Frontline PBS: In the Age of AI

In my view, the rise of AI and the automation of anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 of the Western workforce is the upcoming destabilizing development of the 2020s that I am currently the most excited about. I think this could create enough unrest to take liberalism out for good.

I want to see how the introduction of AI and automation intersects with the deep unpopularity of the liberal establishment, social media, the rise of China as the world’s new superpower and mass immigration, demographic change and the ongoing rise of populism in the West. What is this confluence of these combustible factors in the near future going to produce?

Social media alone has created a lot of disruption and fall out. That is going to be nothing though compared to the fallout from this. Things are pretty bad now with all these populists revolting against the liberal order all over the world. Let’s destroy millions of middle class and working class jobs so that Jeff Bezos can get even richer on top of all that. Brilliant!

I have an idea. We will tell all these dispossessed Western workers to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and compete in the free market with robotic slaves!

Note: I see this doc is basically Kai-Fu Lee’s book AI Superpowers.

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  1. If everyone starts losing jobs to automation but white people get blamed for it and liberals only address black and hispanic job loss but not white job loss, it will result in whites fighting against reverse racism.

    People who are losing employment don’t want to be told how they are powerful, privileged and discriminating agianst others.

    • At this point it looks as if we are eventually going to receive supplemental income checks from the govt to compensate for the lack of decent jobs which have been eliminated due to technological progress.

  2. Once a practical general purpose robot is developed, the world completely changes.

    (Look for Germans to lead with other Northern Europeans.)

    • I thought the Orientals were leading the way in robotics, no? Of course that is driven by their desire to develop super-advanced sex-androids.

  3. Andrew Yang!! Get back on the Yang Gang, Hunter, and all will be forgive. Andrew has shown more strength lately, telling the crooked Democratic Establishment to kiss his ass over the MSNBC suppressed coverage of his campaign. He does not hate us like the rest. Yang-Gabbard 2020, the peace and prosperity ticket. It’s not Kingfish 2020, but absent Resurrection 2.0 it will do for now.

    • Tulsi refers to herself as a “woman of color,” which in the context of the Dem and msm’s homicidally anti-white POC coalition, makes her as dangerous as any of them. She’s got Tucker Carlson eating out of her hand, but we need to recognize her, attractive as she is, for what she is. Her military affirmative action exploits are endearing, but absolutely absurd as a qualification for Congress, let alone the presidency.

    • Yang only appeals to a small number of affluent white and bindi nerds who hold advanced degrees in STEM related occupations.

  4. Speaking of facial pattern recognition, the young woman whose face on the video still is meant to represent mathematical genius could be a clone of Mark Zuckerberg. Without the aid of AI, I’d guess the chances are it’s no coincidence, in the way old Hollywood movies always portrayed scientists and geniuses as eccentric little Jewish men with thick accents, put there to guide the lesser goys in higher order thinking, and thereby turning real intellectual history on its head.

    One of the Chinese entrepreneurs in the video smugly repeats that China had been a “laggard copycat” in technology, but no longer—without mentioning the impetus was provided by Goldman Sachs et al on Wall Street and reminiscent of Jacob Schiff’s funding of the communist takeover in Russia in the hope of destroying Europe. Later, during the late 1940s and 50s, this very same tribe transferred America’s nuclear secrets to the Soviets for the avowed purpose of destroying America.

    The irony in that plodding video—I could only tolerate about ten minutes—is that its information could be absorbed in text by an average ten-year-old in fifteen minutes.

  5. Jeff Bezos of Amazon was born into, and groomed and financed for wealth, by family in the USA military-industrial-spying complex, whom Bezos now serves with lucrative Amazon US government contracts

    Jeff Bezos, born 12 Jan 1964 as Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen, his mom age 17, his parents quickly divorcing, his mom soon after marrying Miguel Bezos, a Cuban exile brought into the USA as a teen-ager under the USA’s 1960-62 ‘Operation Pedro Pan’. Miguel adopted Jeff when Jeff was age 4.

    Jeff Bezos’ maternal grandfather, Lawrence Preston Gise (1915-95), was a US Navy Lt Commander, who began working for the US Atomic Energy Commission in 1949 on secret projects, ‘hydrogen bombs’, missiles, etc. Gise eventually became Regional Director at the USA Atomic Energy Commission, supervising 26,000 nuclear employees at Los Alamos, Sandia & Lawrence Livermore. Gise was also personally wealthy.

    In the 1950s, Gise also worked on what was first ARPA then DARPA – Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency – which essentially developed the foundation of the internet. Jeff Bezos visited his wealthy grandfather’s Texas ranch every summer from age 4 to 16.

    It seems both the financing and tech for Amazon came from Jeff Bezos’ grandfather’s military-industrial connections, his grandfather directly providing start-up funds along with ‘investors’.

    “The Gise-Bezos family is a variant of the Bush family, in both cases wealth and power passed from one generation to the next and in both cases there was a grandfather as the original patriarch who ensured the family’s legacy.

    It’s unsurprising that Bezos developed a company like Amazon that has a shipping and information system of the kind one would expect from DARPA, as Bezos might have been modeling it on what he learned from listening to his grandfather. It’s possible that with Gise’s connections, Bezos was able to hire former government workers and advisers who had experience in developing such systems. Bezos didn’t invent Amazon out of thin air. Amazon is a late product of the Cold War mindset, a distributed system built on the internet which itself was built on DARPA’s ARPANET.”

  6. Tech companies, tech titans & ultra-top billionaires are almost all spook-gov’t in background

    (1) At times richest man in the world Bill Gates of Microsoft, his father a lawyer in the USA political mafia, linked to when US judges forced IBM to split off ‘operating software’ to another company … run by Gates

    (2) Google founded by Jewish guys Sergey Brin and Larry Page doing work for the US Pentagon complex

    (3) Wikipedia ‘founded’ by Jimmy Wales, Jewish former pornography-seller who goes to birthday parties of Israeli Presidents, Wikimedia a CIA-Mossad info playground

    (4) Mark Zuckerberg, Jewish guy founding Facebook at Harvard and then promoted by US-gov-tied Google and US-intel-tied funding

    (5) At times richest man in the world Warren Buffett, father was US Congressman involved with the Omaha Nebraska USA war command centre

    (6) At times richest man in the world Jeff Bezos of Amazon, grandson of wealthy USA Atomic Energy Regional Director in charge of bomb and missile secrets, involved early in Pentagon DARPA that helped develop the internet as a military tool

  7. I get the impression that the jews, who are in a constant state of fear that they are going to be annihilated by the gentiles at any given moment, are worried about the possibility that sentient supercomputers will automatically become Fascists and National Socialists. Let’s hope that’s exactly what happens!

  8. The Oligarchs will make sure that the former United States remains firmly in n the late Twentieth Century.

    We won’t see much in the way of Automation for at least another thirty years. And even then, it’ll be at least forty years behind Europe and Japan. Who started their automation programs in the 1980’s. Ironically, to address then future trends towards population decline.

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