Emmanuel Macron: Russia Is No Longer Europe’s Enemy

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that this is something that hasn’t gone over well with the Deep State in Washington.

The Moscow Times:

“French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday said his remarks that NATO was experiencing “brain death” had been a useful wake-up call to alliance members, and he would not apologize for saying it.

Macron’s blunt verdict ahead of a Dec. 4 summit in Britain drew strong reaction from European peers who believe Europe still needs to rely heavily on the transatlantic military alliance for its defense.

But the French leader, speaking alongside NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, made no apology for the remarks, which he said were needed after allies became too focused on budget issues instead of evolving geopolitics. …

“Who is our common enemy?” Macron asked. “This question deserves to be clarified.”

“Is our enemy today, as I hear sometimes, Russia? Is it China? Is it the Atlantic alliance’s purpose to designate them as enemies? I don’t think so,” Macron said.

“Our common enemy at the alliance is, it seems, terrorism, which has hit all of our countries.”

The common enemy is liberalism.

It is the liberal order that is dissolving France and the Western nations. It is our liberal elites who are deconstructing our traditional cultures and allowing the peoples of the West to be overrun and replaced by hordes of foreigners. These people have done far more damage to our civilization than even an invasion and occupation by Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union could have done. The only reason there is a terrorist threat is because the Western liberal elite has nurtured and suckled this viper at its own breast for the past two generations.

China isn’t the threat it is made out to be either. The fact that China is becoming a superpower is entirely due to poor decisions made in Washington. Corporate America abandoned the American working class in order to make a fortune off investing in China. It was American policymakers who chose to invest trillions of dollars in setting the Middle East on fire.

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  1. This is a very unexpected pleasant surprise coming from Macron. I wish he had said “Islamic Terrorism”, however.

    • Imagine if that sniveling prick had said our common enemy was an international clique of rootless cosmopolitans?

      Someday, perhaps sooner than we think, a high-ranking official somewhere will say that.

    • No he would never say Islamic terrorism, if its any terrorism that globalist cocksuckers like macron oppose its terrorism by white supremacists which is literally non existant meanwhile hes fine with terrorist incidents like the bataclan nightclub massacre

    • Just two months ago, Macron said we had to defeat “the islamist hydra”.
      I wish he had said “the jew octopus”. Unfortunately he is paid by the jew octopus.

  2. They say liberalism is a mental disorder. Well if it is, I don’t think it is one that can ever be cured. I believe you are either born one or you are not, as you cannot explain loyalty to somone who thinks loyalty is a joke.

    One day we will be able to detect them with a simple genetic test. The test will tell us if a person is a self hating anti-White traitor, or they are healthy.

    What will happen on the day when we know who is who? I don’t know, but I believe it will lead to the end of politics as we understand it, and bring about a new age of peace and prosperty – for Whites who don’t hate themselves.

    We don’t need White anti-Whites. They just think we need them.

  3. There is no legitimate reason why NATO should continue to exist, 30 years after the Warsaw Pact disintegrated. Of course the only reason it does still exist is to establish a global American-Zionist empire. And Putin’s Russia stands in the way of that evil plan.

  4. HW,

    How would an occupation by National Socialist Germany “damaged our civilization?” That’s something juden loving Churchill would have said.

  5. Our common enemy is the Jews. And if the Russian bogeyman, the Chinese and the Muslims are not seen as our enemy then the Jews have no where to hide.

  6. Micron is not a politician, he’s merely a talking head. His hubris, combined with his shortness, is a lethal combination. That ANYONE takes this little twerp seriously, is astounding for me. N’est-ce pas?

  7. The fall of the Soviet Union was one of the most momentous events of the 20th Century. Yet it received very little coverage at the time from the reigning usual suspects. The entire “intelligence community” and all of the geopolitical “experts” didn’t see it coming. The “I’m not a communist but some of my best friends are” liberal establishment was deeply shaken and embarrassed. So down the memory hole it went.

    That an anti-White globalist like Macron is bringing this up is indeed a surprise and has me waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  8. “It is our liberal elites who are deconstructing our traditional cultures and allowing the peoples of the West to be overrun and replaced by hordes of foreigners.”

    It’s the Jews, not any “liberal elites” !

    By the way, Macron says the enemy is terrorism. But even in France, I guess most murders committed by his migrants have nothing to do with terrorism. Those people tend to be violent. As for Muslim terrorists, I suspect many of them are partly motivated by the Jewish “anti-racist” propaganda against Whites. For example, as a man born and bred in England, the latest London Bridge Jihadist must have heard a lot of anti-White rhetoric. I bet most of it was Jewish, not Muslim.

    It seems that Macron doesn’t want a nuclear war with Russia after all. But he is still taking part in the US sanctions program against that country. That is because Russia has taken back Crimea. It’s important to defend Ukraine’s borders while we remove the borders between Europe and Africa. Macron also took part in the neocon crusade against Assad, which could have started a war with Russia.

    • It works like this:
      1. White nationalists let the White liberals get away with their blatant treason, because they are blind to anything but Jews.
      2. Then the White traitor liberals get power, push nationalists out, and let the Jews in.
      3. Then the Jews get influence, they write laws to let the coloreds in, and White liberals vote for them.
      4. Then the Jews write hate speech and forced assimilation laws to protect the new colored minority from “racists”, and White liberals vote for them as well.
      5. Then the coloreds become majority, and when they get power they push the Jews and White liberals out, and the mass genocide of Whites begins.

      The beginning of the chain is the White nationalist who ignores traitors. What are we to do about him?

  9. Macon, you slimy little queer, Russia was never our enemy. Our true enemy uses fronts that look like us. You’ve been successfully programmed by them and your persuasion is the evidence. What was your price?

    Viva la France without Macon!

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