The Hague Mass Stabbing Attack

I wrote this article this morning about the UK. The same scenario has played out again on the same day across the English Channel in the Hague in the Netherlands.


“At least three people have been stabbed in an attack at a department store in a busy shopping street in The Hague, Dutch police say.

Police are searching for a man aged between 45 and 50, wearing a grey jogging tracksuit, who they believe may be behind the attack.

Images on social media showed emergency services at the scene amid crowds of Black Friday shoppers.

The condition of those injured and the motive for the attack remain unclear.

The incident happened at the Hudson’s Bay store in the city’s Grote Markt or main market square area, local reports say.

Video posted to social media showed dozens of shoppers running in the busy shopping street. …”

How fitting.

It was the seafaring empires of the Netherlands and the UK that gave Europe the modern world by pioneering liberalism and free-market capitalism.

Increasingly though, you would have to be blind not to see how our current system is dissolving the ethnocultural cores of Western nations. The system is destroying its own foundations by deconstructing their cultures and by replacing the people of the West with aliens. It is all rooted in the overreaction to World War I and World War II. Those who speak out against what is happening are being criminalized by the flailing liberal establishment.

Listen to Oswald Mosley or Enoch Powell who were dismissed and marginalized as “extremists” in their time. Yesterday’s extremists are sometimes vindicated and remembered by future generations as prophets. History won’t look kindly on Europe’s current leaders.

Note: It occurs to me that one of the great ironies of the present moment is that our cause, which happens to be repressed in the West, represents a genuine and deeply organic sense of European patriotism based on common ancestry and culture. It is not the nationalism of the interwar period of the early 20th century. The only thing we want is to preserve and revitalize our civilization for future generations. Meanwhile, the European Union that was built on liberalism, capitalism and bureaucracy is an unloved thing which is tottering toward its ultimate ruin.

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  1. “Police are searching for a male aged 45- 50 and is wearing a grey tracksuit”

    Gee that really narrows down the seach huh?! whats he look like whats his freaking Race ffs you ‘not racist’ stupid bastards at lamestream media

  2. Northern and Western Europe are like an alcoholic or addict. When they finally hit rock bottom and come to the realization they have a problem then things will start to change.

  3. What is a knife, but a spear with a shorter handle. If Zod-Netherlands bans knives, savages will just make stone cutting instruments connected to a strong stick or branch. Hammer attacks could be the future of the E.U.

    European progtards would rather be stabbed, burnt with acid, run over by a truck than publicly criticize multiculturalism. You can’t fix stupid.

  4. The thing is, I don’t think Jewish behavior can be explained only as a reaction to WWII, because if the revisionists are wrong (which I don’t accept revisionism), 6 million Jews did die, but 70-85 million total people died and the holocaust in total included 17 million. Germans killed Poles and Russians. Croats killed Serbs (jews were a lower target than Serbs). Before that Turks killed Armenians in WW!. And even before WWI at least eastern europe was full of war (I haven’t studied western european history as much).

    What it did more was demoralized Gentiles, who basically see WW1, WWII and the holocaust / aremenian genocide / other genocides as the logical conclusion of nationalism.

    The Jews have been playing the persecution line since Egypt. With the Jews, I really think it’s their religion that makes them do it. Even in the bible, Jews are talking about being persecuted.

    Normal people react to the holocaust (and wwII, and other genocides) with compassion, but not with a political agenda.

    • The Old Testament is a fabrication. This Tribe has invented an entire mythology about being God’s Chosen Perfect Angels while being eternally hated and victimized by the cursed goyim to cover for their vile behavior.

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