MIGA: Zioclops Cringeshaw Owns Alt-Right 2.0

Totally destroyed them!

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  1. I read last year about a Catholic priest who has lived in Israel for years. He said when he is in public he has been spit upon so many times by Jews that he has lost track. He said not once has a Moslem spit upon him.

    Do liberals spit upon priests? Jews are worse enemies of Christ than liberals.

    • There are many Christian Zionists here in the US miss, especially in the South. They unconditionally support the jews’ ongoing war of terror against the Palestinians, even though many Palestinians are either Christians themselves or are friendly towards them.

      I have one thing in common with the jews, miss – we both have nothing but the lowest, meanest contempt for Christian Zionists.

      • “I have one thing in common with the jews, miss – we both have nothing but the lowest, meanest contempt for Christian Zionists. “

        I being a Christian, count me in to your group too please !!

      • spahnranch1969,

        Well I was warned about christian zionists before staying in Texas. They were everything I was told they were.

        I met one exception. I showed an old Protestant woman the uncensored Talmud. She was shocked and said she would tell her minister. Then she got smart and said——-All that will happen is that our reverend will somehow blame me and say it does not represent what most Jews believe and that I should not spread such anti -Jewish hate?????

    • Cristina,

      This article may provide some interesting reading for you. It is a review of a book about The Spanish Inquisition, “New Christians ” aka Marranos, crypto-jews, and the role jews played as “middlemen ” alien tax farmers for European Royalty. Oh yeah, it’s written by the father of bibi netanyahu.

      The author of the article dissects netanyahu’s lies,distortions, and biases.

      That Cardinal Torquemada (converso) was the uncle of Grand Inquisitor Torquemada is stranger than fiction.


    • Captain Kirk is most definitely not gay. As Eddie Murphy famously said, Kirk was so horny that he had relations with a “green bitch.”

  2. The only thing Danny’s missing is a peg leg. Even without one, he looks like a character out of central casting.

    He’s questionable pretty much like all the rest of them.

  3. Look at his bio. Born foreign. Spent most of his youth in brown countries. Military career, meaning brainwashing by the globalists. Then Harvard.

    He is not a traitor. He was never one of us. Pure globalist.

  4. Guys like Crenshaw are there so that boomer cuckservatives have reassurances that “The Kids” will have “Principled Conservatives” as role models.

  5. Anti-Semite used to mean someone who doesn’t like Jews.
    Today anti-Semite means anyone Jews don’t like, 99 out of 100 times someone who is White.
    Today anti-Semite operates the same way anti-racist does. Both are code words for anti-White.

  6. Zioclops and Candy Slobansin are teaming up with Boom! and Lady Maga as the better and more polished version of America First 2.0. I can feel the powerful organic populist fire emerging right now…..


  7. The only white people you are allowed to love are Israelis and the only non-white people you are allowed to hate are Muslims.

    There are only two people that are not allowed to have their own nations: Palestinians, in Palestine, and white people, anywhere on earth.

    That should tell you something about who has power.

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