Woke Capitalism: KFC’s BBQ Bacon Stacker Is Race Mixing Propaganda

Good morning, Clown World!

What’s going on today in liberal democracy which we all know is the greatest and most glorious form of government ever devised by the genius of man?

Today it is interracial humiliation in fast food advertisements:

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I’m steadily building a daily archive of this stuff for future historians. I want our descendants to be able to look back and see the past through our eyes and experience how awful it was to live through this period of history in the final days before the collapse of Western liberalism. I might even write a book about it in my elderly years after our struggle is won.

I don’t believe that capitalism is the cause of this. The free market isn’t why we are being treated to these advertisements. It can’t explain why Chick-fil-A caved to Big Fag and donated to the SPLC or why GQ is holding up the black sissy as the new masculinity. The free market is premised on a world of disinterested individuals. I think Alex Jones was right in his interview with E. Michael Jones to compare what is going on to the mafia.

Woke ideology and pressure from these activist groups is having a distorting effect on the free market. There is no countervailing pressure coming from the mainstream Right to offset the pressure from the extreme Left. It boils down to the difference between a relaxed live and let live attitude that has confidence in the free market and a fanatical minority of zealots determined to push the culture in their direction by violating norms and punishing dissenters which has the full support of the mainstream Left. There is no policing of the extreme Left.

Antifa is a great example of this imbalance. There are Antifa accounts on Twitter that have accumulated tens of thousands of followers in spite of using the platform for years to organize doxxing and violent mobs to shutdown conservatives. In contrast, the Dissident Right accounts are constantly respawning on Twitter after being deleted for the most arbitrary and trivial reasons. The Right loses the culture war because the extreme Left, the Center Left and Center Right are all pulling it to the Left. Charlie Kirk and Rob Smith are on stage on college campuses fighting the “culture war” by mainstreaming miscegenation and homosexuality.

The cover story of the December issue of The Atlantic is about the pivotal role that the Center Right plays in losing in the culture war. It has swallowed and assimilated the Civil Rights Movement, multiculturalism, political correctness, feminism, gay rights and the LGTBQ movement. Historically speaking, the function of the Center Right has been to normalize and stabilize leftwing social revolutions. Progressive liberalism needs conservative liberalism to digest its victories which is why the Center Right is treated as legitimate in our culture.

What happens if the Center Right and Conservatism, Inc. which is its institutional expression loses its legitimacy and credibility though? It is worth observing The Atlantic sees that as the end of America. The tug of war in the culture war might be reversed.

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    • As Snowwhiteyt reminds us, it’s the synchronicity that proves their complicity, across the board. It’s also worth noting the synchronous “throwing the game” from the mainstream right, also across the board. The probability of coincidence is effectively zero.

  1. “It can’t explain why Chick-fil-A caved to Big Fag and donated to the SPLC ….”

    I can, covert )ewish pressure.

  2. “I’m steadily building a daily archive of this stuff for future historians. ”

    GREAT !

    Now that memory is so cheap, all of us need to be building archives of racial interest and exchanging those with each other, so there will be 1000s of backups.

    In addition, the archives can be ordered and structured to educate ppl, especially the children.

  3. Foods mix. People, not so much. Nothing wrong with not wanting people much like yourself around. Can’t say I’d want a bunch of accountants milling around when I’m loading cattle.

  4. There’s some freedom within a free market for people at the top to push their pet agendas as long as it doesn’t substantially damage their bottom line. When it does, that’s when you get a colin kaepernick situtaion. If millions of people boycotted kfc they would either back off or become a niche market and get a lot of smaller.

    I don’t see that happening. People may moan but they’ll not choose their meals based on it.

  5. Isn’t this the place that harvests beakless chickens? Real or fake, that’s one hell of a reputation.

    As to why there is synchronization with the race-mixing:

    ““Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” ~ Woodrow Wilson

    Remember, Wilson also realized that “Colonel” Edward M. House was a subversive and ties were severed.

    The root of it all is from the same source. “It” controls almost everyone and everything. That “almost” is rapidly being eliminated. It’s been going on a long time, folks. You can only start to realize the implications if you give it plenty of thought. And then more thought. It’s all around us. All the f*cking time.

    Never, ever give up your free thought. For any price. It’s like a vaccine. Totally irreversible.

      • It’s Mandell, not that the spelling or the name itself necessarily means anything. I think he could pass for one visually but have never found concrete evidence he was one. When he died, there was a little graveside service with an Episcopal minister but that also doesn’t mean anything.

        In Stan Monteith’s book “Brotherhood of Darkness” he states he found House had a copy of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” when going through Wilson’s papers at Yale. He stated the copy was a different translation than any other he had come across. He also stated that he found that close associates of Wilson believed House could put thoughts in their heads just by saying a few words. In Addition, Monteith also stated at several conferences he spoke at that some of the people he researched while trying to find out who rules the world appeared to have supernatural powers. He wasn’t the type of man that shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    • But who is the ad agency?
      That’s the source of the poison.
      I know of several instances where execs of ad agencies have pushed the CEO of client companies to accept ads, just by their domineering (((personality))).

      • It’s up to the corporation in the end. They all do it. Corporations have herd mentalities, too. And, the shareholders only care about share price. The problem is whitey is not pushing back enough and continues to buy their products and their services. White self-discipline is a problem in our times.

        I think the same forces that Wilson commented on are at work in present times.

  6. Racially and religious antagonism is the forte of the Jews. But why? Christ and Christianity must be destroyed before the Jew messiah can enter this world and racial and religious conflict is the Jew plan to destroy Christ.

