Christianity and Time

I would like to start off this article by recalling an exchange of words that I had last year with Connor Grubaugh of First Things:

First Things:

“One might wonder how Wallace’s racialized Christianity could possibly account for the New Testament, among other notorious sticking points of the faith. But to assert orthodox doctrine against Wallace’s heresies would be useless. His private dialectic, congregation of one, has transcended the old creeds. Wallace wants to show that Christianity and the alt-right are compatible, not by declaring a new racist orthodoxy, but by denying that Christian faith is incompatible with anything at all.”

The American South has been Christian for four centuries and for around 350 years of its existence was based on white supremacy. The Southern Baptists only discovered that “racism” was a sin in the 1990s. In the 19th century, Catholic poets like Father Abram Ryan celebrated the Confederacy long before the invention of “racism” around the 1920s.

“In Wallace’s view, Christianity always follows the dominant culture. The mainline American churches once accepted slavery and segregation, but now they denounce them. They once rejected abortion, divorce, and homosexuality, but now they accept them. Wallace’s conclusion: “The churches accommodate and echo whatever is the political mainstream.” For the moment, they “are conforming to political correctness in condemning the Alt-Right as uniquely evil,” but in the long run, “the Alt-Right shouldn’t get hung up on being anti-Christian because Christianity is infinitely malleable.

There is tremendous irony here. Wallace appears to believe that Christianity lacks any truth conditions whatsoever—that it is devoid of content, a mere vessel of empty signs and symbols, to be filled with foreign substances and remolded to suit them. It’s an old wineskin, the civil religion of the Enlightenment, to be filled with the new wine of identity politics. Wallace thus places himself in the same camp as progressive evangelicals, sex-positive Episcopalians, and every other liberal Protestant who preaches a liquid creed. For all of them, there is nothing stable at the heart of Christian faith, no set of propositions that must be judged true or false, no substrate of apostolic tradition or spiritual authority sustaining the Church through the ages; there is only that fickle goddess History, leading a perpetual process of discernment and evolution according to the self-loving demands of the “present.” Whether one uses this “infinitely malleable” Christianity to serve a liberal or a reactionary agenda is largely beside the point. ”

Does Christianity follow the dominant culture?

Is Christianity historically embedded in time and therefore influenced by contemporary trends or is it an eternal unchanging orthodoxy? Has it always been like this?

Let’s take a look:

Matthew Schmitz is back with another devastating take:

Notice how Jorge Bergoglio is full of all the same wisdom on “ecological sin” and the Pachamama earth goddess idol as Greta Thunberg. Similarly, Bergoglio and the Archbishop of Canterbury share the same opinion of the sin of homophobia. The Church of England recently argued that centuries of Christian anti-Semitism led directly to the Holocaust.



When did those things become sins anyway?

Pius XII was merely reflecting the secular culture of his own time.

The term “racism” was first used in the English language in 1936. It was only in the years immediately prior to World War II that “the domestic ideal of racial tolerance, necessitated by the demands of fighting fascism, becomes the “American way.”

In 1938, the U.S. Department of the Interior under Harold Ickes produced the first of 26 episodes of American All, Immigrants All, which was broadcast on the CBS network, which celebrated the contributions of immigrants and non-Whites in America. The American Anthropological Association unanimously passed a resolution condemning racism for the first time. The Carnegie Corporation commissioned the Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal to write a comprehensive study of American race relations that became his famous book An American Dilemma.

Pius XII said nothing about race in 1939 that wasn’t already being said in Look, Life, Time, Fortune and in The New York Times. It was only in the years between 1935 and 1945 that American racial attitudes were transformed and that “racism” went viral and became stigmatized. This was entirely driven by the geopolitical context of World War II. We’re watching it happen right now again in the Catholic Church with climate change and homosexuality. Pachamama is being integrated into Catholicism through the novel idea of “ecological sin.”

A decade from now, Catholic conservatives will be posting their pronouns in their Twitter profiles and telling us that “transphobia” is a sin and that it is “orthodoxy” and that it has always been this way since Christ was crucified. They already tell us that you can’t be a White Christian (strangely, being a black Christian is fine) because of political correctness and multiculturalism. I intend to spend the next decade documenting their Pope’s transition.

Note: There is nothing new here when you think about it.

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  1. Catholics are supposed to believe that society should be in the image of God and the Church. Now the Church authorities are trying to make people and the Church in the image of society.

    It has always been Church belief that no new types of sins or virtues are possible. At most a better understanding of the truth but not a new category in itself.

    We have defined dogmas that cannot be changed not even by a valid Pope—and I doubt if Francis is valid since Church Doctors and Canon Law have always taught that a manifest heretic/apostate cannot ascend nor keep the Throne.

    Depending on the definition of hatred, race hatred and every other form of hatred would always have been condemned———-naturally what is actual race hatred is usually different than what the self appointed arbiters claim to be so.

    The other evil nonsense by Francis is condemned by the defined dogmas against perversion, idolatry of paganism, the earth etc.

