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  1. Situation is roughly analogous to what happened to the “conservatives” during the decade before the “civil war” in MO. These whigs and know-nothings had to abandon the radicals who went off to be republicans but were still harassed by the militant democrat secessionists. They were pro-slavery unionists (many of them).

    They, and their contemporary descendants, don’t understand spiritual matters. They don’t understand that two very different spiritual dispositions cannot be forged together in some system of abstract legalese. There must either be separation or destruction.

  2. The pessimist in me makes me think it could survive quite a bit longer.

    I think Richard Spencer was talking about this a few months ago.

    In short a rabidly anti-white left will force more white democratic voters into the arms of the GOP. The republicans will move further left and be as useless as ever while still managing to limp along.

    So Texas turns blue, but New England, the Pacific Northwest and Minnesota turn red. This allows the whole dismal charade to go on for another 20 years.

    • There is no place in a racial environment for people who insist it is not racial. Respectable Conservatism will be washed away by something entirely new. Democrats will split on racial lines too. Whites will be the biggest minority in the USA.

    • All good points but I don’t believe there is another twenty years left in the U.S., as currently constituted. Imperial overstretch, dependent blacks/browns, unproductive sections of the economy, the rentier classes’ depredations through Wall Street, cultural degeneracy etc. have consumed the surplus social, physical and financial capital, it’s gone. We are one crisis, perhaps military, maybe financial, away from a reckoning.

      The political system as currently constituted is incapable of reform. One of the prescient observations DJT made during his campaign was that he was the last chance to fix things. He was correct but unfortunately he wasted that chance, now comes the whirlwind. DJT may win reelection but the rising tide of color is still rising, he has failed to cause it to recede which was the reason he was elected.

  3. the structural collapse of ‘Murkan conservatism began in 1952, when the Eisenhower wing of the Republiscam pty stole the Prez nomination from Bob Taft.

    “Ike”, elected with a full Republiscam Congress and a mandate to liquidate the New Deal, then

    consolidated the ND
    backstabbed Joe McCarthy
    betrayed the Hungarian Uprising, and
    let the Reds seize Cuba

    the ideological collapse of ‘Murkan conservatism began when Buckley fired all the White Paleoconz @ Nat Rev and replaced them with “ex”-Trotskyite communist Jew neo-conz. From then on it was all cuckservatism: using white ‘Murka to keep ashkenazic Israhell on the map, while taking White ‘Murka off the map.

    today conservatism inc. is already a dead husk: a clot of Zionist stinkJews and grifting shabbatz goyim.;

    • To his credit Ike ordered Operation Wetback. And he did put “Israel” in its place during the Suez Crisis.

  4. A good presentation, though he does lose control a few times, throwing the hands around. But better than most. In substance, as irrelevant as ever. Too cowardly to name the Jew.

  5. when you’re living in a ghetto, your views on guns will be different than when you’re living in a mountain range. people on both sides should realize this. this small government worship is also a result of a rural life. but it’s blind to the power of monopoly corporations.

  6. As Spengler put it, we must be men for the time we’re born into and not some other, preparing ourselves for what is worth dying for, and not wasting precious time worrying about what America’s dying from. Conservatism Inc and the Republicans’ spineless prating about principle before white people merely emboldens an increasingly homicidal POC agenda funded and directed by the Jews.

    Even if Trump wins in 2020 and the Republicans retain the Senate, demographic transformation that Republican inaction allows will leave our children and grandchildren hounded, dispossessed, and eventually slaughtered in their own land. We were betrayed by the Republicans all along. Voting for them has become an act of cowardice and guarantees hell on Earth for our children and grandchildren.

  7. Overall good. Shades of William Pierce. I knew there would be no solution offered, so I’ll offer it.

    Either “Take Back America*” using a “Slow Cleanse” or a Fast one, or


    You will never hold the government for 50 years to do a Slow Cleanse. You will never sell enough whites on a Fast Cleanse (aka Boogaloo).

    Therefore you either give up, or you seek Partition.

    Folks argue that it’s too early to push this; we need to wait until the verdict of 2020; MAGApedes aren’t ready to mourn and grieve the death of their beloved America. Perhaps they are not, but if Trump loses, it will be too late.

    * or is it “Take America Back”?!?

    • The only ‘christianity’ that is going to burn, is the ‘wood, hay, stubble’ of man’s false religions that is going to go up in smoke. Christianity will survive as it always has… but the West may not be necessary for it to survive, now that Russia seems to be undergoing a spiritual renaissance. God is not mocked, nor does the Church need America to survive. The question to be asked is, do we faithful remain in apostate ‘Jerusalem’ when God’s hand (like Rome in AD 70) is upon it in judgment, or do we flee to Pella (Russia)? Let the Lord give us time and vision to know what to do…..

  8. spahnranch1969 | November 30, 2019 at 8:46 am | Reply
    To his credit Ike ordered Operation Wetback. And he did put “Israel” in its place during the Suez Crisis.”

    I respond:

    Sometimes Israel gets on the same side as Nationalists of White European/British interests. In the Suez it was a Mugabe style/Panama Mestizo style grab of a very prosperous White British colony/canal. So Israel was on the side of the British/French neo colonialists, just as Israel was allied with White South Africa for so many years during White rule in South Africa.

    So why are you getting excited that President Eisenhower took the anti White side in the Suez Crisis, just because in one small instance the US was on the other side of israel? It’s the same as White Conservative Republicans during the 1950s, 1960s not taking the White sides in the Algerian race/culture war or support White Portugese in Angola or even support English Speaking White British in Rhodesia, Zimbabwe. These F#*$&@ American GOP Conservatives wasted all this time obsessing about our kinsmen the Russians or knee jerk anti Communism.

    Life isn’t and has never been very complicated. Just take the White side. This seems easy to me, I have no problem explaining this to sensible White Serbs, Croatians, Poles, Latvians even Russians. But for White Americans there is always some mixed up, F*#&$@ obsession, it might just be reality that after St. Paul forced the worst parts of the Jewish Bible on us, pushed the guilt of original sin, pushed demands that we had to share American style Democracy, coupled with some confused race denying religious gospel of free markets or some Constitution or some other SH#&#. We might have been f*#&$@ from the get go.

  9. Why Occidental Dissent is Doomed. I watch with bemusement the right tear itself apart. Are y’all Democrats? You sure act like Demonrats. Keep going. They love it.

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