New York Times: Progressives Should Appeal To Social Conservative Values To Beat Trump

A new study has found that in order to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election the Democratic Party should be trying to win over moderate centrist voters like us.

New York Times:

“An influential analysis of national polling data by Professors Ellis and Stimson suggests that the most effective candidate in a national election would combine the most popular feature of the Democratic Party, progressive economic policies, with the most popular feature of the Republican Party: the invocation of conservative ideology and values like patriotism, family and the “American dream.”

But are candidates free to mix and match their policies with their symbolic politics? If a Democratic candidate pursued such a mixed strategy, would it work? Or would it make him or her seem hypocritical or incoherent? …

To investigate these questions we conducted two experiments, one using a nationally representative sample of Americans, in which we looked at Americans’ support for “Scott Miller,” a hypothetical 2020 Democratic nominee. The participants in our studies were presented with excerpts from Scott Miller’s speeches — but we systematically varied the content of the speeches to analyze the effects of policy platform and symbolic politics.

We found that the most effective Democratic candidate would speak in terms of conservative values while proposing progressive economic policies — with some of our evidence suggesting that endorsing highly progressive policies would be best. …

These results suggest that the most effective Democratic challenger to President Trump in 2020 would invoke conservative values while offering progressive economic policies. …”

I spent like four months this year (March, April, May and June) toying with the fantasy of an anti-Trump populist-progressive coalition. It all came to an end in a series of cringe moments when the Democratic debates started in June with the idea of dissolving our borders.

Do you remember the Yang Gang boomlet on the Dissident Right? Andrew Yang is still talking about $1,000 a month and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but his brand changed almost overnight from “interesting Asian political outsider talking about AI and offering $1,000 a month” to “just another liberal Democrat” who disappeared on the big stage.

If Trump is reelected in 2020, it will be funny to look back on this blog and chart how the winds shifted like a weather vane as soon as the national conversation turned to the minefield of social issues in the Democratic debates like open borders, transgenderism, confiscating guns and gendered pronouns. It honestly feels like at the moment that the Democrats are blowing it and Trump is the favorite. Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro never had a chance of being president but may have ruined it for the eventual nominee by pulling the party too far to the Left.

This is how Trump is reelected by demonizing liberal elites on social issues:

This is how Democrats could have countered him by moving to the center on social issues and assembling an FDR size coalition but chose to talk about abolishing the gender binary while nominating Pete Buttigieg who has zero appeal to black voters:

The Far Left are really just the Far Left.

The Far Right are populists and nationalists in the Center of the electorate.

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  1. Yea that’s very true. The Democrats running are running far left wing. That’s bad for Democrats on election day. It already hurt the Democratic candidate for Governor in MS. He lost in part because the federal level Democrats are so Liberal now. The Republicans and Trump care nothing about Social Conservatives. Gay Marriage is a perfect example of that. Trump has no morals or values. He’s a typical Yankee social liberal. He’s made the Republicans even more liberal on social issues. However people are brainwashed about voting Republitard. The Democrats should be more moderate and recruit Social Conservatives. At least you get $1,000 a month in Universal Basic Income and the Democrats are against Warmongering for the Jews. Deo Vindice !

  2. D vs R – Trump vs some faggot or Boomer or fake Injun broad – it’s all a big show and the oligarchs are running it – unfortunately there are still plenty of people like Hunter Wallace that believe some kind of fundamental change that will benefit Whites will come of all of it.

  3. Somebody, sometime, and some place, is going to combine social
    Conservatism and liberal democrat economics, and if he or She is not a freak or weirdo, is going to take an election going away.

  4. “The Woke Left alienates moderate and conservative leaning populist voters”

    They couldn’t care less because they think that they’re in the absolute majority, and can only loose by electoral fraud on the part of their opponents. Which might be forgiven by the fact that these people live in places where they’re surrounded by infinity numbers of Leftist laystooges.

    They also believe the Marxist nonsense about progressive revolution, that happens in slow motion stages, bit by bit. Real revolutions happen fast and end within a few years of the (civil)war(s) they bring about, ending.

    I realised a long time ago that Leftism/Marxism/Communism were/are just wheels spinning in a loblolly.

  5. Could it be that The Times is pimping for their fellow tribesman? (((Bloomberg))) has entered the race to edge out creepy Joe. As we all know, the billionaire kike is a “centrist”and a former “republican” as well. Parties tend to appeal to their base during the Primaries, and appeal to the “center” during the General. The jew is preparing for that eventuality.

  6. “Conservative values”, “liberal values”, “progressive values”, “family values”, “patriotic values”, “American dream values”,blah, blah, blah. The entire two party system is one huge, anti-White scam. Heads they win, tails we lose.

  7. The Demon-crats are so far gone, there is NO HOPE of them EVER coming back, when their greatest supporters are men in dresses, men engaged in sodomy, aborting women Moloch whores, and those who still think Communism ‘could only work’ if we ‘tried it just once more.’ Tell that to the 100 Million who died trying, which are real…. unlike the phoney 6 million Yids, who were still alive after the last war for Judaics.

  8. actually it doesn’t matter much to typical demoncrat voter who the demoncrats nominate:

    they are about power, not virtue, and will overwhelmingly vote whomever:

    even Mayor Buttplug. As to Drumpf, he’s in a lotta trouble:

    the electorate will be 2% less White, which means he loses the PV by c. 3-5 million.

    in the EC, he will carry no state that he didn’t carry in 2016. Drumpf

    will almost certainly lose Pennsylania, ’cause the dems will do what they didn’t do in 2016:

    flat out steal it by holding the Phila vote ’til late then ginning up whatever #’s they need.

    Drumpf will also lose hardLeft Wisc., which the dems took for granted in 2016….this time they’ll go there.

    that puts Drumpf @ c. 278 EV. If he loses any other state that he carried narrowly – say Michigan,

    Arizona, Florida….he’s gone. That’s the reason Drumpf just switched his legal residence from Jew York

    to Florida. He might carry FLA by just 2 votes: his own and his wife’s. And

    I’m not sure about the wife.

    • That depends on whether election results mean a damn thing, since digital voting machines can be changed to say anything they want, and leave no trace.

      Trump is their last chance to destroy Iran. If they don’t get Trump across the line as the last Republican President, Israel will never be safe and they know it.

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