Trump Is Considering Sending 14,000 Troops To The Middle East To Counter Iran

America First?

There hasn’t been anything but a rhetorical change under Trump.

Wall Street Journal:

“WASHINGTON—The Trump administration is considering a significant expansion of the U.S. military footprint in the Middle East, including dozens more ships, other military hardware and as many as 14,000 additional troops to counter Iran, U.S. officials said.

The deployment could double the number of U.S. military personnel who have been sent to the region since the start of a troop buildup in May. President Trump is expected to make a decision on the new deployments as soon as this month, those officials said. …”

This is one of the main reasons why I am not on board with Blompf 2020.

He will promise the world again and deliver nothing for his base in a second term like in 2016 and 2018. Instead, a Trump second term will only be another blank check for Israel and the Republican donor class to cash to get all the policies they want like a war with Iran.

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  1. A vote for Trump is a vote for Israel, Middle-East war, Paul Singer, Sheldon Adelson, conflict with China, globohomo, and Wall Street banks and speculators.

    A vote for Democrats is a vote for illegal alien amnesty, free health care for illegals, slavery reparations, anti-white rhetoric and policies, war with Russia, conflict with China, globohomo, Middle-East war and Israel.

    What a choice!

    • A vote for either party is a grave moral wrong because it legitimizes the moral evils and crimes against humanity perpetrated in our name. Rigged voting in major cities and donor-owned candidates in both parties proves American democracy is a sham on a par with Stalinist Russia. As Aristotle wrote, democracy is the tyranny of the mob, and given the present demographic trajectory, whites will be hounded, dispossessed, and eventually killed in their own country by POCs whipped into homicidally anti-white hatred by the Democratic establishment and its msm footstool. The Republicans and Conservatism Inc, as we now see clearly, have served for decades to “throw the game.”

  2. To counter Iran’s doing what? Helping friends in Syria and Lebanon fend off Israel and Western-supported jihadist maniacs? How evil!

  3. With Trump as president black employment is the highest its ever been — Trump keeps reminding everyone of that. Trump never mentions what the employment/unemployment figures are for White Americans. With Trump as president are more White Americans employed, or less white Americans employed? Or, are the employment/unemployment figures for White Americans the same as it was under Obama? Who knows.

    Trump always mentions how his policies are good for jews, blacks, hispanics/latinos, legal immigrants. He never mentions anything about us White Americans. He never says says anything how his policies benefit us White Americans. If his policies do benefit us White Americans one would never know it by Trump’s speeches. A martian from outer space, if the martian didn’t know anything about the United States but only knew America from Trump’s speeches the martian would never know there are Whites living in the United States.

    • Joe,

      Jason Köhne of use to work on Capital Hill. He was privy to a closed door session of GOP leaders discussing what they were going to do for every group except Whites. When a congressman asked, “What about Whites?” The senior GOP leader told him, “Nothing. They(Whites) have nowhere else to go.”

      Basically, the GOP treat Whites on their “plantation ” a whole lot worse than the democrats treat blacks on theirs. Both groups are being taken advantage of, but the GOP is sticking it up whitey’s ass and breaking it off.

  4. The thing is, I don’t think Trump ever pretended to be anything but against Iran, but most alt right people overlooked it because on other foreign policy issues he was flip flopping in the right direction and because Ted Cruz had basically an identical Iran position.

    My position on Iran is more that it’s an invasive presence in the Arab world, but Iran is on no path to a nuclear weapon and an American lead regime change would be a blunder. Basically my position is that Saddam Hussein was right to oppose Iranian influence, but against Neo-Cons. Saddam’s no 2 Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri (the red haired devil) still run around causing trouble.

    I think many wns severely underestimate the sunni shia conflict and wrongly think that Iran can be like a counterweight to Israel, pulling on the opposite end of the region.

  5. I agree with you that we’ve been betrayed, although I’d still hope DJT isn’t complicit. Somewhere there’s an offhand remark by Clinton himself (mirroring Truman’s) about secret powers outside the government making the real decisions he merely announced.

    Some years ago, a veteran’s site with purported intel connections ran an analysis of the number of suspect Israelis living in this country, determining there were enough to constitute a force large and capable enough to walk all over federal law enforcement. There’s also no question that the DOJ and FBI are infested with Jewish sayanim and agents. As Joe Sobran put it, we should be so lucky to find they had dual loyalty.

