Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Dissident Right is celebrating and having a good time on the timeline:

The Woke Left not so much:

We’re taking the day off for Thanksgiving which is an American holiday that is about spending time with your family and being thankful for all your blessings.

Occidental Dissent has a lot to be thankful this year. We’ve never been stronger. “Rightwing extremism” is also on the march. Even though Thanksgiving started out as a Puritan New England custom, liberals have abandoned it like Columbus Day and have renamed it the “National Day of Mourning” on the woke calendar which is all the more reason to celebrate it.

The Daily Beast:

“While I have been researching and writing a Wampanoag-centered history of Plymouth Colony and the Thanksgiving holiday, my conversations with Native people have opened my eyes to some profound lessons about their past and present. These teachings have particular resonance this Thanksgiving season as the United States continues to struggle with white nationalism, the importance of distinguishing between truth and lies in democratic debate, and the place of indigenous people in a pluralistic country with a colonial foundation.

Native people widely agree that the U.S. has yet to reckon with its history of white violence against their people. Instead, the country uses the myth of the First Thanksgiving to make it appear that Indians consented bloodlessly to colonialism.

That myth, reinforced over and over again through grade school Thanksgiving pageants, holiday decorations, and television specials, is the only cameo Indians make in the colonial history curriculum in many American schools. Unfortunately, it is terrible history and even worse civics.

The myth tells that supposedly friendly Indians (rarely identified by tribe) voluntarily gifted their country to the Pilgrims in order to lay the foundations for a white, Christian, democratic United States.  …”

New York Times:

“Generations of Americans have told themselves a patriotic story of the supposed first Thanksgiving that misrepresents colonization as consensual and bloodless.

The story goes like this: English Pilgrims cram aboard the Mayflower and brave the stormy Atlantic to seek religious freedom in America. They disembark at Plymouth Rock and enter the howling wilderness equipped with their proto-Constitution, the Mayflower Compact, and the confidence that they are God’s chosen people. Yet sickness and starvation halve their population during the first winter and challenges their faith. …

Over the spring and summer, the Indians feed the Pilgrims and teach them how to plant corn; the colony begins to thrive. In the fall, the two parties seal their friendship with the first Thanksgiving. The subsequent 50-year peace allows colonial New England and, by extension, the United States to become a citadel of freedom, democracy, Christianity and plenty.

As for what happens to the Indians next, this story has nothing to say. The Indians’ legacy is to present America as a gift to white people — or in other words, to concede to colonialism. Like Pocahontas and Sacagawea, the other famous Indians of American history, they help the colonizers and then move offstage. …”

David Silverman is the Jew who is currently trying to tear down Thanksgiving. Yes, we can’t go a single day without noticing the negative impact that Jews are having on our culture. Today we are as thankful and grateful about the hard work of our ancestors as these ungrateful people are miserable that this country which has given them so much exists at all.

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  1. Is “Amber Tamblyn” a real person or another clever troll account designed to make white liberals look ridiculous?

    I’m delighted that OD is doing so well, HW. This is one of the very few pro-white websites that is worthy of my patronage. The Rabbinical Stuff, the Daily Sausagefest, Stormfart, etc are all dead to me. Dead, I say!

    Happy Day Before Black Friday. You can almost hear the hand-rubbing of merchants and advertisers in anticipation of receiving many shekels from the goyim.

    • She is the daughter of the actor/dancer Russ Tamblyn. An unsuccessfull Jewlywood brat, and a total disgrace to gingers everywhere. She probably things this will help her get work.

      • She doesn’t need “work”, she married a much older jew funny man, who describes himself on twitter as “human scum”.


        I’ll say it again. White liberals have damaged DNA. The Spartans would have kicked them down a well.

        • Ewww. I knew who she was, but I didn’t know that much about her. I remember being absolutely viscerally repelled by the jew she mated with, every time I saw it on a Talmudvision “comedy”. She was really cute when she was young – and she wound up with that? I don’t want to know what happened….

  2. Enjoy this white supremacist turkey pilgrim dinner while you still can, it might not be available in the near distant and dark future

  3. Something tells me that twitter thot Amber is a rich entitled brat who lives in a gated community or a swanky deluxe apartment suite virtue signaling lefty, you just gotta get those twitter brownie points don’t you ya whore! This bitch is still gonna eat thanksgiving dinner tho right?!

  4. The left will never understand that Thanksgiving is not a celebration of the past, it is a celebration of being delivered ftom the past. They truly live very small, miserable lives.

  5. Anglin has some very sage advice, over at the Stormer.

    Manly Advice: Do Not Spend the Holidays Trying to Redpill Your Family! Don’t Even Mention Politics!

    Keep family close, don’t provoke discord.


    • But Anglin is going to spend the holiday at his Cambodian jungle compound with his male Japanese sex robots.

