Breitbart: America’s Immigration Crisis Is National Suicide

Michael Bloomberg is synonymous with the cancer that is destroying the West.


“Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, now running in the 2020 Democrat presidential primary, has said the United States should import every foreign national “from around this world” who promise to create jobs. …

“If I were the president, working with Congress, I would give a Green Card to anybody from around this world who wants to come here and create a business,” Bloomberg said. “They keep the Green Card, let’s say, ten or more workers.”

Such a plan could potentially import tens of millions of legal immigrants every year to the U.S. — a level of legal immigration that the nation has never experienced. …”

The root problem is liberalism.

It is the liberal order and free-market capitalism that allowed the Bloombergs of the world to amass enormous wealth, power and influence in the West. The way in which these people throw around their financial and cultural weight whether it takes the form of corrupting our political system, political correctness, vandalizing our historical memory, abolishing the gender binary, social media censorship, mass immigration, our “pro-Israel” foreign policy, refugee resettlement or impeaching the president is an effect of that underlying cause.

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  1. He’s also naively optimistic, even if we were to take his world view seriously and ignore the fact that it’s ridiculous to take the entire world into America. Most small business fail. Do you really want to bring people into the country when most of their businesses are going to fail? Then they’ll have nothing. It’s very risky to immigrate to a country with the idea of starting a business and no backup plan.

  2. The problem is not so much liberalism as it is judaism, the virus which infects weak, decadent gentile organisms.

  3. Suicide is voluntary, so where is the suicide note Breitbart? Americans were never asked if they wanted to be inundated with the overflow of the third world, and force assimilated with them. No white country was asked, it was just done by the olygarchy. It is genocide.

  4. Neo nazi blumpf “I want the highest number of illegal immigrants ever”

    Anti fascist Bloomberg “I want the highest number of immigrants from everywhere in the world” So many choices neat democracy

  5. “Michael Bloomberg is synonymous with the cancer that is destroying the West.”

    Michael Bloomberg is in that position because he is allowed to be in that position. The actual way the world works is nothing like you think. Get off the interstate and start taking the side roads. Especially the ones that look like dead ends. They’re not. The truth doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. That’s the control mechanism. Dig. Dig deep. Try to get to China. The Rabbit Hole is actually only the Foyer.

    The film The Matrix is a good analogy of our reality. We built the place but are its prisoners, its guards, its wardens, and its bounty hunters.

    You can’t get out of something you don’t know you’re in.

  6. I don’t even care anymore. We are already so flooded with shit that it doesn’t even matter anymore and the spigot isn’t capable of “turning off”. The conversation should be about how our race can survive despite being flooded with shit.

  7. ” give a Green Card to anybody from around this world who wants to come here and create a business,”

    So we can have millions more homeless living in tents and cars working 2. or 3 poverty jobs.

  8. “The root problem is liberalism”

    Nope, HW, YOU’RE shooting at the shadow and missing the target.
    Denise has it right.

    • Exactly. Who enforces liberalism? by definition it would be liberals. How do liberals enforce it? By having ownership of the media, tech industry, and govt. and shutting down dissent. Who are these liberals that own these institutions?…. uhhhh… LIBERALS!

  9. Bloomberg is without a doubt a tyrant. The guy literally stole a third term as mayor of New York City when they had a two term limit. He met with fellow oy vey billionaire Ron Lauder and both conspired to temporarily toss out the two term limit.

    You want to learn about business and marketing? Then read a Bloomberg written book. He is a financial genius.

    If you want to vote for a tyrant who steals an extra term, is against the second amendment except for himself and some rich friends, he is your boy.

    Bloomy is another treasonous Jew who will happily ruin America in his never ending crusade to make people simply moving parts with no borders….except for Israel of course.

    What he has gotten is old. You can see the age on him and how he has slowed down. He can’t keep up so he hopes his money will move faster with advertising blitzes.

    Sorry Bloomberg, we know you are jealous of goyim Trump and you want America to become another slum in your new world order kosher fest.

    He is done. His billions can’t buy him youth and it shows. Plus the Democrat Party he used to know now considers him a conservatard. Bloomy, you are out!

    • Much of America is already a Third World slum, has been for a while too. Baltimore, Detroit, parts of LA, even San Francisco, one of the wealthiest and most scenic places in the world come to mind.

      Give the white man a pile of bricks, he turns it into a city. Give a city (Baltimore, Detroit, parts of LA, even San Francisco) to the blacks/browns, he turns it into a pile of bricks.

  10. Free market capitalism has never existed! Deregulation, Keyne’s, the welfare-state, the forced integration of markets, and bailouts are just some examples of how the State is ever present in the functioning of the economy.

    In Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ a large segment of the workforce decide to quit working due to the confiscatory methods of the State in transferring ‘productivity’ to all the ‘parasites’ and ‘freeloaders’ of society. The workers try to make a statement that their productivity and work are the ‘shoulders'(hence the title of the book) that keep the weight of the system afloat. When citizens avoid their responsibility in being productive- the system begins to break down! The point being: state intervention, in the form of state-authorized takings can lead to societal collapse! The legs of Atlas are giving way!

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