Foreign Policy: How Europe’s Nationalists Became Internationalists

I found this to be an interesting take on the retreat of liberalism and the rise of nationalism and populism in the West.

Foreign Policy:

“Authoritarianism, populism, and nationalism have dominated the headlines in recent years. From India to the United States and across the European continent, this triad threatens the predominant liberal democratic order, both domestically and internationally. All three are closely intertwined. Both nationalists and populists claim ownership over the authentic will of the people, using it to frame their campaigns around overly simplistic narratives that pit “the people” (often ethnically defined natives) against a globalist, out-of-touch elite.

But tropes like the “will of the people” tend be far more narrowly defined than their label implies, clashing with a much broader public perspective and forcing populist and nationalist politicians to adopt authoritarian methods to capture and maintain power. Far-right parties and most populists have traditionally been Euroskeptic, rejecting the European Union and opposing further integration inside its institutions.

Nationalism, populism, and authoritarianism are not new phenomena, but their modern proponents have made inroads across Europe partly because they have adopted a broader civilizational outlook that, ironically, centralizes the importance of European culture. …

Liberal Europeans also share a set of core values, defined in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union: “Human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities.” The nationalists turn toward Europeanism shares the notion of a values-based Europe, but instead of emphasizing universal rights, they see it underpinned by distinct notions of civilization, usually defined by race, ethnicity, and religion.”

I started this website in 2006.

I’m pleased to see that our cause has grown stronger. It seems like we have suffered a setback in the Trump era, but in the broad sweep of the last twenty years it has only been a bump in the road. At the time, I didn’t expect someone like Trump to get elected as early as he did.

Liberalism in our times has become synonymous with a spirit of negativity: deracination, degeneracy, deconstruction, dissolution and death. It cultivates self-hatred in Europeans and chauvinism and resentment in non-European minorities. It holds that all European nations are illegitimate and welcomes the dispossession and replacement of Europeans by foreigners. European nations are uniquely being subjected to a reverse colonialism and as we have recently seen with Angela Merkel anyone who speaks out too harshly against the status quo will be deprived of the highly touted benefits of the liberal order. In short, the liberal order has made itself the enemy of the nation and each European people having a homeland.

As we look back across history to try to explain this bizarre state of affairs, we can see the origins of it are rooted in World War II. The triumphant Western Allies created the Western Bloc which squared off against the Eastern Bloc in a contest for global domination. The universal ideology of the Western Bloc was liberal democracy and free-market capitalism. The universal ideology of the Eastern Bloc was communism. This contest between the American-led West and the Soviet-led East changed the West in a number of ways that have led to the present crisis.

The Western Bloc triumphed in the Cold War. It has since expanded from its core to incorporate the nations of Eastern Europe and Southern Europe. The European Union is best seen as an attempt to integrate Europe on the basis of the Western Bloc’s universal ideology: liberal democracy and free-market capitalism. It is really only one pillar of the Western Bloc though which is a larger entity that includes the rest of the Occident and much of the non-Western world. If you step foot anywhere in the Western Bloc, you will find that the problems are the same because the same culture and system is coextensive with the Western Bloc. Just as the problems of Gaul were the problems of Britannia, the problems of France are the problems of the United States.

In the aftermath of World War II, it was decided at the United Nations that race doesn’t exist anymore. “Racism” became the ultimate taboo after the defeat of the Nazis. Nationalism also became taboo. The fight against the Nazis was expanded to include dismantling “white supremacy” whether it was the Jim Crow South or White Australia or Rhodesia or South Africa under apartheid. In the Western Bloc, the basis of the social order became liberal democracy and free-market capitalism, which were soon mobilized and pitted against the particular racial, ethnic, cultural, historical and religious identities and foundations of Western nations. Eventually, whiteness itself became illegitimate and taboo and all across the Western bloc the peoples of the Occident as a whole were decoupled from their homelands under the liberal concept of civic nationalism. The Great Deracination has produced a Western Bloc that no longer has any belief in itself, its own Christian culture or sees any reason to continue to exist. It cannot even reproduce itself as it now values other things much higher than children or continuity with the past.

