Code Name Godsend: Historians Discover Fourth Jewish Spy Who Betrayed America To The Soviets

Oh, another one?

Who could have predicted that?

The other Jewish spies and/or couriers were Ted Hall, David Greenglass, Morris Cohen, Harry Gold and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Klaus Fuchs is notable for being the only Soviet spy who worked on the development of the atomic bomb who wasn’t Jewish.

New York Times:

“The world’s first atomic bomb was detonated on July 16, 1945, in the New Mexican desert — a result of a highly secretive effort code-named the Manhattan Project, whose nerve center lay nearby in Los Alamos. Just 49 months later, the Soviets detonated a nearly identical device in Central Asia, and Washington’s monopoly on nuclear arms abruptly ended.

How Moscow managed to make such quick progress has long fascinated scientists, federal agents and historians. The work of three spies eventually came to light. Now atomic sleuths have found a fourth. Oscar Seborer, like the other spies, worked at wartime Los Alamos, a remote site ringed by tall fences and armed guards. Mr. Seborer nonetheless managed to pass sensitive information about the design of the American weapon to Soviet agents.

The spy fled to the Soviet Union some years later; the F.B.I. eventually learned of his defection and the espionage but kept the information secret. …”


“(NEWSER) – Three Soviet spies were at Los Alamos during World War II, stealing atomic secrets—that we know. Now the CIA journal Studies in Intelligence reports on Oscar Seborer, a fourth, previously unknown figure who may have “handed” Soviets the A-bomb formula before defecting to the USSR. Born in New York City in 1921 to Jewish immigrants from Poland, Seborer had three brothers, two of whom also became US moles; all were drawn to Communist Party USA and came from a family connected to Soviet intelligence, per the Jewish Press. Yet Seborer was able to join the US Army in 1942, take an assignment at the Oak Ridge military complex—where the Manhattan Project was headquartered—and get transferred to Los Alamos in 1944. …”

Jewish Press:

“Oscar Seborer, who was working at Los Alamos, NM, at the time Manhattan project scientists were laboring to beat their Nazi counterparts in the race for an atomic weapon, passed sensitive information to Soviet agents, according to an article titled “On the Trail of a Fourth Soviet Spy at Los Alamos” by Harvey Klehr and John Earl Haynes, in the current issue of the CIA journal Studies in Intelligence. …

Like many Jewish families from Eastern Europe, the Seborers came to the United States in stages. Abraham, born in 1876, and Jennie, born in 1881, left Poland with their eldest son, Max, born in 1903. They traveled to Great Britain, where another son, Noah, was born in 1905. Stuart, born as Solomon, came along in 1918. By the time their only daughter, Rose, was born in 1919, the family had been living in the United States for a decade. The youngest child, Oscar, followed in 1921. …”

Oscar Seboror received the Order of the Red Star in Moscow.

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  1. We are infested with this vermin. And if the Jews were human they would have told us why they killed the innocent Christ by now. Only an animal persecutes and torments the weak and the innocent. Only an animal.

  2. Not only did the Rosenbergs relay atomic bomb secrets to the USSR but Julius Rosenberg also sent the schematics, engineering diagrams and even a sample of the proximity fuse to the USSR. The Manhattan Project had the top priority during WWII, the proximity fuse the second highest priority. Proximity fuses were used primarily against aircraft, both manned and unmanned like the V-1 from WWII.

    Venona, Decoding Soviet Espionage in America by John Earl Haynes & Harvey Klehr;
    Copyright 1999, Yale University Press, New Haven and London; ISBN: 0-300-07771-8,
    p. 303.

    No doubt some U.S., British, allied pilots and others died because the Soviets had proximity fuses in the Korean War. Other friends of the Rosenbergs helped develop radar guided anti-aircraft guns and missiles also used against the U.S. in the Vietnam war. The U.S. was full of Communists enjoying the benefits of living in the U.S. while trying to destroy their host country at the same time, a familiar story.

    Op. Cit. pp. 299 – 300.

  3. Although, the Jew had larceny in his heart, I seriously doubt that there was one secret that this Jew, or other Jews could have given/sold to the Russians that would have made any difference.

    The real trick would have been building the centrifuges, to refine the material for the atomic bomb, and that would have taken time for the Russians to build, just like it is now taking the Iranians time to build.

    If Hitler had invested in an atomic bomb, he would have had an atomic bomb before the US or Russia. Don’t forget that it was the Jews in Germany who knew that German scientists had achieved nuclear fission, and, they tipped Einstein who wrote his famous letter to FDR.

  4. Don’t forget another WW2 jewish traitor Harry Dexter White, born a Lithuanian jew but with a good fake WASP sounding name Not only was the Manhattan Project infested with jews; the Treasury Department was also infested …and it still is, of course.

  5. Given the extraordinary depths of Jewish nuclear espionage against the United States during the WW II era; the Lavon Affair; Numec theft; Mossad complicity in the assassination of JFK; attack on the USS Liberty; and now the overwhelmingly conclusive circumstantial evidence proving “Israel did 9/11,” it follows that only the worst perversion of a thousand years development in the nature and evaluation of legal and scientific evidence would assume that Jewish-American and Israeli espionage isn’t today far greater than it was in its initial stages seventy-five years ago. Regarding 9/11, the Israeli-occupied false oppositions in the msm and Congress demand we accept what is logically possible but absurd while disregarding what is easily forecast by reasonable men and women as probable enough to convict.

  6. The king of the traitors during that era was Alger Hiss, a White majority member protected by an equally traitorous White majority ruling class. Jews are much less traitors than they are open enemies.

  7. I would accuse of a double standard for supporting Trump who also was getting cool with putin who while not a communist is clearly friendly to communism (the no 2 party plus north Korea and China.). But then I support what Trump did re Russia.

  8. The entry of massive numbers of Eastern European Jews in the 1880s (Ostjuden) was what prompted the Immigration Act of 1924! Now their descendants conduct Impeachment hearings and dominate the media and Hollywood and popular culture.

  9. Conservative Inc. answer : “Whatever, Stalin was a dirty antisemitic guy. COMMIES ARE THE TRUE RACISTS”

  10. Is Adam Schiff related to the infamous Jacob Schiff-the Jewish banker who funded the Japanese to the extent they won the Russo-Japanese war of 1905(due to his hatred of Tsarist Russia), then financed the Bolshevik revolutionaries and reportedly ordered the execution of the Tsar and his family? inquiring minds want to know!

  11. The ADL and SPLC will most assuredly consider this information to be “jew hate.”

    Jews truly are the cancer of mankind. No other group is as devious, conniving, and cunning in undermining nations that took them in. Then the jews bitch and wonder why they were kept in ghettos, pogroms used to bring them to heel, and expelled from 109 nations.

    Why doesn’t some Pakistani jihadis launch some of their nukes on Israel? Even a Israeli nuclear counterattack that kills millions of Pakistanis would make them martyrs and welcomed into paradise according to the Quran.

    • You can be damn sure that ZOG does everything it can to prevent any Mohammedan state in the region from attacking Kikestan. Different religious, political and ethnic groups are being constantly pitted against each other by the CIA, Mossad and MI6. Any patriotic military or government official who poses any kind of potential threat is taken out and replaced with an obedient stooge. And the Palestinians themselves are used as hostages or human shields by the Zionist scum. And of course the threat of Israel’s 200 to 400 illegal nuclear weapons, along with the guarantee of an immediate and full scale military response from the USA, serve as strong deterrents.

      ZOG has truly made the infliction of widespread, long-term terror into a dark, satanic art.

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