    By the way, I am not a conservative and I agree that modern secular and religious conservatives will usually justify every radical change once a certain amount of time has passed.

    The heresies of the Church authorities has long been prophesied by the Apparitions of La Salette and hinted at by the 3rd Secret of Fatima etc. Either way as long as their is one Catholic left then the Church is alive. That is also our belief.

    Unfortunately for the world Protestants are also collapsing as the recent articles on the Baptists and transgender nouns and the Church of England on Jews indicate.

    The truth of the matter is that Christian authorities of any denomination would not get anywhere if Christian laymen stood firm and did not support their leaders with their money, their silence, and their cowardice.

      • spahnranch1969,

        As always you have my deepest appreciation for your comment. Of course I believe there are millions like me.

  2. His private dialectic, congregation of one, transcended the old creeds

    I know this is lie because I have actually read the old creeds and all these conservative right-wingers are just full of it, just posturing. Conservative right-wingers have never actually read any of the old creeds at all.

    Conservatism is a scam on uneducated dumb people. They just co-opt the symbols that no one understand anymore.

    1. Identify a respected institution.
    2. kill it.
    3. gut it.
    4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

    These lying conservatives have never actually read any of the “old creeds” but just pretend they have, and their audience never reads them either, thus are easily scammed by conservative liars.

    When I actually read the “old creeds” I found out that these conservative right-wingers were just lying.

    But don’t get me wrong – some “old creeds” are stupid. Despite what Curtis Yarvin promotes, just because something is old doesn’t make it true. But conservative right-wingers don’t care, they just want to co-opt the authority of tradition for themselves.

    In 1938 … the CBS network

    See? That’s what I been saying for 20 years now. It ain’t rocket science, it’s just that our grandparents thought it was – way back before they birthed the “Boomers.”

    It’s the electronic media, stupid. Our grandparents were brainwashed by the new technology of radio – CBS, ABC, NBC – which is why they voted for FDR, supposedly.

    GOP Delenda Est.

    • The ABC network didn’t appear until 1956. The big radio networks of the WWII era were NBC, CBS and Mutual.

  3. Take a tip from Lenin’s reply to Kautski, mentioned by the Underground Grammarian some years ago.

    “Why should we bother to reply to Kautski? He would reply to us, and we would have to reply to his reply. There’s no end to that. It will be quite enough for us to announce that Kautski is a traitor to the working class, and everyone will understand everything.”

    Don’t give these creeps the time of day. They’re the enemy of the faith, not you. You will never, ever persuade them of anything.

  4. It doesn’t matter what idiots like ‘Matt Schvitz’ says, the current FALSE PONTIFF is controlled opposition, as Miles Mathis writes about in his analysis of another controlled opposition, Karl Marx.

    “In that sense, Marxism is probably the greatest propaganda success of all time. The smashing success of this early major psy-op has led to everything we have seen since, including the sharp rise of all forms of misdirection. The upper class discovered that most people could be fooled most of the time, and that this fooling allowed for complete control of society. They have had no use for the truth since that time.” –

    As Michael Hoffman noted in his book on Usury, (and this speech is a distillation of that book) Sodomy and Usury go hand in hand- because both are control mechanisms to wrest power from a civilization, and render them subservient to the Masters- banks and financiers (i.e., the modern Jew)

    The accelerating distrust of the masses (for the lower and middle classes must join together, against the Oligarchs, and hold them accountable) via the Gillets Jaunes, the Trump/MAGA folks, the Polish Nationalists, every single Rightist who has been shut out from social media, needs to find the ONE ENEMY, and relentlessly work to disenfranchise THAT ONE ENEMY, before all others. I would nominate George Soros for that, but that’s just me…

    But utterly disregarding the Antipope Bergoglio the Heretic, would be a good first step for EVERY SINGLE CATHOLIC THE WORLD OVER.

  5. “Pius traced the rise of racial hatred in part to the fact that “dependence of human right upon the Divine is denied … appeal is made only to some insecure idea of a merely human authority, and an autonomy is claimed which rests only upon a utilitarian morality.” — Matthew Schmitz (@matthewschmitz)

    Oh, really, Mr. “Schvitz”? Permit me to stuff those words back into your lying, duplicitous mouth!

    “How do they go about ridding us of Christianity? By far the most effective tactic has been to convince most White people of the lie that they cannot at the same time love and advocate for our race, and be a true Christian. The lie goes something like this: If you are White, and if you love your own people, then you are a racist, and the Bible and Christianity condemn racism. As I said, it’s a lie, but enough European Americans have believed it that it has become a primary tool in our genocide. Having believed it, people are left with a choice: either hate your own people so you can be a Christian, or stop being a Christian so you can be a racist.