  7. 1. No leftist can ever be “Woke” because the dominant ideology is Cultural Marxism and the belief of “Woke” leftists in merely an intensification of the statue quo.
    2. Free trade in order to survive must have national interdependence. Thus it is instrumental in empowering denationalization and thus globalism.
    3. Liberal Democracy is neither truly liberal or truly democratic but instead is merely a facade behind which a hostile Trans-nationalist elite rules for the good of globalism. If that be the case then it is not so far fetched to label the United States a globalist occupied government or GOG.
    4. The United States has become too big and too diverse to govern itself effectively. It is either going the way of South Africa or the Soviet Union. A slow burn or a sudden collapse.
    5. The Ethno-State resolution is the only solution.

    Now those five statements are truly revolutionary in nature and those who believe them are the truly Awakened ones, not Liberal-Marxist ideologues.

  8. White Genocide forces Diversity and integration knowing that with enough propaganda and time Whites will become assimilated and brown.

  9. Of course these ads have nothing to do with capitalism or marketing. Quite the contrary. As Michael Hoffman writes, the purpose is to constantly gauge the level of insults and dissonance whites will accept as a measure of their submissive assent to their eventual extermination. This ad could not be more blatant in that regard. You should also notice the symbolism as the ad ends, with the Jewish actor raucously celebrating in the broadcast booth after playing the part of a stupid goy rejected for a black man.

    In general, the industrial raising of chickens and beef cattle for fast food restaurants consists of the most grotesque abuses of animals for profit imaginable. It follows the sort of immoral person who works for these chains has no qualms about abusing people, too. There’s also the general health warning for fast food restaurants—that employees handling your food have not washed their hands after using the toilets.

    • earlier today, while setting up the AM e-mail purge, Yahoo ran a certain clothing ad:

      of the 10 images that flashed by, I counted (at least) 10 ‘groids

      and (maybe) 2 Whites. The Jews

      have got the symbolic #White Genocide going even faster than the actual.

  10. Whiteness is not gonna make it no matter what we do. It is inevitable that the future will be mixed and brown. So to be totally honest if you are merely fighting for “Whiteness” for Whiteness sake then you are fighting a losing battle. The future is going to be more about quality of humanity, and the old racialist views are dying, and are now a thing of the past.



      • Lol so being “White” alone is what makes a person have worth???? You are completely brainwashed if you think that. Bottomline there are quality people in all groups, and there is no superior “race” of people only superior individuals. This is backed up by evidence. Look at leading astrophysicist Neil Degrass Tyson who is a black man with a 150 IQ, and is one of the top men in his field. Then on the flip side you have millions of either low IQ White trash folks, and millions of PC liberal Whites. So based on the evidence Whiteness doesn’t not equal worth or a quality human being.

        • Boris, you are either a troll or just a complete retard. There is this field of study called STATISTICS that deals with analyzing differences between samples and populations. The fact that a handful of smart blacks exists while there also exists many dumb whites doesn’t mean anything. You obviously don’t know what things like sample mean, normal distribution, standard deviation, etc. mean, otherwise you’d realize bringing up LE BLACK SCIENCE MAN isn’t a fucking argument. You aren’t even worth debating. Maybe you should open a basic stats book, then look at some data dealing with race(check out SAT scores over time grouped by race and income). Then come back here and tell me we’re all equal.

          • Boriss is a mindless repeater of PC talking points, so you would only confuse him with thinky stuff like statistics and math.

            Here is a way to explain it, so even a child could understand it:

            Imagine Boriss was drinking in a bar, and someone puts a drug in his drink to knock him out for several days. Then while he is asleep, they transport him to a random country.

            When Boriss wakes up he is not in he USA any more. He can’t speak or read the language, so how does Boriss determine if he is in a poor country or a rich country?

            Well the first thng Boriss will do is look at the color of the people’s skin there, because everyone knows that all Brown Countries Are Poor.

          • Lol you are a fool if you are an IQ and race determinist. Race and IQ are not determined solely on biology but a number of factors. Per your response about Neil Degrass Tyson, if 1 negro has an IQ of 150 then more can as well. Their biological makeup does not determine it alone. In addition IQ does not completely determine a persons worth either. The fact is there are MILLIONS of undesirable “Whites” so I guess you just ignore that. Show me any source that isn’t connected to White supremacist propaganda, oh that’s right you can’t.
            Here’s a link you should check out.


    • You are a very inept troll. FYI – the “future” will not be “brown”. The “future” will be assorted orcs – savages of varying shades of brown, black and beige killing each other off, whilst the White Remnant waits for you all to eat each other.

      We’re stocking up on the popcorn!

      • So you think only non whites can be savages? Whites can also be savages too. This is why being prejudiced doesn’t work as people cannot be judged accurately collectively, but can and should only be judged individually.

  11. From (((Edward Bernays))) to the present moment it was all leading to European and Euro-American mindless consumerism, deracination, miscegenation, and ultimately, White genocide/erasure.

    • Whatever whites are left that aren’t bothered by this shit by now can go fucking die for all I care. Their cuck genes aren’t worth keeping around.

  12. Capitalism itself is merely a cold, abstract system. We don’t have “pure” unadulterated capitalism and such a thing doesn’t really exist. What we have is capitalism being guided to work for the interest of the jews. The (((media))) is used to guide the masses to want a certain thing and the jews deliver them that thing and call it “capitalism”.

    They use the same strategy in politics to make it look like we have “democracy”.

    Also, let’s be honest, the like/dislike ratio is probably just because WN twitter discovered this particular youtube link and smashed dislike. It is meaningless. Nobody is stumbling on a random KFC ad and liking it, right-wingers are actively seeking it out with the purpose of disliking it. Your average mutted-up ‘merican probably thinks it’s a funny ad or it’s “just some random ad” with nothing wrong.

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