In hindsight, we can see liberalism mutating as it merged with other poisonous trends of the late 20th century like postmodernism, multiculturalism and political correctness, which are not necessarily liberal but which have become integrated into it over the course of time. These things have all combined with mass immigration to create a culture of death that hangs over the Western Bloc. The peoples of the West have been detached from their roots and cast adrift in this disintegrating and disordered world. The current generations of Gen Xers, Millennials and Zoomers were born into this liberal dystopia which was created largely by the Greatest Generation and the Boomers in the so-called Thirty Glorious Years that followed World War II.

The current revival of nationalism and populism is a visceral reaction against this culture of death. Nationalism is not synonymous with fascism. We live in a very different time. We live in a different century with different challenges. The great challenge of our time is to reconnect all the Western nations with their roots, which were foolishly severed by the liberal establishment after World War II, and to ensure that the West survives the early 21st century in some recognizable form and that it is passed down to our descendants. The alternative is the 21st century equivalent of the fall of the Western Roman Empire. We’ve learned from the mistakes of the past and the last thing we want to do is to plunge Europe back into the horrors of the World Wars. In fact, no one is more opposed to the thought of World War III than nationalists. We see Russia as a European Christian nation that is properly nested within the European family. Similarly, China is a great nation with an ancient civilization in its own right that we tend to respect. It is only the champions of the liberal order who seek to disturb the peace of the world, not us.

The 20th century can be divided into two periods. In the first half of the 20th century, nationalism was taken an extreme. In the second half of the 20th century, anti-nationalism was taken to the other other extreme. The pendulum is now swinging back to its proper place as history marches forward: Europe as a family of nations at peace with itself, each with its own place, culture and unique identity, which share common roots and a common destiny, and only that Europe, not the one that is a common market of deracinated and self-loathing consumers, has a future.

Note: Was Oswald Mosley a fascist? I don’t know or care but what he says here is what we all believe. The man has met his hour.

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  1. See based on what you’ve written here, you know better than to suggest a single jewish cause.

    You can argue that there are two americas (urban and rural) as a simplistic argument, and Jews are part of the other America in general, with a few exceptions (i’m sure there are a few rural jews). Both groups changed because of world war II.

    Even if every Jew was exterminated worldwide, the war alone and knowledge of the holocaust still would have changed rural whites. And no one would be able to hide that forever.

    You said earlier that you don’t believe in a single jewish cause and I don’t think you really do, I think you want to retain commentators who do which is understandable.

    Finally even if jews never existed, now we have the internet. things like the genocide of serbs, mass murders of poles, armenian genocide by now, with the internet, with modern technology, would catch on. I’ll grant that the holocaust got special attention in the era before the internet, but now even the ADL admits to the armenian genocide (foxman was a denier). Things like “I can’t breathe” (eric gardner) might not have taken off pre-internet.

    Point is, western desire to seek the truth would have lead to a similar outcome even without the holocaust as other mass murders would have been uncovered, plus the holocaust effected both americas.

    • No, I have never believed in a single Jewish cause.

      The root cause is liberalism. The Jewish Question is a consequence of that cause. Even if there were no Jews here, we would still have problems enough. It’s more like their cumulative effect is to tip the scales.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        Congratulations on the Auburn victory. I heard it was a thrilling game.

        I asked my grandmother about Alabama again today. She lived throughout the deep South in the 1950’s. She said the little town she lived in when she was in Alabama was very clean and orderly and the people were extremely friendly. Hopefully, it is the same now.

    • Daryl B,

      I noticed that you bring up the holohoax an awful lot and still believe the “six million” lie.

      What you don’t seem to recognize either intentionally or not is the communist-jewish ethnic cleansing/genocide of Ukrainian Kulaks which was responsible for murdering up to 10 million gentiles between 1932-1933. Why do you ignore this atrocity, but regurgitate the zionist-jewish propaganda of the holohoax?

      If I were a suspicious fella, I’d say that your sympathies run towards the talmudic, and that your breath might smell of gefilte fish, lox, and bagels


      • Stalin’s atrocities, none of which I can prove or disprove, but which i’ll give the benefit of the doubt, weren’t done in the name of nationalism so it’s irrelevant to the discussion.

        It was done in the name of controlling resources, assuming again that history is right.

    • Fascinating how the lurking kikes always reveal themselves.

