Learning Together: London Bridge Terrorist Killed His Own Instructor In Deradicalization Course

Shakes head.

The symbolism of what happened in the attack yesterday on London Bridge is just unbelievable. A White man who was convicted killer and a group of other criminals going through a prison rehabilitation course chased down and subdued the Islamic terrorist. Unlike the common criminal, it was the jihadist alien who was granted a second chance who was irredeemable.

The Daily Beast:

“LONDON—A frenzied knife attack by a known terrorist who was let out of prison early on parole was halted by a posse of Londoners that included a convicted killer on day release. …

A man named James Ford grabbed one of the terrorist’s knives and carried it to safety, staggering south across the bridge away from the melee and warning clueless pedestrians to back away from a potential explosion.

As cell-phone footage spread across social media and onto global news networks, the man was labelled a hero. Some of those watching the video, however, were appalled by what they saw.

Angela Cox, 65, received a phone call from police liaison officers telling her to switch on the TV. She thought the man who had disarmed the terrorist was still in prison.

Ford had been convicted of the brutal murder of her niece in 2004. He approached the 21-year-old, who was said to have the mental age of a 15-year-old, in an area of woodland and slit her throat. The judge at the time said: “What you did was an act of wickedness. You clearly have an interest in the macabre and also an obsession with death including murder by throat cutting.” …

The judge said Khan, who was just 19 at the time, was one of the ringleaders of a small British terror network that followed the teachings of U.S.-born Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula propagandist Anwar al-Awlaki. …”

Usman Khan killed Jack Merritt who was his instructor in the deradicalization course. Khan was a personal friend of Anjem Choudary. He was yet another “lion out of a cage.” He should have been behind bars for all these things trying to kill Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Daily Mail:

“ISIS has tonight claimed the London Bridge terror attack was carried out by one of its fighters.

The terrorist organisation said Usman Khan, 28, who killed two and injured several more when he went on a knife rampage in central London yesterday, acted on their behalf.

The group, however, did not provide any evidence this is the case as it made the claim through its news agency. 

It added that the attack was made in response to Islamic State calls to target countries that have been part of a coalition fighting the jihadist group. …

The attacker, who was jailed in 2012 for his role in an al Qaeda-inspired terror group that plotted to bomb the London Stock Exchange, had first been tackled and disarmed by a group of brave bystanders on the bridge.  

Jack Merritt, 25, from Cottenham, was today named by his father as one of two victims killed by Khan at a prisoner rehabilitation conference at Fishmongers’ Hall, where the attack began yesterday afternoon. 

Mr Merritt was the course co-ordinator for Learning Together, an education scheme run by the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Criminology that killer Khan had attended on Friday.

The group had been hosting a conference at the Grade II-listed building when the attack began, with Khan one of the former criminals attending the rehabilitation seminar for prisoners.

Mr Merritt’s father David said in a tweet that his son ‘would not wish his death to be used as the pretext for more draconian sentences or for detaining people unnecessarily’.

R.I.P. Jack: you were a beautiful spirit who always took the side of the underdog.’ …

According to the Learning Together schedule of the day, Khan began his terror spree during the storytelling and creative writing session. 

The 28-year-old attacker is understood to have been invited to share his experience of prison and wore black clothing and sand-coloured boots, according to The Times.

A witness named Coralie said around 100 guests and 50 staff were in attendance.  

Khan returned to the hall via the grand staircase after the morning session where he later threatened to blow up the hall, a member of staff said.

He reportedly started ‘lashing out’ in a room downstairs and was heading upstairs when he was tackled by the other conference-goers and ‘bundled out’ of the front door past a room of unarmed people. …

Khan had previously been arrested on December 20, 2010, four days before he and his nine-strong Al-Qaeda-inspired gang had planned to plant a bomb in the toilets of the London Stock Exchange.

After arresting Khan’s gang, police found a handwritten list of targets which included the U.S. Embassy and the homes of London Mayor Boris Johnson, the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral and two rabbis. …”

Just wow.

Jack Merritt, the Guardian-reading liberal, was a victim of the diversity he championed:

Will Britain learn anything about the nexus of liberalism, mass immigration, multiculturalism, political correctness and terrorism from this episode? It is highly doubtful.

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  1. The solution to the endless failures of diversity is always MORE Diversity! he liberals will say it failed (yet again) because we didn’t try hard enough. To fix it we must ram even more diversity, political correctness training, and oppressive laws down everyone’s throats.

    Political correctness is not based on what works, it is based on what they want to believe is true. It is a Religion! and there is no tolerance for heretics.

    • Well said. The anti-White Diversity cult is made up of religious fanatics. With each new failure and doubt the fanatic always doubles down. His true ends become more transparent to everyone.