    You may recall that NYC at one point granted Israelis entering the US nearly automatic concealed carry permits, suggesting to any but the dullest of minds that Israel maintains an armed espionage and sabotage force in this country exceeding the reach and power of federal law enforcement. According to retired Lt Col Karen K, Israelis had the run of the Pentagon even pre-9/11, to the point they walked in on sensitive meetings with impunity. So, it’s not merely the subservient deep state, sideshow toadeaters in Congress, or the fifth column of disloyal Americans that may be threatening the president, but a virtual sleeper force that initiates false flags and shootings at will and with the cover granted it by a complicit msm.

    • That should come as no surprise. In 1940, the Soviet Union had 60 Residentias (KGB/GRU/NKVD) headquarters and 1500 agents inside the USA. Who do you think let the commies run loose in prewar America?

      The Soviets did the same thing in Canada. Faggot British (redundant?) physicist Alan Nunn May worked for the Soviets when jew kay officials sent to Ottawa where he provided military secrets about the atomic bomb to Moscow along with samples of Uranium 233 and Uranium 235.

      “Greatest ally” and “special relationship, huh?

  6. it’s likely that – for electoral reasons – the ZOG/Drumpf regime will attack Iran

    just before rather than after 2nd Tuesday in November. Which will, in turn,

    set the entire Middle East on fire. If the bloodbath goes badly

    for ‘Murka, it might collapse the Jewbuck. Which

    would be most useful.

  7. The question is: Will Blompf begin hostilities by a false flag before the 2020 election or after November 2020 win or lose?

    As much as I despise the thought of Zog-USA fighting yet another war for Israel (mostly Southern men on the frontlines) in the Middle East, if it could lead to the downfall of Zog-USA and devastate Israel, those innocent Persian lives wouldn’t have died in vain.

    I am not optimistic of Zog-USA will resist Israeli and American zionist pressure to go to war with nationalist and unified Iran.

    • I’m no military strategist but I think a direct, all-out war against Iran would be suicidal. The zionist pigs will most likely continue their low-intensity war using sanctions, blockades, agitprop, CIA trained opposition groups, etc.

      • I think the failed jew coup in Venezuela undermined Zog’s plan for its long planned objective of “regime change ” in Terahn . Without world’s largest untapped oil reserve, a full on attack on Iran by Zog would cause Zimbabwe levels of hyper inflation on every sector affected by fossil fuel use.

        Zog also screwed the pooch by initiating another Cold War with Russia. Zog has little to no influence to keep Russia’s military industry from selling any and all types of military equipment to the Islamic Republic.

        Zog-USA’s imperial troops are broken, battered, and distrustful of another WMD false flag hoax. Unlike Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, Iran is almost completely Shia, so Zog’s intelligence agencies would have a different time driving a wedge between the populace.

        As much as the Saudis want Zog-USA and israhell to annihilate Iran, the king and crowned prince understand that their entire oil extracting and processing infrastructure will be destroyed. Saudi Arabia has the third largest defense budget in the world, and they weren’t capable of defending their most important oil installation from a low tech missile launched from Yemen.

        Blompf and nuttiyahoo would have to be completely suicidal to start an unprovoked war of aggression that could very likely lead to WWIII.

  8. Again, no set goal in mind? Crush the fanatics until they’re too scared to hiccup? Rebuild some podunk infrastructure? Open markets to sell cars, Coke and cellphones? Import Disney movies? Give them individual freedom and open markets? Waste the lives of middle and lower class American kids who believe they are there serving a great and noble cause?

  9. I seem to recall that within the past year Trump was ready to fire missiles at Iran for some supposed act of war. He backed off at the last minute. Is there a veto power higher up in the globalist food chain that can counter Neocon and Israeli aggression? I hope so.

  10. I have a theory that the only reason we aren’t at war now with any of these anti-ZOG countries like Iran is because we would lose and the US intelligence knows it. Either that or a new war would crash the economy again. The whole thing is a sham either way, which is why we have only bluffed for the past several years now with shit like:

    (1) sanctions
    (2) airstrikes that hit nothing of importance
    (3) moving troops and naval equipment around

    At some point it will be very obvious to the rest of the world that we can’t enforce anything, and that’s when interesting things will start happening.

  11. I can only imagine what Trumptard will do if he wins in 2020. He could very well launch a War on Iran. That would only please the Donor Class full of Jews, the Military Industrial Complex, Oil Companies, and Warmongers. However his continue trade war is probably an even bigger problem. When will China have enough and do something? Sure it’s probably a small possibility. However the Donor Class loves War Profits. Funny enough Trump’s buddy buddy with North Korea which literally is a Communist Dictatorship. At least China trade with us…. Deo Vindice !

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