London Bridge Mass Stabbing Attack

Last night, we were ridiculing this conservative politician from the Brexit Party who wants Britain to get out of the European Union because it is “institutionally racist”:

Seriously, there isn’t enough “diversity” in the European Union? It is bad because it is too White? Have you been on the Paris Métro lately?

Honorable mention goes to Canada:

The relief washes over me …

Like an awesome wave …

There was another mass stabbing on London Bridge this morning.


“A knife-wielding man has been shot by armed police on London Bridge with reports of several people injured.

Witnesses heard up to 10 gunshots with people fleeing the scene in panic at around 2pm.

Video footage shows members of the public wrestling a man on the ground before police arrive and shoot him.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the suspected knifeman is dead. …”

The UK is still competitive with the EU in diversity.

It is possible that it even has a comparative advantage now over France in mass stabbings and terrorist attacks. It has only been a month since the last mass stabbing in Manchester was international news. The edge could grow under the Conservative Party which is set for a big victory in December and is considering an amnesty for illegal aliens in Britain.

Note: This meme is literally the truth about the UK.

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  1. They are telling people to keep quiet about it, so they know the attackers are non-White. If the attackers were White, they would be blasting it around the globe, all while calling for our heads.

  2. The UK and Western Europe need to wake the fuck up. Eastern and Southern Europe are by no means perfect but last I checked this isn’t happening in Warsaw, Moscow, Helsinki, Zagreb, Athens, Sofia, Belgrade, or Bucharest.

  3. Many people on our side think that if they make a lot of noise about Islamic terrorism they’ll bring people over to our way of thinking. Instead they just end up furthering the neocon agenda of portraying Islam as the only thing standing in the way of multiracial utopia.

    We have got to stop kicking this own-goal over and over again. Our worldview doesn’t need justification from external events. It should stand on it’s own two feet without these weak and pathetic appeals to normies, suggesting improved personal safety is a reason to support us. The people must support us for ideological reasons NOT selfish reasons.

    When the misguided nationalist starts shrieking about the latest terrorist attack what is he actually doing? He is implying that a person’s eligibility to live in a western country depends entirely on their behavior. The well behaved, non-disruptive foreigner is welcome and may breed us out of existence at his leisure is the implication.

    Every single Muslim could disappear tomorrow and it wouldn’t improve our situation one iota. We would still be ruled by ZOG in a culture of absolute degeneracy.

    • Those of us thinking alike need to play the long game: gather together in little enclaves, build parallel institutions of education and media countering the multicultural agenda, establish networks of economic cooperation in the form of home and small businesses, put up our own candidates at the local and county levels, etc., etc., etc. Tribal nationalism isn’t the majority view among American whites; most of us are still CivNats. If anything’s going to change, we’ll have to do it ourselves.


      Easy peasy.

      ALWAYS bring it back to the Jew.

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