The New Plantation of Ireland

My ancestry is 10% Irish and Scottish and 70% English, Welsh and Northwestern European. The Irish Question is muted in the American South because nearly the entire White population here is “British” or “Atlantic Isles” to some varying degree. There was no sharp division between Protestants and Catholics here because of the black population. There is nothing like having a few million Africans in your midst to give you some perspective.

As Dave Cullen notes, liberalism is the enemy of Ireland. It has decoupled the Irish people from their own homeland. The problems which are now facing Ireland are the same problems you will find virtually anywhere else in the Western Bloc. The rationale for cultural deconstruction, mass migration and the replacement of the indigenous population by the political establishment are slightly different. The long term result is effectively the same as it is elsewhere. It means that Ireland as it has existed for thousands of years won’t survive the 21st century.

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  1. So, because Eire voted for the EU, voted for FAG rights, voted FOR Abortion, voted FOR female whoring politicians, voted FOR the ‘Irish Tiger’ lusting after gold, you wonder why you are being cursed?

    Where is your God, your national religion, your submission to the Church, or the restoration of the indigenous Irish Celtic church? Oh, you don’t want to be true Irish?

    “Pog mo thoìn,” as my grandpa used to say.

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