      “Oy vey, it’s not really us, goyim! We’re sweet and innocent, not a race driven to destroy their primary rival, the White race, for mastery of the world, and doing so through underhanded means! Oy gevalt, we’re angels, just ignore the fact that we took over media in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, that we engineered communist revolution in Russia and attempted it throughout Europe that we drove our goyim slaves to destroy the nationalist, European counterattack against our schemes — fascism — that we have been at the forefront of flooding your countries with our biological mercenaries, working tirelessly with money and propaganda and pornography and countless organizations to destroy you!”

      The mask is off again, you Hebrew serpent — we know you for what you are. It’s too late to hide it with your simpering misdirections and walls of text.

  2. “Nationalist” vs. “Internationalist” or “Globalist” is more mealey-mouthed reactionary right-wing wordism.

    Of all people, Richard Spencer got this right a long time ago. We have “British nationalists” in the Brexit party that are giving speeches before the EU complaining that the EU is … wait for it … “racist” because it doesn’t have enough “people of color” leading it.

    So the British nationalist Brexit party wants to keep out Polish plumbers – but give citizenship and the vote to all non-white people currently living in Britain, citizen or not, legal or not.

    Brexit also promises to import more non-white immigrants from the former British empire to replace the white immigrants from the EU.

    It’s pro-white vs. anti-white. Pro-white liberalism is 100 million times better than anti-white conservatism or anti-white “neo-camerlism” or whatever nonsense Curtis Yarvin and his authoritarian cultists blather on about.

    “Liberalism” has nothing to do with it. The anti-white left hates liberalism and Antifa have a motto: “liberals get the bullet too.”

    Remember, this old commercial for the EU was attacked as “racist” because it illustrated the EU as a White coalition working in its own interests against non-Whites.

    Of course the EU was never meant to be that, but that is the way it was sold and the only way it got any popular support.

    “The more we are, the stronger we are.”

    • Right on. It’s not nationalism we want, it’s our race to not go extinct and our people to have sovereignty over our own countries.

      I agree with Spencer too.
      If it takes a massive white empire spanning Europe and North America to achieve that goal then so be it.

  3. I wish I could share your sense of optimism but from my vantage point the pendulum is not swinging back to the center, rather it is accelerating left exponentially. As time marches inexorably forward the all-white societies of the past seem more and more distant. One day in the not too distant future they will pass from living memory at which point they become ancient and irrelevant, an abstraction that is only of interest to a handful of historians. With the simple passage of time our ideal society seems increasingly out of touch and fanciful. This is why we are fighting such a difficult battle.

    If the Nazis achieved anything it was demonstrating that our ideological enemies can be overthrown and in very short order if only we had the will to do so. The Nazis also proved that you don’t win by being conservative or reasonable, you win by being more radical than your opponent just in the opposite direction. “Nationalists” who appear to be opposed to cultural Marxism but who play footsie with Zionists are our greatest enemies. They wish to channel our righteous anger into impotent whining about Islam, all while promoting “assimilation”, also known as miscegenation, to the people. Traitorous zio-scum like Trump and the “nationalists” pictured represent a perverted and fake nationalism. Their Jew-safe populism is nothing but a pressure-release value designed to pacify the dumb goys and prevent them from noticing the rapidly heating water.

    “Reasonable” Jew-friendly nationalism will lead to our racial death just as surely as unhinged liberalism will.

  4. “as history marches forward”


    the Boogaloo. And this just in:

    the Muslim shitskin who murdered 2 people in London t’other day,

    was freed from prison on a prior terror charge

    by a Jew judge.

  5. The pendulum will swing hard in the other direction before it comes to settle in a more “Normal position.” The house cleaning is going to be brutal because it has to be. This is not simply a political fight, but a fight for the very existence of our race. The red pennant will be raised. Sadly, that is what it’s going to take.

  6. ” The nationalists turn toward Europeanism shares the notion of a values-based Europe, but instead of emphasizing universal rights, they see it underpinned by distinct notions of civilization, usually defined by race, ethnicity, and religion.” “

    I would say that the above geopolitical summation from this think group, is almost correct.

    What is missing from their analysis (something that would bring cold sweat to many) is to point out is that in European national circles there is a great “thirst” desire to make these nationalist movements through out European nations in to a revisionist type of Nationalism.

    A movement of national fervor that will compare revise and if need be DISCARD the current social order within European societies – that includes current social “values” dogmas, History and policy!!

    Something akin to this movement in Hellas in 4th of August 1936, by a Military officer – Lieutenant General , Ioannis Metaxas.

