Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Appoints Republican Donor To Fill Senate Seat

I’ve never heard of this woman.

That’s because she has never held public office before. The only thing she has ever done is donate lots of money to the GOP and now she is a U.S. senator.


“Gov. Brian Kemp plans to tap financial executive Kelly Loeffler for a U.S. Senate seat next week as he pushes to expand the Georgia GOP’s appeal to women who have fled the party in recent years. 

The appointment would defy President Donald Trump and other Republican leaders who have repeatedly urged the governor to appoint U.S. Rep. Doug Collins, a four-term congressman who is one of the president’s staunchest defenders in Washington.  …”

I honestly don’t care.

I don’t expect anything else from the GOP. The only people who matter in the GOP are the donor class anyway. If Kelly Loeffler has purchased the Senate seat, she has acquired it more honestly than the rest of these conservative politicians. They ought to just dispense with the formality of elections and auction off these offices to the highest bidder.

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  1. The GA GOP is clueless and they have no intention to try to win over the White working class in future elections. Stacey Abrams will end up winning one day. Maybe then Whites will be allowed some racial consciousness.

    I recently attended a liberal comic’s performance in Atlanta. It was a huge crowd at The Tabernacle. You would not believe how many young White women (probably 80 per cent of the crowd) were there, cheering on the tedious SJW statements of the comic. They were very intense in their cheers and mocking laughter toward Trump and the GOP.

    • “Stacey Abrams will end up winning one day. ”

      Not if the hand of God removes her sorry fat nigger behind, which is very much deserved… just sayin’.

    • There is a new farm amnesty bill making its way through the House of Representatives now, then it’s on the the scumbags in the Senate. If it passes will Trump sign it? His donors would be pleased and the MAGA crowd seems to be unmovable so why not sign it? He naturally assumes he has the white base so maybe he will sign the bill even though it’s an election year.

      I hope the this woman beats Trump’s choice, Rep. Collins (R. GA). Rep. Collins supports the bill in the House with some criticism that it doesn’t go far enough. Big Ag loves Rep. Collins.

  2. Good suggestion, HW. Voting just gives the rubes the illusion that they have some say in how they are to be governed.

  3. HW, are you in contact with Tom Kaczynski of Maine, the fellow who is spearheading the New Albion project? He wants to establish a Northern confederacy of (soon to be) former American states and Canadian provinces. Perhaps you two could work something out?

  4. On the other hand, the original poster boy of the cuckservatives, Erick Erickson, is quite happy with this unknown donor. This is everything I need to know about her.

    • She’s a Yankee from Illinois. Loves Lincoln and Mitt Romney. Her and her old man have made a lot of money in commodity futures, and she loves to suck coon ass. What else do you want to know? She maybe Catholic?

  5. GA is the next state to go blue after VA. In many ways, GA is the epicenter of cuckservatism and the cucked South.

  6. Kelly Loeffler is the CEO of Bakkt, a cryptocurrency exchange. Probably part of the banking system’s usual suspects. This means Kemp is most likely very controlled.

    It’s your vote, use it wisely.

  7. Kemp just appointed her to Isakson’s seat. This is what happens when you listen to GOPe instead of the people who voted for you. Stacy Abrams can’t believe her good luck for she win this seat next year.

    “What else do you want to know? She maybe Catholic?”

    KW, don’t care. Pat Buchanan is.

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