London Bridge Jihadist: I Ain’t No Terrorist

Do you know what is sad?

If I tried to visit the UK to see the land of my own ancestors, I would probably be given a harder time than Usman Khan. Such is the absurd world we live in under liberal values!

Note: Is Sadiq Khan related to Usman Khan?

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  1. Yeah sure…
    ” I Ain’t No Terrorist “ … BUT you’re a SAND NIGER – which by natural progression you are one and the same thing !!

  2. Do you know what is sad?……..the absurd world we live in under liberal values!

    NO, these concepts are not from liberals, the liberals are only a conduit. The origin and maintainers of these ideas are from a group of ethnically cohesive infiltrators.

    No liberal ever said:

    • Wallace is, in the final reckoning, a normie.

      He flirts with the idea that race matters, but when you cut to the chase, it’s all “ideas” for him, just like cuckservatives with their “proposition nation”.

      The “idea” of liberalism appeared magically out of nowhere to afflict our people. The concept of the jew manipulating its biological enemy to suicidal destruction is alien to him, meaning of course that he can never actually understand the world. He may call out the jews for supporting liberalism, but he still conceives of them as something like baptists or catholics, not as a genetically hostile organism with which there can be no pacts, as between lions and men.

      Just like he flirts with the notion of inequality between the sexes, but fundamentally thinks that women are actually a type of man — that they’re actually capable of ideals and high ideas and so forth, and so can be part of or even lead “the movement.” Blinded by his own chivalric pretenses to the fact that women are female mammals who follow whoever they perceive as currently dominant, and who are immediately revolted by and alienated from any male who shows submission towards them — such as by allowing them to lead or even speak out and define views — and therefore have nil to offer any kind of dissident movement. Other than as individual breeders of kids and caretakers of the home in the background.

      Basically, he’s just a slightly more edgy conservative in the end. Has the same blinkers as the liberals he pretends to despise, just viewed from a slightly different angle. Writes good American history articles, though.

      • There is a whole section of this blog dedicated to the Jewish Question which I write about on a daily basis often in multiple posts. Liberalism is an ideology and worldview that is the basis of our social order. Jews are a group. The two are not the same thing.

        Liberalism emerged in the 17th century. The backdrop was the Wars of Religion and the Scientific Revolution. Please continue though.

        • “Liberalism is an ideology and worldview that is the basis of our social order. Jews are a group. The two are not the same thing.”

          TRUE ! But the )ws are at the helm and they steer the course of the ship ‘liberal’. Just as in feminism, >98% of those setting the agenda are )ws.

          Without )ws, it is easy to conceive a liberal system that would want to resettle blacks in their native continent.

  3. Yo Britbongz! Stand tall against Hate! Stand tall against Terror! Get used to using blunted disposable plastic Sporks! You gave up your Gun Rights, now give up your rights to own anything made of ferrous metal with a sharpened edge! Surrender and disappear! It’s the Anti-Racist Thing…it’s for your own good.

  4. This is the hard question, what is the difference between terrorist and patriot. ?

    Two genetic white liberals are multiculted and when Hunter wishes to visit England, He will granted entry for the sole reason, that the immigration office had two 24//7 phone calls and emails “naxisoutfromuk” short from making the decision.

    Looking forward to headlines like Brexit supporters won with two votes…:D

    You know, white liberals actually can grow their own food and fight in the battlefield and do a lot of stuff. Before 1917 we laughed about snowflakes. After 1917, nobody laughed and called them snowflakes.

    Now we admit that the Red Army can actually fight. In the Russian Empire, there were millions of WW I trained soldiers with guns.

    Liberal college students, journos and intellectuals run over them. Just watch the picture of Jack Merritt. This strong good looking high IQ genetic white liberal could over helm the 10 random armed white nationalists with his bare hands.

    Genetic white liberal is a serious enemy. When you underestimate it, This time we were lucky that other fighter took Jack down. Next time we may discover that the college student can take down 10 white nationalist in the sword combat like the Russian Nationalists discovered in the Russian civil war.

    • What makes anti-White leftists dangerous is not their fighting skills, its their meme skills. The left never holds back when they meme: “Racist. Nazi, White Supremacist!” They never get tired of repeating them.

      The right wants to be respectable like the conservatives do, so they write essays no one reads and now that they finally do meme, they think memes are just funny jokes, or they water the good ones down to nothing.

      Recent example: White Genocide that puts the fear of God into anti-Whites and got Trump elected, they watered it down to the very respectable “Replacement”, which is not a criminal charge, so the perpetrators get off scott free. This watering down started *after* Trump was elected and ever since, things have been getting worse and worse for the right.

      The right don’t understand the psychology of the crowd, while the left does. The right think they are trying to convince an intelligent individual, when it is The Crowd that matters, and The Crowd has the intelligence of an 8 year old child.

  5. They’re both delusional non-Whites who think they are Englishmen… and never can, nor ever will be.

  6. Watching the videos of the UK police shooting Usman Khan dead, it looks like a death squad assassination of someone the police didn’t want to take alive

    As you can see in the vids, “It has been confirmed by the police that the man was unarmed and restrained when he was shot.”

    A gaggle of cops and a guy in plain clothes all had the guy tackled & on the ground, easily pinning his hands and arms … Then the cops suddenly decide to all back away, stop pinning him down, and kill him …wtf?

    If Usman Khan did have a functional suicide belt, releasing him was stupid – the elapsed time whilst they backed away, would give him a chance to detonate, and kill the gang of cops as well as himself

    But if Usman Khan was let out of prison, and groomed by a fake ‘Muslim radical’ working for the Brit security agencies – who maybe gave Khan the ‘suicide belt’ which Khan thought was real – then the UK police executing him makes sense, as dead men tell no tales

    Also –

    Two years ago, on 3 June 2017, the earlier London Bridge terrorist attack took place 5 days before the 8 June 2017 UKgeneral election

    Now, 29 November 2019, another London Bridge terrorist attack, 13 days before the 12 December 2019 UK general election

    So terrorists follow the Brit voting day calendar? Eager to help highlight a ‘law & order’ theme as Britons go to vote?

    We should all be open to the likelihood that many big terrorist / accelerationist events are run by gov … it suits their purposes well

    More on London Bridge & Usman Khan here

  7. Only a conservative white women brings back the real meaning of what it means to be a woman.

    In the female of the species, anything else but a conservative white women, is nothing more then a devalued walking vagina !

    Same goes for the white liberal man. It too is nothing more then a devalued walking vagina !!!!!!

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