  2. This is hilarious.

    “ISIS?” They are still flogging that nonsense, even though it’s now accepted that Assad didn’t “gas his own people” and that the “White Helmets” were nothing but a British media propaganda outfit, as if the fact the British tabloids admitting they were sending literal film actors to Syria and had literal blonde Rothschild “media chicks” sniffing for “chemical weapons” on camera didn’t clue in even the dimmest conservatives what was going on?

    No wonder Trump is fine with censoring non-Zionist Christians on youtube, but instead is dedicated to the death penalty for Julian Assange? Lock Hillary Clinton up? No, lock Julian Assange up for leaking all of Hillary’s emails!

    White Americans – especially conservatives – have been confusing TV for reality since the 1960s and were even confused by early radio. They openly brag how the “Superman” radio show convinced White Americans – even Southerners – that the anti-immigration Second Klan were “teh bad guys.”

    When can we accept this? I thought the references to George Fitzhugh made the point?

    The problem isn’t the dim-witted white working class who lack education, sophistication, or discernment. The problem is the so-called conservative “trad reactionary” “White elite” who are just as fooled as the lowest-IQ rednecks.

    I thought the Fitzhugh-quoting “trad elites” were going to take charge and “lead” the white working class Southerners to … secession or partition or something.

    Or maybe the “right-wing anti-liberal conservative traditionalist non-egalitarians” are, essentially, no different than Louis Farrakhan. Talking a big game while being led around by the nose by the real elites?

    Uh, “liberal democracy” bad!

    • “confusing TV for reality since the 1960s ”

      That’s the gospel truth.

      People don’t even know the difference anymore, much less the super powerful sublimal influence.

  3. More of the same manufactured events like these that continue to reveal those forces of decline in the political and social sphere. Even applying a Baudrillardian lense to these events is inadequate! The center cannot hold any longer! Just look below how the dividing line between what is authentic vs inauthentic is now gone! Soon video will no longer be reliable! We think the manufacturing of events is bad now! Ohhhhh nooooo! A funhouse of mirrors awaits our existential analytic!

    “Only a god can save us” – Heidegger

  4. Now that the details are emerging, this is BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL story! This is….wonderful! I have to get back on Twitter. I want to back up Morgoth! I don’t know who the other dead person is, but Feral Greaseball Dune Coon jihadi, and his fey, faggy Race Traitor retard instructor are THE PERFECT embodiment of the Age.

    • Would you consider returning to Gab, madam? I know it’s a dreadful place full of Trumpfags and Israeli spam-bots but there is a small, fanatically pro-white presence that would benefit greatly from your contributions.

  5. David Merritt and Jack Merritt’s vestiges should be engraved on the British Pound. He represents everything that is wrong in cuck island.

    The U.K. If it already hasn’t passed it is on the precipice of the point of no return.

    Anglosphere isn’t a tragedy but a comedy.

    Cheers mates!

    • You have the right way of looking at this insanely stupid situation. Many more whites are going to suffer and die at the hands of their pet Allah niggers before order is ruthlessly restored. But most of them will deserve it.

  6. This victim was in a sense no victim. He got exactly what he was asking for there. I like how this incident shows that White criminals are recoverable while brown invaders are completely incomparable. It’s perfect. And this shit academic got exactly what he needed.

  7. No tears for Diversity cucks and traitors, you made your bed now lie in it and according to the cucks father he agrees with his sons death by the jihadist lol thats a bit of a awkward head scratcher but alright whatever

  8. Automobile accidents kill 100 Americans every day and nobody is suggesting we ban cars. As a society we have accepted that person mobility is worth approximately 30,000 lives a year. In that context why would liberal elites reconsider thier most fundamental and deeply held beliefs because of just two deaths? If we’re going to defeat liberalism we have to understand their state of mind. Do you reconsider pro-white activism when some sicko flashing our symbols kills a bunch of innocent people? No.

    Again, what of the 99.999% of non-European immigrants who don’t stab and kill people? Are they welcome? Do we even want multiculturalism to proceed smoothly? Pointing to the bad behavior of aliens is a losing strategy for us. It makes us look weak and insincere. We need to say Pakistanis don’t belong in England because they are not English. Not because a fraction of them stab Guardian-reading liberals.

  9. How many times have we heard that liberal child is killed and liberal parent using his or her own child death to push more liberal agenda.

    White liberalism is genetic defect .

  10. Some of you goys are too young to remember the killing of Amy Biehl. This is almost as funny. Every now and again, some bougie white liberal must die for diversity.

    • Was she the blonde swede or American that went to South Africa and was raped and murdered by the jungle bunnies?

  11. Terrible – and getting very repetitive. This could have been taken straight out of Jean Respail’s Camp of the Saints.

    I came face to face with the sister of Amy Biehl in San Diego when the sister tried to recruit my daughter in to her terrible “Let’s embrace and forgive the ANC Black murderers of my sister” cult. I got in her face and called her the most shameless whore I’ve ever met.

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