    To what other race and religion is this applied? What other race is told that advocacy for their people is contradictory to their religion? Would anyone even dream of saying that “Rev.” “Dr.” Michael “Martin Luther” King, Jr. was wrong for being both a “clergyman” and a partisan for blacks in America? Would anyone hazard the considerable risks of telling Abe Foxman to choose between Judaism and Zionist activism? To ask the question is to answer it. And yet, for the White race, loving our people and professing Christ are supposed to be antithetical…

    I’m not surprised by the lengths to which our enemies have thus far gone to secure our demise; I’ve observed and studied them long enough that I put nothing beneath or beyond them. But what galls me to no end is the people who probably are Christians, but who (like those who hate us) want to separate White people from Christianity. Rarely are White Christians encouraged by what they see happening in American churches. Formerly decent and faithful churches and major denominations are falling like dominoes, adopting unbiblical policies and beliefs harmful to God’s people in general and hostile to White Christians in particular. I don’t mean the usual liberal, apostate denominations like the United Methodist Church or the Presbyterian Church, USA (PCUSA). Churches that have traditionally been havens for White Christians are caving to political correctness.

    As A. W. Tozer put it, “Religion today is not transforming people; rather it is being transformed by the people. It is not raising the moral level of society; it is descending to society’s own level, and congratulating itself that it has scored a victory because society is smilingly accepting its surrender.“ –

    All I see in your blasphemous quoting of a dead pseudo-bishop, is the attempt to justify your capitulation to the SPIRIT OF THE AGE, that Christ said (via St. Paul) REAL Christians were to fight against, to the point of death!

    The Roman CULT has long striven to become what it now truly is, The WHORE of Babylon, with her sodomitical priests, of which your current ‘pontiff’ is one. ANATHEMA SIT. And his lusting after the Talmudics is the lowest gay bath house perversion the Church has seen in many an age. Even worse than the first century Judaizers, who at least had a ‘semblance of religiousity.’

    I don’t see you willingly becoming a martyr, even for your phoney baloney Vatican Eww cult.
    Cry me a river, but just slink back under that Talmudic rock you crawled out from under, and start praying for forgiveness to a God you don’t really believe in, unless it is that spirit of the age you are fornicating with. And she’s not going to save you- because she never could.

  6. These people always think that history started in the twentieth century. The idea that people thought different about things in the past seems to go right over their heads. Christianity is 2000 years old. Lots of things were believed that we would find odd today that were perfectly normal beliefs then. These people all talk as if everyone before them was ignorant before they came along and enlightened us. Race is just one of many. Ever notice that what is believed as the “truth” just happens to fit what the ruling gestalt demands at this time.

  7. This fake Christianity portrayed as universal liberalism is dead.

    It will go nowhere.
    Accept of course the ones that believe in it, i.e. the spiritually dead inside brainwashed masses and the white liberal cannon fodder.

    That is why everywhere Christians – and we say Christians the overwhelming people who follow Christianity are of European lineage – are turning towards the most conservative dogmas of Christianity.

    Traditional Catholicism, traditional Lutheran, East Orthodoxy, and so on.

  8. Cathokikes are told to “adopt” little baby niglets from deepest Africa, and those little baby mestizo ferals from Latrino America – and they do.

    They complain about the freaks inhabiting the Papal Throne, in Rome – but do NOTHING. They eviscerate their own kids in behalf of lying prairie niggers, and ranting anti-cathokike negro niggers.

    Morrigan make them DEPART. Strike them ALL down, along with their Satanic jew masters. They are all defiling White lands.

  9. Your precious Luther is the catalyst for all of this. Remember, Francis loves your precious Luther. Why? Because he, like Francis, is a revolutionary and a judaizer. Don’t let’s pretend that Jorge believes in even a scintilla of the Creed. He is NOT a Catholic. He’s an apostate just like your precious radical, Luther.

    • How so?

      Sola Scriptura is an awareness and consciousness of this tendency of Catholics to, uh, how shall we say it, ADD things to their tradition over time. None of the -isms and -phobias are in the Bible.

      • The Roman Church calls itself Catholic for more or less the same reasons North Korea calls itself the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea — they’re just adjectives they’d like people to think are true.

  10. I’ll be back when you superstitious ninnies realize that the struggle is biological and on the ground, not in the fucking clouds. All this Jesus talk is embarrassing.

  11. Oh, Hunter, really?

    This article is ALREADY out of date, in that Chik-Fil-A, that bastion of ‘conservative Protestantism’ has ALREADY CAVED to BIG JEWRY.

    But his point is correct. Unless we rise up (with pitchforks and stones) and ‘register’ our discontent with BIGBIZ, as the ‘other side’ does, your pacifistic cowardly position will still be talking of ‘no violence’ when the Crosses line Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Get off your historic southern ass, and CALL THE FORCES TO ASSEMBLE.

  12. Again Catholic are anti gay sex acts but also anti identity based anti-gay attitudes. Basically their attitude is love the sinner, hate the sin. If you’re having gay sex, stop it, etc.

  13. Poe Francis and the renunciation of Jewish conversion?


    Pope Francis is a bigger anti-Semite than any of us

    He wants them to all go to hell.

    He is withholding the gospel from them.

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