    This is Hellenic Nationalism:

    (no sound – old original footages)

    what it was – what it can be

    ” Sometimes a Nation has to fight to stay Great, even if the outcome is hopeless.

    Just because it is necessary to do so ! “
    Ioannis Metaxas

    Rare pictures of Goebbels’ visit to Metaxas in 1936×575.jpg

    • Eksothen,

      Thank you for bringing this little known chapter of Greek history to light.

      Too bad Metaxas didn’t send Greek volunteers to Germany. He appears to be a weaker Franco.

      The Irish had a small contingent of so-called “Green Shirts.” The British feared that Irish Republicans would allow the Kreigsmarine to use deep harbor ports, so the Royal Navy took over all Irish ports of military value.

      • My friend, If I may…

        the history our common European History, that we don’t know which is circumvented and falsified through a methodical and systematic way has to reveal more wonders and golden nuggets, then we can ever imagine.


        Who knows that the Gaelic people, due to their master craftsmanship in metallurgy developing the thrusting front end of spears, were paid handsomely under contract with Philip the II of Macedon, Alexander’s father, to develop the front end of the Macedonian world know spear/pikes, the Sarissa ??

      • I am not well read on this subject.

        Though the little that I have read I know pushes me to say, that unfortunately the 1916 Irish proclamation of Irish National Sovereignty against the invaders from England, did not have the support it required.

        Ireland needs very badly another Easter Rising (a play on words with the Resurrection of Christ), in the same spirit of 1916.

        A rise Nationalist fervour and surge of testosterone !!

  7. There is nothing inherently wrong with “a” European Union, it’s “the” European Union that’s a problem. If there was a European Union that just made trade and travel easier that’s fine, but it’s all of the immigration bullshit that’s the issue. I’m sure even if brexit happens it’s all a show. The UK will still be ran by jews and it will still import tons of africans and pakis by the day.

  8. A Europe free of poisonous jewish influence, where the Romanov, Habsburg, Hohenzollern and Bourbon dynasties are restored; A Levant where Constantinople is once again under Greek rule and Palestine is given back to the Turks and Syrians; And America is amicably divided between North and South.

    None of that is beyond the realm of possibility!

    • Spahn,

      What do you suggest we do with the negro, chicano, pajeet, and yellow menace spread out in both North and South?

    • “From your mouth to God’s ears”… as they say.

      Constantinople, was much more then just a Christian ‘mecca’ run by Greeks.

      It was a centre for our European Heritage that blossomed with Platonic ‘gymnasiums’ Aristotelian Universities, with Christian theological schools reading studying works from Archimedes and Anaximander and Democritus comparing their similarities between the Apostolic writings and the pre Christian body of work “Grammateia” – Where Roman Poets Philosophers like Quintus Horatius Flaccus, law makers such as Lycurgus Solon and Roman Senator Cato were scrutinized in search of their virtue within their writings and their laws.

      Constantinople, had Europeans from EVERY part of OUR continent.
      There where Spaniards and Germans and Serbs and Bulgarians, and Russ (Russians) and Romanians, Armenians, Romans (before the Schism) it was what Europe MUST become, a centre of Learning of Science of Faith of National Virtues of all that is best amongst OUR European races,

      From the North to the East from the West to the South, from pre-Christian and the Best of what it means to be a Christian.

      That kind of Europe, that kind of Western man, ONLY Nationalists, are apt and capable, (most importantly), willing to build !!!!

  9. Deconstruction is just a tool. It’s actually a very powerful tool. Thinking humans are using it all the time. The scientific method is based on it. The great scientific achievements of the European people relied upon it.

    It can be used for positive ends and negative ends. What’s the motive in employing this tool? Depends on the user and the observer.

    Even in Buddhism, after deconstruction comes unity and the bodhisattva is the enlightened who returns to the world to heal and reconstruct.

    Jews used deconstruction among many other means, to wrest control of our nations from us. Their tikkun olam was genocidal bolshevism not bodhisattvism.

    May we be the true bodhisattvas who care about our people with a righteous militancy while performing the necessary deconstruction for healing not destruction.

    • If there was a ‘merit’ way to “score” a comment. The above would be scored towards the perfect mark !

      ” May we be the true bodhisattvas who care about our people with a righteous militancy while performing the necessary deconstruction for healing not destruction. “

      Hear, hear !!

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