New York Times: Beacon High School Students Protest Half White Student Body

It would be interesting to know what percentage of the “White students” at Beacon High School are actually Jewish.

New York Times:

“Beacon’s student population is about half white, a striking anomaly in a public school system that is nearly 70 percent black and Hispanic. Beacon is not a specialized high school — it has no admissions test — but its highly competitive admissions process requires students to assemble a portfolio of middle school work, admissions essays and high standardized test scores and grades. It is one of the most selective schools in New York: Last year, there were over 5,800 applications for 360 ninth-grade seats.

Beacon has a higher percentage of black and Hispanic students than Stuyvesant — about 32 percent compared to 4 percent at the specialized school — but also a higher percentage of white students, fewer Asian students and a lower percentage of students living in poverty. The school’s parent-teacher organization raised over $685,000 for the school last year, according to data released on Monday. …

“You have privilege. It’s not your fault, it’s the system’s fault. But we have to work together to change that system,” Carmen said she tells her peers.”


“A lot of us are really concerned with what Israel is doing,” said junior Matt Klass, who is Jewish. “I think there is some disparity in how the parents feel and how the students feel.”

Klass added that a large percentage of the student body was Jewish, but more left-leaning and sympathetic to Palestinians and a two-state solution. …”

There is nothing resembling Jim Crow at Beacon High School. This is nothing more than yet another little outburst of budding wokeness.

BTW, there was never anything wrong with “Jim Crow of the North.” Whites should be allowed to have their own schools. It makes no sense to have multiracial schools in light of racial differences. Liberalism and its failed project of integration is the real problem. It has long since crossed the threshold of becoming an explicitly anti-White project of dispossession.

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    • The question is whether the “root cause” of violence in urban black areas is poverty, or, whether the “root cause” of that poverty isn’t instead black violence. There’s a third explanation, that leftist poverty programs implicitly treating urban blacks as if they’re subhumans incapable of knowing right from wrong cause both the crime and the poverty.

      Race-baiting poverty pimps like Sharpton are puppets of the msm, which grants or denies public existence in America. Virtually all the rent-a-riots are public theater productions of the msm, paid for by Soros and his ilk. No cameras, no riots. No cameras, no Sharptons fomenting hate.

      At least a few blacks are actually “woke” and realize they’ve always been leftist cannon fodder, whose callous dispossession by Hispanics makes that crystal clear.

  1. forced integration is how you know the government is pure evil. it wasn’t just a “bad idea” by jews and liberals. it is a control and torture mechanism of the ruling class.

    • First sensible answer I’ve seen regarding Jews in a long time. We can blame the Jews all we want but it is our government. It is all Western governments. Could the Jews keep the Holohoax lie going if not for ALL the Allied Forces and other entities that reinforce it? We have a Jewish symptom (one of many) because we have a multitude of white illnesses classified under the weakness category named altruism, compromise, bribery, gullibility, intimidation, and mind control.

      Pick your poison, it’s self-administered.

      • Our own home grown traitors are the root of the problem. If not for traitors Jews could be kept at bay.

  2. I’ve always regarded public schools as places where kids get emotionally, physically and sexually abused. Most people don’t need anything beyond a 6th grade education. They should either become apprentices or go straight to work at age 13, unless they show some kind of exemplary academic promise.

    • New York City DID have a system where the best and brightest were sent to be nurtured and given a rigorous academic program. I believe they did away with the standardized tests and admissions criteria now and basically go by racial quotas.

      If you remember the show from my childhood, “HEAD OF THE CLASS”, that was Stuyvesant and Regis. Public schools for the best and brightest as Performing Arts was for the best musicians and dancers..

      No merit anymore. A real shame. They produced some brilliant minds from those schools

    • I’ve always regarded public schools as places where kids get emotionally, physically and sexually abused.

      Amen. And that is why liberals say more than they know when they lament the “school to prison pipeline.”

  3. “what percentage of the “White students” at Beacon High School are actually Jewish”

    You mean ‘fellow Whites’ ? 😉

  4. Stuyvesant is a very good school… Atleast it was fifteen/twenty years ago when “we” (my school was an all boys Catholic high school with high admission criteria/test scores… 287 out of 312 were white. One black kid. A few Indians and asians) went against them in the State Lincoln Douglas and Extemp championships.

    They were about 70% white. A few Jewish kids.. A few Asians. Very few Indians.. Never saw a black or Hispanic kid. Very nerdy but affable to say the least. I heard that the “high status” academic schools had changed since ’99… Now i know

  5. “It is one of the most selective schools in New York”

    YUP. It’s filled with Kike Whites. They all have a death wish, due to guilt over the Crucifixion.

  6. Forced integration was never about “fairness” or “equality”. It was always about chasing down the last White person.

  7. Not all “white” students in NYC public school are white Americans. They are mostly either Jewish or children of Eastern European immigrants or are Arabs, Iranians etc. who are counted as white. This school has some real white Americans though.

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