confront Social Democratic Party chairman Otto Wels, who stood up in the Reichstag to protest Nazi suspension of civil liberties, with a quotation from the poet Friedrich Schiller:

    “‘Late you come, but still you come,'” Hitler pointed at the hapless deputy. “You should have recognized the value of criticism during the years we were in opposition [when] our press was forbidden, our meetings were forbidden, and we were forbidden to speak for years on end.”

    Jews love their blunt instrument of censorship and they never learn from past mistakes. Individually they’re very bright but collectively stupid.

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