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  1. Leaving aside the unsolicited interference of a foreign power, a nuclear power I might add. I think the proper question is: how much power is held by jews in the US? And why?

  2. Incidentally…TruNews has been bounced from youtube again! First the chat was disabled, then the livestream was removed. Historic…first time I’ve ever seen a livestream censored in real time.

  3. no, Israel is NOT the only reason ‘Murka militarizes the M.E..

    and it’s not oil per se either. It’s

    the petrodollar. ‘Murka keeps most of the world on the dollar by keeping major oil producers – at gunpoint – selling their oil for dollars and ONLY dollars. That forces the entire non-oil-producing world to BUY DOLLARS before they can buy oil.

    and this international demand for the debtbuck is what keeps ‘Murka’s (((debt-drowned))) dollar-montized Jewponzi’conomy from going to hyperinflation and collapse.

    that’s why Iraq was attacked and occupied: Sadaam H. tried to drop the petrodollar.
    that’s why Libya was attacked and destroyed: Khadaffi tried to drop the petrodollar.

    and that’s why Iran will soon be attacked: it too no longer accepts Jewbucks for oil.

    • Absolutely. This is going to be the mechanism of our undoing as well. The day the world realizes we have lost military and economic dominance is the day the dollar collapses and it all goes to shit. A number of different things can happen after that, but the US tanking is ultimately good for us.

    • You may be right
      about that petro dollar business

      But it’s a distraction
      from the main problem

      Namely, the JOO.

      • There never would have been a petrodollar without Kissinger.
        He is the devious one who started it. Without him, American and Brit oil companies would still control the Midwest oil fields. Nixon and his cabinet wanted to use US strength to keep the oil in US hands, but Kissinger came up with this scheme to put massive wealth in Arab hands, leading to the islamification of Europe, then America.

        • Arian,

          While I despise Kissinger and his acolytes, oil and other natural resources in non-White countries belongs to them. MI-6 and the CIA fermented a coup d’etat that overthrew Iranian nationalist Mohammed Mossedegh, after he nationalized Iranian oilfields.

          Otherwise, we will find ourselves involved in perpetual imperial empire building for 1%ers and oligarchs that will use and abuse its citizens as cannon fodder to provide them land and treasure.

          I refuse to follow British style foreign policies that more times than not, backstab, betray friends, allies, and undermine neutral/indifferent nations.

          Any potential White ethnostate must be as self-sufficient as possible. What the ethnostate needs should be acquired through honest and fair trade with other nations.

  4. We are a vassal state of Israel, and most Americans don’t care, or think it’s great. The Evangelitards need to go to :counter Iran”. ALL of them.

    • When Helter Skelter finally starts many whites are going to perish, madam. But most of them will have deserved it. Those who survive will be among the best of our Race.

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