New York Times: Who Will Tell The Truth About The Free Press?

The Jewish Press believes the internet should be censored by gatekeepers so that it can continue to enjoy its ethnic monopoly on creating “a shared set of facts.” Because otherwise, only the most powerful will thrive and the health of democracy will continue to decline!

New York Times:

“The rise of the epithet “fake news” as a weapon is occurring at an already perilous moment for the supply of information about the world as it truly is. The financial foundations of an independent press are eroding under the influence of the internet, which has simultaneously become a global conduit for malicious falsehoods. It’s harder and harder for anyone to know what stories to believe. A world in which governments and citizens can’t agree on a shared set of facts is one in which only the most powerful thrive.

The health of democracy, in the United States and around the world, depends on better answers to this challenge. Rather than making matters worse, politicians should be pursuing those answers, for example by pressing leading internet companies to accept responsibility for the roles they have already assumed as the world’s leading information publishers. The press has to do its part as well, by committing itself to a forthright accounting of any mistakes, an unending struggle against bias in news and an uncompromising pursuit of truth. …

The capacity of news organizations to produce this kind of journalism — and to reach an audience that will listen — is contingent and fragile. Mr. Trump shows no sign of seeing this bigger picture, or, perhaps, of caring about it. So it falls to the rest of us, particularly leaders like Mr. McConnell, to tell the truth about a free press, to proclaim its value, in the United States and around the world.”

I’ve come to the surprising conclusion that liberal democracy is declining because it is neither liberal or democratic anymore. The Free Press demands that it be allowed to censor all its critics and impeach the president and never to get called out for it.

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  1. When the olygarchy have censored the last of us off social media, they will come for these last remaining websites, and close them too. After that we fall back to sites hidden in the Tor network to be hunted by the police. Then the SJWs that control Tor will find a way to exclude us from there, while allowing paedofiles a free run.

  2. Don’t forget the Irish they have a problem with free speech….and the truth too. And God knows when Christ gets here he is going to deal with that filth too.

  3. Too bad 60 minutes mars itself with crap like this along with the slanted reporting on Trump.

    No word yet if rappers using the n-word would be banned along with other leftist drivel.

    I myself have found YouTube useful. I’ve saved a few bucks fixing my truck or my computer following some directions posted by some dedicated people.

  4. CNN is home front for the Jewish Lugenpresse as is the Jew York Slime. Brave Catholic Mollie surrounded by four Fake News Fikes. Strong woman…..

    Oh, look!

    There’s Wojcicki and Stahl, two more Fikes, on Fike controlled CBS talking about shutting down contrarian narratives that oppose Jewish Supremacy!

    Don’t believe your eyes, Goy. Your mind is infected by WHitE sUprEmACisT and Neon-Nazi patho-ideology. Seek our your nearest Rabbi or Jewish psychotherapist to enter a de-radicalization process immediately.

    It’s all just a conspiracy theory……


  5. I just found on a clearance table, a fictionalized version of a film made in 2014, called “Persecuted.”

    After finishing the novel, I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Were the lousy reviews all based on bad acting, or merely the desire to ‘kill’ a movie that posits the Deep State is virulently anti-Christian, and even the Senate and President can be tools of this Deep State?” I tend toward the latter, even if the former is true. The Deep State and its apparatchniks WANT us to keep our eyes off of the Big Players (Kings, Presidents, Soros, Isra-Hell, Jews, etc.).

    The book was very slow to get going, but picked up, and I am now interested in seeing the film. But, pursuant to this article, NO ONE should trust the JewsMedia at all, anymore. THEY LIE LIKE A RUG.

    TRUNEWS’ deplatforming is just another in a Loooooong list of people (((they))) don’t want you to know about.


  6. The other shoe will drop on 12/10,at least as far as jewtube is concerned. Demonitisation and Shadow-Banning isn’t enough apparently. Of course the Fakery will continue and intensify until everything they don’t like is gone.

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