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  1. Come on man. It’s BEEN known that all that’s out there are fallen angels waiting to deceive us with the good ( alien, ) cop bad ( alien, ) cop BS. Are you with the good aliens ? Then you’ll have to get chipped, ( the mark, ) and all not marked will be destroyed along with the bad aliens. Oh oops … the bad aliens will just jump to another make shift body, so they’re not REALLY destroyed. Get right with Jesus NOW.

  2. “I’m continuing to indulge in this longtime interest. Imagine finding, reaching, conquering and settling another planet.”

    Count me in. Europeans need high adventure to give them purpose. A long-time dream here as well.

  3. We can explore our particular spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy in search of Class M star systems – AFTER we deal with jews and niggers. Let’s make sure we have our priorities straight!

  4. There are no aliens out there, Earth is it. Aliens are fallen angels. Ghosts are fallen angels, etcetera etcetera.

    Christians should not believe in aliens. All that garbage comes from evolutional thinking, which is also unbiblical.

    Also, I doubt that humans will ever reach another planet.

      • Not really powell,i’ll tell you whats limited thinking,believing there is something out there bases on CGI images(which you pay millions to have).

        Extra note: space travel is just a cartoon from the 50’s.

        • Another genius at work, I see. I didn’t say anything about “believing” or not that anything is out there. Nobody knows. We know that there is a Universe that is larger than human comprehension and we won’t know about everything that might be in it unless we go out there someday.

          But let’s just be like niggers and not even think about it. Right?

      • How is it limited to tell it like it is? You may not know what is out there, but I know that there is no life in space. And besides, our space technology is a joke. We can’t even get back to the moon. Reality isn’t Star Trek.

    • E.T., you sound like an African witchdoctor.

      “The White man does not truly fly! The ‘airplane’ they have is a demon bird summoned from the blood of baboons! Booga ooga wooga!”

      • I don’t care what I sound like. What I said was the truth. My beliefs are christian, they have nothing to do with pagan witchdoctors. There are no aliens and man will most likely never visit another planet. But even if man does visit one, there won’t be intelligent life there. UFO’s are a supernatural phenomenon not a natural one.

  5. It’s an issue dear to my heart since my uncle worked for NASA as a scientist in the glory days of Apollo.I always stop at Stennis Space Center outside Biloxi when I am there which is usually once a summer. I am deeply disturbed by the current NASA trends. It seem we want to regain leadership in space so we can send the first women to the moon. There has already been a much disgusted all female space walk crew. And then a lesbian astronaut who tried to hack her girl friend’s computer from the International Space Station.I would rather the U.S. now have a space program is all it is going to do is use it to advance diversity through space. Why stop there? Is the U.S. destined to send the first transgender person in space or an all LGBT crew? Most assuredly the future will not be like in Star Trek whereby 23rd century starships are still majority white with a smattering of non-whites. Man will go to space and colonize the solar system. But will it people of European or East Asian ancestry? We dare not remain idle while other nations exploit the energy properties of Helium 3 on the moon or mine the asteroid belt. Colonies on the moon could devastate earth cities by sending missiles or huge rocks down the gravity well aimed at Earth. By the time Earth’s gravity latches on pulls them they enter at 7 miles per second.

    But a comprehensive space program demands a nation that can plan and fiance said program for decades. China is capable of that. I doubt the United States is as what one administration budgets another administration cancels. In order for a nation to be stable it must rest upon three foundational columns: Ethno-Nationalism, Social Communitarianism, and a form of Democratic or Economic Populism.That means a racially homogeneous nation with an immigration and citizenship policy dedicated to maintaining that homogeneity which creates social cohesion and a sense of community and a political system in which corporate and dark money is removed from the system which in turn empowers the middle and working class and eviscerates oligarchic elites such as rule the United States. In a word National Populism with national populism being understood as the fusion of Ethno-Nationalism and Democratic Populism. That means individuals are limited in what they can contribute to campaigns with corporations and political action committees also banned from giving campaigns donations as well as banning all out of state money is state and local elections.

    I do find it ironic that most of the NASA institutions are in the South. Cape Kennedy, Florida, Mission Control, Texas, Huntsville Alabama, Stennis Space center, Mississippi. So if we ever get our own Ethno-State I can foresee- and indeed advocate-a vigorous space program but I do not see the United States maintaining the lead and if by some miracle it does all it will do is spread multiracial diversity to the stars.

    • Everything you say is correct. I really wouldn’t want the US as it is today colonizing another planet. Of course by that point, all whites will have been “diversified” out of existence anyway. NASA institutions all being in the South probably has a lot to do with weather conditions.

    • My understanding as to the launch locations being in the south is that you want to launch from as close to the equator as possible because it aids in achieving escape velocity, since the equator is traveling the fastest rotationally. We launch with the spin of the earth to make up the massive difference between modern rockets max velocity and that needed to escape the gravity of the earth.

      Also the weather year round is more likely to be temperate in Florida, which im sure is a factor.

    • I believe the Asian race will always follow ours but never exceed it. They can copy our existing technical advances and can even improve on them but rarely if ever do Asians initiate new technical advances.

      I believe that without Diversity we’d be on Mars by now. With Diversity the space program is doomed.

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