E. Michael Jones and Alex Jones Discuss The ADL

I’m laughing.

We’re ALL the enemies of these people. We can disagree about all kinds of things, but not on this subject. The ADL is uniting its enemies on the populist Right.

The Times of Israel:

“Am I white?” is not a question I would have asked 10 years ago because all I had to do was look in the mirror to learn the answer.

Since 2016, however, I have become more aware of whiteness as an unstable socio-historical construct that, depending on the context, might exclude Ashkenazi Jews. And I am not the only one.

Emma Green’s “Are Jews White?” was published in The Atlantic just a month after the 2016 presidential election as a response to the rise of the “alt-right.”

A more recent article by Atiya Husain with the same title in Slate documents a legal case of a Christian convert who was denied a position as a football coach because of his “Jewish blood.”

Jewish identity is a constellation of ethnicity, culture, and religion, with a very long history of discrimination and persecution. How do we map all that complexity onto discussions of Jewishness and race in America?

In America, a country built on the bones of indigenous people and on the broken backs of black slaves, the history of whiteness denotes domination, oppression, cruelty. …”

I’m watching this and E. Michael Jones is dropping tons of red pills. Alex Jones is sugar coating and delivering them to his audience. It’s hilarious.

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  1. we can disagree on them being bolsheviks, because lenin opposed the jewish bund which was the organized jewish group of its time. I’m not sure if the bund had adl style positions though.

  2. I think it would be a whitewash of history to deny that Bolsheviks did in fact censor, just like nazis, fascists and the Tzarists who came before the Bolsheviks.

    In America though, It’s not leftists who are censoring, it’s big capitalist and jews who have social democratic rather than leftist views. Bob Avakian, Besoshvilli and the progressive labor party are not censoring you, though it’s quite possible that they would if they got the chance.

  3. Isn’t the hallmark of Judaism that they do not assimilate? That is why the Flavians* had to destroy Temple Judaism and replace it with Christianity.

    * Josephus, Tiberius Alexandria, Berenice, Vespasian, Titus, Flavia Domitilla

    By the way, The Flavian Origin of Christianity is the equivalent of the On the Origin of Species of the coming decade, much as the Neanderthal Genome dominated the last…

    Ever wonder how your ancestors felt when they learned the Earth wasn’t the center of the Universe? You’ll soon know…

    • “Isn’t the hallmark of Judaism that they do not assimilate?”

      They’ve rewarded the generosity of all their hosts by waging full spectrum cultural, economic, legal, political and physical war on them.

    • Unless some new evidence supporting your theory is about to be unearthed I really don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m not a Christian or anything, but the whole “Jesus was a myth” theory doesn’t have much support. Even secular biblical scholars such as Bart Ehrman grant that Jesus probably existed.

      • There were many different historical figures in first century Palestine named Jesus /Joshua. It was and remains a common jewish name. But there is no historical evidence for any radical religious leader known as Jesus of Nazareth, or Jesus the Anointed One (aka, the Christ).

      • And Bart Ehrman used to be a ‘bible believer’ but merely changed his tune to advance his academic career. He’s traif. Let the dead bury the dead. His books are useless liberal trash.
        Burn them on the White House Lawn. With the Koran, and the ADL’s policy manuals.

        THAT would be a book burning to cheer for.
        DEATH to the Jew World Order.

  4. Caesar Tiberius one of their (((own))), hated them with a passion…….

    Emperor Tiberius (who was NOT the son of an Emperor, i.e. Augustus), was polemic towards the jews.

    Almost as polemic or decisive against the jews as was our great King Antiochus IV Epiphanes.
    He took the knife and the torch to (((their)) “temple” – hence their genocidal so called “hanukkah”

  5. That fat, loudmouthed idiot Alex “jew wife” Jones kept rudely interrupting Bow Tie Man to make sure he didn’t make too many disparaging remarks about the Self-Chosen.

    • Immediately, after EMJ’s opening statement, AJ wanted his beloved juden to know that he’s pro-israhell and not anti-jew.

      Why does any self-respecting person besmirch their reputation being on the same program with this zionist-jewish shill?

      Nick Fuentes has been on AJ’s show twice in the last month or so. Any affiliation to the Zog shills at infowars is a ‘red flag’ in my book.

  6. Pointless. Maybe EMJ realizes that going on jonestown was a waste of time, maybe not. Most of us are aware of EMJ’s attitude on Race but why talk to mellonhead about it? Basically it’s Alt-Lite vs. MAGA…so tiresome.

    • Not a waste of time really. Alex Jones just featured a career anti-semite on his show and put a spotlight on Jews and the ADL. Who cares if they line it with bullshit like, “Hey anti-semitism is not ok, but Jews…”

  7. The ADL is deeply hated by boomer conservatives. It would be a good strategy to call attention to the ADL. Put pressure on conservatives to denounce it for being anti-white and anti-Christian. Make the ADL an issue, something everyone has to take a position on. It shouldn’t be hard to make them totally toxic to conservatives. I see the ADL as incredibly weak, despite their seeming power inside of the establishment. It’s such a nakedly hypocritical group that it can’t withstand scrutiny and stay respectable in today’s hyper politicized and hyper polarized climate.

  8. You don’t get to EMJ’s age, with his background without being supremely patient.

    He lives in South Bend, a city i am very familiar with, and as such is litteraly surrounded by some of the most perverted Catholic theology outside of Rome.

    Give him some credit. Its amazing to me he hasn’t been murdered.

  9. EMJ is the guy who thinks the earth is flat and that race is a social construct, right?

    Wake me up when he’s dead. I don’t want to hear another word from him.

  10. EMJ has always been a mixed bag. He harkens back to the days of White Ethnic Catholic Enclaves living in cities throughout the East Coast/Midwest. What EMJ fails to disclose when he discusses The Slaughter of Cities, is that Catholic Clergy were assisting the WASP/Termites in destroying these neighborhoods. He is right about how this damaged the Catholic Church in America more than Vatican II, but fails to comprehend that the American Hierarchy sold out the faithful.

    Also, his disdain for “White Guys”–i.e. Protestants who don’t go to church is getting old. EMJ is spot on regarding the Jews, but gets so much wrong. I half-expect him to start talking about “The Kids” listening to that M.C. Hammer and watching MTV–he dates himself far too often.

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