      • Not true! Thanksgiving is a beautiful White Holiday, celebrating that blessings that we DO have. My family has gone through outrageous upheaval over the past 2 years – but we’re still alive and kicking. I had a wonderful day, today! The Hubster and I went to a large family and friends gathering White people of all ages. We had more food than an Army could eat. Every dish was delicious! The Hostess was amazing; she had purchased a supply of those foam dinner trays you get at restaurants, when you are taking home leftovers. This was a very efficient way to distribute the surplus of the feast among the guests. There were at least 40 people there, but folks were coming and going all day. So I don’t have an exact count. There were also several adored doggies, who received loads of turkey and attention.

        The house was LOADED with beautiful blue eyed blond kiddies. I enjoyed a few games of pool with an enchantingly snarky Tweenager boy, and his terrific Granny, The repartee during the pool games was so engaging that it pulled people away from the Negro Ball games on Talmudvision.

        A bunch of the guys are going to a hunting cabin for the week. Ostensibly for deer hunting – but mainly to be GUYS. They will all get their deer; they are excellent hunters – but mainly they get to be GUYS. The women don’t try to make them into anything else. Anyway – I love venison, so I wish them well.

        I’m sorry that the day is such a wash out for you, Otto – but Thanksgiving, like most things in life, is what you make it. Try harder next year. And have a lovely Yule!

        • All the best Denise.
          Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

          And keep your Pride (the White American men in your family) well fed well ready and true to your forefather’s Promises & Responsibilities.

          That’s what real Women do.

  6. http://faithandheritage.com/2015/08/michael-moores-marxist-narrative-of-american-history-refuted/

    National Tragedy? F*CK OFF. Liberal whining and faux moral outrage no longer impress. Just die, and leave this land to the Whites who created it.

    “…when the White man arrived, he found an open wilderness owned, according to the rarely encountered Indian denizens, by no one; because the Red man had not even the concept of property. Like Bedouins or gypsy rovers, the Indians merely camped in a valley until they exhausted its resources, and then moved on to the next. The Indian’s presence in the land was transitory and rootless, without parcel or boundary. They were vagabond savages absent deed, territorial claim, or legal theory of property. Following Christian law, Europeans merely claimed the vacant, ownerless territory bestowed to them by Providence.”

    Meanwhile, I’m eating my Thanksgiving meal with the moral certitude and veracity that I AM supremacist over some godless pagan savages, whom God predestined to die, so that MY RACE could live, and multiply and ‘have dominion’ over y’all.

    The Pilgrims did NOTHING wrong, iow.

    • same to you, Denise, HW…and everyone else who stops by here. I am enjoying a delicious home hamburger with cheese and mushrooms smothered in sliced turkey!

      and a genuine cherry cola to wash it down.

      • Haxo – thanks! I love hamburgers. I like turkey with cranberry sauce, though. Cranberry sauce…cranberry sauce…cranberry sauce,…it’s my version of crack cocaine. I don’t like gravies of any kind. I use the cranberry sauce AS a sauce on turkey or chicken.

        The cherry cola sounds great! You must be in Dixie. I don’t really like sodas…but a cherry cola is one I do like. I found these sort of arsty fartsy French sodas…they contain lots of herbal thingies. They are more like botanicals. They make a KILLER Ginger drink. You have to cut it with water, or the Uber Ginger would melt your eyeballs out – but it’s delicious. There were plenty of drinks at the Thanksgiving feast I attended – soft drinks, wine, booze, water, fruit juices….I did have a “commercial” ginger ale. It….wasn’t the same. Once you get used to the hard stuff – eye popping Ginger – you can’t go back…..

        I do love hamburgers. I love MEAT. Dr. Edward Dutton teaches us that MEAT IS GOOD – especially roast beef. The cheese and mushrooms? Yum! PERFECT.

        I hopw you had a wonderful day! Happy Day of Thanks!

  7. I am here in a hotel at a truckstop in Virginia this Thanksgiving. Everyone says Happy Thanksgiving here. It is a popular Holiday, not yet completely jewed, unlike Christmas. BTW, Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you Jesus, for empowering our ancestors to conquer this continent.

  8. Happy thanksgiving (or Indian genocide Memorial Day, for the lib lurkers)! Hope you all enjoy your food and family today.

  9. To the most important people, Americans, in the History of Our common European culture that Time and circumstance have positioned them at this historical crossroads.

    The proverbial ‘ball’ is in your court.
    So, for the sake & future of us all from European lineage. – You fall we End !

    Count your lucky stars, adopt the spirit of your forefathers that chiselled and shaped your land, your past and have truly spiritual Thanksgiving.

    May God bless you !

  10. I send my very best to our OD family and also to everyone working on or enjoying The Political Cesspool. You folks are the best and yeah, we’re a growing family.

    Stay strong and try to stay somewhat sane in this insane world.

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